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"Best areas to live in Stockton"

Best areas to live in Stockton - 4/18/2008
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San Jose, CA

I'm thinking about leaving San Jose, Ca and moving to Stockton in the next two years maybe sooner, but i'm not familiar with the areas can someone tell me what areas I should consider looking at before moving there?? I am married with one child so schools are very important and so is the safety of my family as i'm sure applies to everyone. I would really appriciate any info you could provide me with. Thanks so much...


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Stockton, CA

I love Stockton - 9/14/2011

Stockton has 300000 people- are they all stupid ,Stockton is not a bad place to live believe me I lived here all my life, It is a California city after all and not the American south as portrayed by the media!![read more...]

Stockton, CA

Northern California Real Estate News, Trends and S - 7/27/2011

Northern California real estate resource center providing home buyers & home sellers with information needed to make knowledgeable decisions.[read more...]

Stockton, CA

Commute to Work - 2/8/2011

These numbers do not reflect the people who WORK in Stockton. For those living and working in Stockton there is a maximum 20 minute commute, the roads are quiet and almost always trouble free. Riding your bicycle to work is a pleasure, there are no hills. Stockton is a dormitory town for people living in San Francisco. Why do you criticize a city, when, people think it is worth the 2-3 hours per day commute to San Francisco.[read more...]

Stockton, CA

Yes, Stockton is a good place to move to... - 9/16/2010

While in the process of looking for a place to settle down (pre-retirement) in which we want more bang for our bucks, the city of Stockton never came up until my better half said "I want to be closer to my sister" (who lives 25 minutes away). I too was mis-informed about Stockton. Just like any place, it has it's ups and downs. Palo Alto is a nice area, but it also has East Palo Alto. I surprised myself because I like Stockton. We checked the area for almost two months, drove to the nice & bad neighborhoods before making our decision and moved here just two weeks ago, September 2010. Stockton is getting the "bum rap" because the media likes sensationalized stories. They should also report good things happening instead of reporting just the bad stuff. The neighborhood we are in is very quiet (even on weekends) and diverse. People are friendly and you see families walking/exercising around the neighborhood. SO YES, STOCKTON CA IS A GOOD PLACE TO MOVE TO.[read more...]

bobby ray
Stockton, CA

dont move here (they call this place alot of bad t - 8/26/2010

crime is very bad. cant trust anyone. I have lived here my whole life and very worried about my familyliving in stockton. ofcoarse everywhere is bad but this is terrible. 13 and 14 year olds are robbing and killing people. drugs are flowing the streets from corner to corner. a few nice places but slowly being taken over by gang activity.its horrible what i have seen here. gun shots ring out almost every night. dont move into apartments there the worst. ill right more to much to go on now. if you move here put 911 on speed dial.[read more...]

Stockton, CA

dont come here - 8/15/2010

Yes, I must agree with you about Stockton, CA for I still live here do to the fact my mother lives with me and is a Kaiser Member. If it wasn't for that and the fact I work for her through IHSS we would be long gone!! So, far someone tried to break into this old house with a pocket knife and my good friend down the street stopped him. Then my neighbor across the street said she saw a couple trying to break into my car but because we let our dogs out for a potty break (around 2:00pm)it scared them off! Too many homeless keep pressuring you for money don't they know if we have money we would be long gone from here! The little change we have is just enough to get us through to the next pay period, some people have to use the cash in advance. It just isn't fair! My husband let our dogs out at 3:00am to go potty and a man sleeping under a tree next to our fence lifted up his head (spooked my husband) asked him for some spare change. Not too long ago a dead body was found next to the railroad tracks on the other side from our back yard. Every time we pick up the paper we saw people who walk around our area even in the day get robbed while walking their dogs or riding their bikes. It's the wild wild west better get your guns out! They cut back on their police do to the fact the state is going bankrupt can't get a budget because they pay all those politicans(mayors, commissioners,chief of police you name it) more than they worth or need. Especially those retirees. So, make friends with those around you and find things you can do to make life more interesting. So, far I am so bored living in this 2 bdrm house too scared to go out and mingle with the neighors for fear I might be a victim. Enjoy your life! I would love to ride my bike or walk my dogs.[read more...]

Stockton, CA

MOVING OUT - 6/27/2010


Stockton, CA

Stockton - 5/22/2010

Stockton is actually ideally located on the river delta with a deep water port. It is intersected by two major freeways and the temperature is moderate. One and a half to San Francisco or the same in the other direction and you are in the Sierras. However.... Unfortunately we have a very high crime rate and high unemployment. On the positive side, if you know the areas to avoid and times to avoid them, you really are safe. Many nice areas of town and the delta waterways are great for fishing, boating and water skiing. Overall, you could live in a whole lot worse places. The crime I speak of is 99% of the time a victim or suspect who is involved in high risk activities like selling dope or being in a gang.In looking at many other cities across the county I see that many have similar issues. [read more...]

Stockton, CA

High Crime Rate - 4/5/2010

I've lived in Stockton since 1962. On the upside, we have a plethora of trees. On the downside, we have one of the highest crime rates in the nation.[read more...]

Stockton, CA

Educational Opportunities - 8/25/2009

Stockton has numerous public and private institutions of higher learning. I moved to this city in 1973 to attend the University of the Pacific, a premier private college located in the middle of the city. I have been a permanent resident since 1982. Stockton has a partnership with the California State University system and has a sateliite campus from CSU - Stanislaus, which is now offering Bachelor's, Master's and soon Ph.D program. The local community college, San Josquin Delta College's main campus is housed in the center of the city and has many satellite branches throughout San Joaquin County. There is a host of private vocational schools to prepare for a myriad of vocation ranging from administrative clerical, medical, construction, etc. All of this is within a city with less than 300,000 residents.[read more...]

Stockton, CA

#1 for foreclosures!! - 4/20/2009

Because Stockton is #1 in the country for foreclosures, there are deals to be found. There are areas of Stockton that have remained in good condition for 30 years, but it seems like the bad areas(meaning people who have no respect for their neighbors and throw trash in their neighborhood, high crime, dilapidation) seem to be encroaching in on them. Culturally, the Bob Hope Theater offers entertainment and Stockton has a hockey team, but what's nice, is that San Francisco, Santa Cruz and the mountains for skiing are all within 2-3 hours away. If you've always lived in Stockton, I think of it as a city that you should move away from once you're an adult. There's so much more out there.[read more...]

Stockton, CA

A depressing city to live in! - 3/3/2009

This is my first posting but I have lived in stockton my entire life. Stockton is a horribly boring place to live, if you are young, single, and looking to find a mate you should move somewhere else. Stockton always ends up on some worst of list. It is hard to find a job unless you are latino or asian. I am not a racist or anything but it's just so annoying to get beat out of a job because you don't speak spanish. Do yourself a favor and live in a city with a lower cost of living and better stuff to do.[read more...]

Oroville, CA

Moving - 2/22/2009

Moving from Oroville to either Jacksonville Florida, or staying in California? Don't know at this time but searching different Towns. I grew up in Walnut Creek, Ca., Too crowded for me now. Sorry not too much help yet, but will be in the future, after we have settled into a new home. Thanks for your wonderful service. Charles and King.[read more...]

Stockton, CA

Econcomy - 9/8/2008

It totally sucks here![read more...]

San Jose, CA

Best areas to live in Stockton - 4/18/2008

I'm thinking about leaving San Jose, Ca and moving to Stockton in the next two years maybe sooner, but i'm not familiar with the areas can someone tell me what areas I should consider looking at before moving there?? I am married with one child so schools are very important and so is the safety of my family as i'm sure applies to everyone. I would really appriciate any info you could provide me with. Thanks so much... Angie[read more...]

Stockton, CA

Housing - 1/28/2008

Housing is ridiculous out here. I am from North Carolina and my husband and I moved out here to get ahead on our bills. Yeah right![read more...]

Stockton, CA

Moving out of State - 1/9/2008

I hate living in Stockton, and am ready to move!!![read more...]


Stockton, I would move but I have too good of a jo - 11/19/2007

Stockton has its ups and downs as does any large metro city of 300+ thousand people. I have lived here all my life except for a small time in AR when I was a child and that didn't count. I have to admit I had checked out Oklahoma and found it a tad bit too hot for my taste in the summer. Though the cost of living was crazy low. Calif. overall has a very liberal political climate and for conservatives such as myself an family it is hard. My job and some family hold me here in Stockton,Calif. Other wise I would take off to Idaho state for sure.[read more...]

C Dude
Stockton, CA

Did you notice..... - 11/19/2007 the Stockton defenders mention how close Stockton is to other places? Close to Tahoe, the Bay Area, the beach, etc. They want to leave here too!!!! Not one of them talks about how great it is to live in Stockton. Read the loacl newspaper. They just had a couple articles about how people are being let out of jail early because it's overcrowded. One person spent a week in jail on a six month sentence. Another was released 57 days into a 180 day sentence. Of course, the voters turned down a sales tax increase to add on to the jail, so this kind of practice will continue. If you do the crime in Stockton, you'll be out in now time! This place still sucks no matter how close it is to anything. Still can't wait to get out of here.[read more...]


Stockton is a Great Place to Live!!!! - 11/1/2007

I was born is Stockton. I lived in Oklahoma for 4 years...hated it. I live in a great place to near to UPO in Stockton. We are just 2 hours for the beach, the coast, the mountains, and desert. We have a great climate all year around. The people are kind if you get to know them. We are very diverse; 33% hispanic, 32% White, 11% Black, 5% Asian, etc... Alot of great churches. I love Stockton and I love it's people.[read more...]

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