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Stockton, CA

Some people will love it, others will hate it - 1/30/2020
I personally think the pros outweigh the cons, but the cons are really really bad. Almost every highway overpass has a homeless shantytown under it and you're likely to hear cop sirens at least once if you go near them. The drivers are downright dangerous and ignore pedestrians. Jobs are really hard to find within the city unless you're willing to make the long commute to the bay or Sacramento and there clearly aren't enough social services provided here to prevent homelessness and poverty from skyrocketing, which they are despite the relatively low cost of living. In some neighbourhoods many houses have boarded up windows and foreclosure signs and empty buildings give the eeriest feeling. Some neighbourhoods look like they're in a state of anarchy because of the crime rates and lack of law enforcement. If you can survive all that stuff, you'll find that the city has some amazing parks and trails as well as a huge variety of shopping and dining options. You can buy designer clothes and eat top-quality meals for a fraction of how much they would cost in the bay. The airport just started direct flights to LAX which makes for easier and cheaper ground transport than making the trek to the SMF or SFO airports.

Sacramento, CA

is this the symbol of our state? - 1/30/2020
The city is very mixed. I will start off by saying it has some excellent historical and educational sites to look at. It is a contractual obligation that you look at the state capitol and at least one of the many museums while you're here. I love looking at the grey squirrels outside the state capitol. That's probably the nicest part of the main city along with the northern and furthest south suburban neighbourhoods. Go to the city centre more than 5km away from the state capitol and it's just full of homeless drug addicts, shantytowns, trash littered everywhere, and pollution. Even the rivers are used as bath water by the homeless. This place is really mixed. Some areas are decent while others are absolute dog poop by comparison.

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