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"too hot"

too hot - 10/15/2007
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Arlington, TX

In summer, Arlington, TX is too hot and humid. Winter is mild. Occasionally, we have snow.

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Arlington, TX

Climate - 3/11/2013

Long, dry, hot summers, Average Temp 100-103. Great but short fall and spring. Winter very mild with occasional cold snaps around late January to late February.[read more...]

Arlington, TX

Hot - 4/20/2012

Yes, everything you've heard about the Tx heat is true. However, as long as you're not down in South Texas you manage to avoid most of the humidity. I once visited Tampa in March. It was only about 80, but you could not walk 5 steps out the door before you were drenched in sweat. So yes, it's hot here, but I would rather race 100 than 90 w/ high humidity. [read more...]


My foreign adventure - 4/1/2012

I moved from the DFW area in September 2011 to Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. The climate, cost of living, people and the adventure are what brought me here. The climate is near perfect year round. The Mexican people are so friendly and caring. There is always an adventure to be had! I wanted out of the Texas heat and away from the snobby, judgmental people.[read more...]

Arlington, TX

Arlington is a Toxic Gasland - 5/21/2011

If your motto is "drill, baby drill", then Arlington is the place for you. In fact, if you live here, you most likely will be blessed with a gas drilling pad site right in your own backyard because this city council loves issuing permits to gas drillers. In exchange for a small amount of royalty money you might receive from the industry, you and your children will get multiple exposures to fracking chemicals, diesel fumes, dust and experience loud disruptive noise 24/7. Since gas is highly explosive, and many of these pad sites are just hundreds of feet from resident's homes, daycare centers, and schools, know that risk for explosions and well blow outs are in your future. If you believe that heavy industrial gas mining complements a residential neighborhood, and if maintaining good, sound health is not a concern, then Arlington is the place for you.[read more...]

Arlington, TX

cheap housing! - 2/12/2011

It's true that the DFW area has very affordable housing. The fact that there is no state income tax puts pressure on property taxes to keep going up, but it's still very cheap compared to most cities. [read more...]

Arkadelphia, AR

Arlington - 4/19/2010

I'm thinking of moving there. My girlfriend,Bina, lives there.[read more...]

Arlington, TX

Culture and Recreation - 1/28/2010

There are alot of nice museums here and nice parks and library system in Arlington, TX. Fort Worth has three museums all within walking distance from each other: The Amon Carter Museum (which is free), the Modern Museum of art, which is quite new and very interesting architecture, and the Kimbell Museum, a classic place with wonderful antiquities and a great lunch buffet. The State Park system is pretty decent with a great variety of different parks and four distinct areas within the State of Texas, the west which is flat but with interesting rock formations, etc. the south with the Hill Country and Austin, the Piney woods of east Tx with 3 national forests, and the northern area home to Dallas and Fort Worth, which is quite green and leafy. People like it when they come to visit, providing they come before the heat (May thru Sept). Of course I am originally from Buffalo so this would make me a bit uncomfortable but the other months are pretty nice if you don't suffer from allergies. I have alot of allergy problems and the weather is always changing here. Signed...Jane M.[read more...]

Arlington, TX

Arlington - 1/24/2010

Arlington is a nice place to live; Cost of living is low and it is in the center of the Metroplex. 15 minutes from DFW Airport.[read more...]

Fort Worth, TX

Things to do - 1/11/2010

The quality of life in Arlington Texas is excellent; so much to do, from shopping to sports events to outdoor events, etc etc etc Also, plenty of work for everyone from blue colloars to white collars to politics to publice servants, etc etc etc[read more...]

Arlington, TX

Arlington from a mid-west point of view - 12/20/2009

Overall Arlington is a okay place to live. There are alot of fun family things to do. Utility rates are high,so beware.The hispanic population here is large, so if you speak spanish you should have an easy time finding employment.The African-American population here is working to upper-middle class,they come off bit stuck up but once you talk to people they warm up. If you are white and care to live in predominately white areas, I suggest you bring you checkbook because its going to cost to get in pricer areas or you have to move to a rural area. One thing about Texas is that money not race determines where you live. In addition DFW has a large immigrant population from Nigeria, India,and Vietnam. The weather is great from Oct-May after that it turns into a hot box! If you are from a cold weather state get use to not seeing snow. If you are moving here from the mid-west you will HATE the BBQ,but if you like chicken this is the place. Cowboys and Ranger stadiums are also located in Arlington. Public school are good and if that not your thing there are many private schools to choose from. Homeschoolers will love it here because their is little to no state requirments for homeschoolers,also their are plenty activites in the area. Keep in mind that high school sports, mainly, football and basketball are huge in Texas. So if you believe that there are no losers in sports and that we are all winners, don't come to Texas.[read more...]

Brenham, TX

Living in Arlington - 5/18/2009

I have lived in Arlington, Tx for the past 8 1/2 years, as far as living, Arlington is a beautiful city once you get around to the entire city. yes, there are patts of Arlington like other cities that have their not so good part, however it has gotten better through the years. The area where the Dallas Cowboys stadium is going to be, believe me that are will thrive. I lived in that area the first two years of living in Arlington. The Southeas close to Mansfield is the idea area to live, especially close to all of the shopping, eateries and movie theatre in the mall. There is a lot to do and the city is getting ready for the welcoming crowd when the cowboys stadium is opened. I-20 and Matlock is booming and there are more venues that will be opened for entertainment. For the outdoor lover, there is Lake Arlington near I-20 and Bowen in that area, then there is Joe Pool Lake off I-20 and Mt Creek Parkway. You have to get out and see the city. For the traffic, there is the new opening of 161 that connects you to Irving, Tx where all of the major companies to work and then there is Dallas itself, North Dallas, just drive and see for yourself. Preston and Frankford connecting Addison, Tx, there is a lot to see and do. Some people will love Arlingtona and some will not. I love it and lived other places after moving there, and I returned because you miss the convienence of it all. Everything is around you. 30-45 minutes from Ft. Worth and Dallas, Irving, Grapevine etc on weekends.[read more...]

Mansfield, TX

Nice but........ - 4/11/2009

You do get more for your $, but thinking of moving to Florida[read more...]

Arlington, TX

Hot Summers - 7/21/2008

Spring in North Texas is frequently punctuated with violent storms. Summer is hot ... and long. The Fall is quite pleasant, but it doesn't start until late November. Winter is short and mild - we typically get one or two cold snaps a year. Snow, once in awhile.[read more...]

Arlington, TX

Museum - 4/13/2008

Centrally located for all DFW museums.[read more...]

Brooklyn, NY

It's all relative - 4/2/2008

I was thinking of relocaating to Arlington, TX from NYC. I see a few posts about Arlington being too crowded, crime is high...etc. etc.. I'm coming from New York a city of 8 million people, i live in the county of Kings(Brooklyn) which has approx. 2 million people. The city is still growing. The real estate market is out of control. I make 85,000 dollars a year and cannot afford to buy a home in NYC. A one bedroom condo starts at 1.5 million, a house under 1,000 sq ft goes for 400,000 and up. Crime although it went down it still is a significant amount. I'm sure Arlington cannot compare. I see the houses in Arlington are very affordable, and you get alot for your money. So tell me Honestly,would it be a mistake to relocate to Arlington, or should I look elsewhere.[read more...]

Arlington, TX

Good place to live - 11/18/2007

Economy is strong, housing is affordable, and crime is better than Fort Worth or Dallas[read more...]

Arlington, TX

too hot - 10/15/2007

In summer, Arlington, TX is too hot and humid. Winter is mild. Occasionally, we have snow.[read more...]

Jackson, MI

Very Hot, If You Grew Up With Distinct Seasons, Lo - 9/3/2007

I moved to TX in 1985 from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I didn't leave Michigan because of the weather. I lived in Texas 20 years as there was always work however, after 10 years, I was ready to go back up north. Finally, I did move back and I'll never move to such a hot place ever again. In fact, I have no plans to ever leave Michigan again, depressed or not.[read more...]

Arlington, TX

Boring for an outdoor lover - 6/8/2007

I've lived in Arlington since 1981. Since then it has grown way too big and the roads and services have not been able to keep up with this growth.Traffic is a disaster. As an outdoor lover, Arlington doesn't have much to offer. Parks are few and very small, lake fronts are mostly privately owned, no mountains to hike, hot and HUMID for 5 months of the year, lots of pollutions, lots of severe weather. Housing is real affordable, and the job market is good. In general it is a boring place to live unless you like shopping , eating out, and movies (which lots of people do).[read more...]

Arlington, TX

A, B, C, D.... - 4/10/2007

Everyone's complaining about the weather and that Arlington is getting too big, but for all those people moving here with families: I'll give you a run down on the school district. I have no credibility when it comes to Arlington, schools because I went to a Highschool in Grand Prairie, but many of my friends went to AISD. If you are wanting a good source of location: I would either put my kids in North Arlington or South Arlington, AVOID CENTRAL ARLINGTON!!! High Crime Rate. In South Arlington, is an upper scale you have your Lake Arlington Money Bags. Martin is a good high school and So is Lamar, I would Avoid Arlington HS with all cost, it's in a lower part of the city and right by University of Texas in Arlington (UTA). Litterally right down the street. Where in my high school days - we could NOT leave campus to go get food, many of these schools can. If you move more South Arlington then you are almost in Mansfield School District which is nice. Advice: Check out each school, go to the classrooms when there are CLASSES being taught, look in, observe, you want nothing more but the best school for your children. If arlington is too big - good City is Mansfield, next door to Arlington. Happy Learning...[read more...]

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