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"Living in Modesto California"

Living in Modesto California - 7/2/2007
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Modesto, CA

I lived there for FIVE years and that was FIVE years to long. Nobody would move to Modesto on purpose! They would have to be out of their minds. They have lots of Gangs, shootings all the time, it's dirty and has a terrible economy. The schools are horrible! And talk about corrupt..... WOW! Don't move there.... listen to me, DON'T MOVE THERE! yOU'LL BE SORRY IF YOU DO....

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Modesto, CA

Jobs - 3/6/2012

Like most central valley towns, things were great here doing the housing market boom. We are now suffering with too many foreclosures and lost jobs that were based upon the housing market. [read more...]

Modesto, CA

Summer - 5/12/2011

Nice community, too bad the Summers are too hot for me, and the air quality needs improvement.[read more...]

Modesto, CA

coming here - 12/2/2010

Word of advice for all you idiots who are paying too much in the Bay Area and have the brilliant idea of moving here and then commuting to the Bay Area for your job: don't do it if you don't know anybody here. We hate hippies.[read more...]

L the
Modesto, CA

Once upon a time... - 6/9/2010

I returned here for a temporary, 9 month stay after 25 years: Modesto has mushroomed almost beyond recognition, and certainly doesn't feel the same! I had wonderful friends here, a great education, and opportunities unique to this area (music education, GREAT church, ease of employment, etc.) as a youth. As a "forty-something visitor", it feels like I need to "part my way through" traffic, more crowded conditions, and what seems to be a low-grade "general demise" (which I have to say is nearly everywhere, now)!!! I love my city - still; but I wouldn't want to relocate here without an upgraded change (for the better), and a heightened sense for community here, etc... Sigh :([read more...]

Modesto, CA

Great climate - 3/8/2010

Great climate.[read more...]

Modesto, CA

Hot as Heck - 4/19/2009

Modesto has one of the worst summer climates I've ever lived in. I don't mind warm weather, but I can't deal well with 100+ degrees for long periods of time. It's only April, and we're already slated to climb to 100 degrees tomorrow! I'm going to try to look for a more mild climate.[read more...]

Colchester, VT

hot places to live - 4/4/2009

Modesto is both physically and culturally a hot place to live[read more...]

Caruthers, CA

Growing up in Modesto... - 10/9/2008

I was born in modesto in 1990. I am currently 18 years old. I have lived in Modesto for the first 14 years of my life. I have moved to Fresno, but plan on moving back. Certain neiborhoods are bad, certain are very respectable. I grew up in a neirborhood which had award winning schools (not crowded) and had neirbors who watched everyones back. Modesto is a wonderful place to live or raise a family. You just have to find the right neirborhood for you.[read more...]

Modesto, CA

Don't Move To Modesto - 4/6/2008

I relocated my business to Modesto , This place is a Ghettos , You can't go anywhere with out being hit up for spare change . these people are everywhere in front of markets , gas stations , eatery's , basically anywhere you go in public you are hit on by one or more persons for spare change and it's annoying as hell .these people are probably making more money per day then I am . then you got the drugs , gangs , scrappers and run down neighborhoods . the Tuolumne river that runs through town is nothing more then a cesspool for the homeless . [read more...]

Modesto, CA

Modesto ok? - 8/9/2007

I have only lived in California. So I can't make comparisons to other states. I do belive real estate in Modesto is over priced. Property here has gone down but still may have a long way to go.[read more...]

Modesto, CA

Weather and lifestyle in Modesto - 7/11/2007

Like most of the weather in the central valley of California, Modesto is warm year round and hto in the summer. Just as Spain, we have dry/arid temperatures. What I like about the heat is spending time in downtown Modesto in the resturant/theater district in the summer evenings eating outdoors at a cafe and then enjoying a good movie. Later going to a bar/lounge and having a drink outside and watching people go by. I always feel safe downtown and the people of Modesto are pleasant and live life at a slower pace. Fred[read more...]

Modesto, CA

Living in Modesto California - 7/2/2007

I lived there for FIVE years and that was FIVE years to long. Nobody would move to Modesto on purpose! They would have to be out of their minds. They have lots of Gangs, shootings all the time, it's dirty and has a terrible economy. The schools are horrible! And talk about corrupt..... WOW! Don't move there.... listen to me, DON'T MOVE THERE! yOU'LL BE SORRY IF YOU DO....[read more...]

Modesto, CA

Land locked. - 5/7/2007

This was a nice city 20 years ago. There has been a great amount of growth with very poor planning. The schools are over to small and to few. Crime is high and traffic is terrible around town. Don't even try to go to the Bay Area it is a mess all day long seven days a week. Housing cost went through the roof and are no dropping like crazy. The Hospitals are over run with illegals that do have not health coverage. Average wait time in a Emergency Care Unit is 10 to 12 hours. (not the illegals faulth as State of California took their benefits away but allow big business to profit from their hard work). Spanish is not a second language here. Many just speak Spanish and laugh at you for not being able to. Don't get me wrong the white crack addicts that sneak around this town are by far the worst people here. It's not a good place for a normal working family of any age to move to. Unless you speak Spanish or like houses built on top of each other. High unemployement and a great number of locals on government assistance. Gary[read more...]

Ripon, CA

Nice place to live - 4/26/2007

Its a nice place to live. Just tooooooo many people.[read more...]

Modesto, CA

Modesto has got it - 4/13/2007

I've lived in Modesto all 61 years of my life. The greatest thing about Modesto is that it is centrally located. It is only two hours from either the spectactular Pacific coastline or majestic high Sierra Mountains. San Francisco, the most visited city in the world, is only 90 minutes away. The gold country, made famous by the gold rush of 1849, and it's quaint historic towns are a short drive. Yosemite National Park, the most spectactular of parks I've visited, is a day trip away. Modesto is close to numorus professional sports venues and outdoor recreation is abundant with numerous golf courses, lakes, rivers, ski resorts, and hiking trails. If it is diversity you are looking for Modesto is not a bad place to live.[read more...]

Modesto, CA

Modesto ca - 4/12/2007

Central Valley much less expensive than Bay area.[read more...]

Modesto, CA

Life in Motown - 7/17/2006

Its hot, with low paying jobs and higher than average crime. Do the math.[read more...]

Modesto, CA

Cost of Living Outrageous! - 7/9/2006

Can't justify the high prices anymore. Many of our Californian friends and family are migrating. We could be next.[read more...]

Modesto, CA

Modesto is OK - 7/4/2006

I wouldn't rave about Modesto being a great place to live and raise a family, however, compared to many places around the country it is where I'd choose to live. If you are from other places in California, Modesto may seem like poor choice because of the hot weather in the summer. However, Northern Californians are spoiled with fabulous weather and beautiful vistas almost anywhere but in the Central Valley. Compared to SW Michigan with its 6 month long Winters and bug infested humid Summers, Modesto is the place to be - as long as you can afford at least $450,000 for a home! In the nicer neighborhoods, you don't see a lot of crime and the downtown area is clean and well managed. Our summers here are comprable to 85 degrees farenheit with 80% humidity on really hot days and around 75-80 with humidity. However, because it doesn't freeze during the winter, many of us have pools and we all have air conditioning. people here are friendly enough without getting into your business. The public schools are bad. on the upside, there are many good private schools and some excellent charter schools that provide support (curricula, vouchers at ed. supply stores, and classes like swimming and horseback riding) to homeschooling families. There are worse places to live. I have found Modesto reasonably safe - my neighborhood has quite a few neighbors who walk there dogs between 4 -5 am and feel perfectly safe. You can certainly hang out after dark in the nicer neighborhoods and enjoy the cool evening without any trouble. Compared to Napa where I'm from, it sucks - compared to SW Michigan where I lived for 3 winters, it's awesome. It is all relative.[read more...]

Modesto, CA

Modesto - 7/4/2006

As far as religion goes, if you are Judeo-Christian, there are many church communitites here from evengelical to Orthodox Christian (Roman Catholic, Assyrian CAtholic, and Greek Orthodox.) Modesto is fairly consevative with very many active church communities.[read more...]

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