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Nothing to see here, just a perfectly good weirdo that happens to enjoy learning about places.


Life Stage: Young Couple
Enjoys: Music, Singing, Drawing, Anime, Meditation


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Modesto, CA

In A Teen's Perspective... - 11/5/2020
I know this website is probably only for adults, which I am not, but I thought perhaps adults would like to hear a kid's perspective of things, you know, if any adult here has kids and is wondering how Modesto is. I've lived here since I was around 2 or 3 and generally think this place is pretty great! The school environment is okay, depending on which schools you live near. I recommend Prescott Junior High and Gregori High School, and perhaps Mary Lou Dieterich Elementary, too. Anyway, you've got to check out Mr. T's Donuts (rated 4.8 stars)- they're so delicious! And Red Robin down in Riverbank (rated 4 stars). Regal Modesto is a fun place to go, and so is the McHenry Mansion and the McHenry Museum (where, btw, at Christmas-time has kids playing instruments for two nights). There's a skatepark near Beyer High School and Boomers and Fun Works too. If you're into the music scene, there's these two places that I know of where you can get lessons for different instruments. Modesto Academy for Music and Design (also provides Lego and robotics classes, art, and drama) and Langlois Music Co Inc (4.3 stars). The neighborhood around the schools listed, especially the elementary school, is really good. Where I live is peaceful too, which I hear is different from downtown. I will also say that there seems to always be a kid missing over here for some reason. All in all...10/10 would recommend for peaceful life. Thank chu for ur time, have a wonderful day! ^^

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