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Arizona - 2/14/2011
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Sierra Vista, AZ

My community in Arizona is desert, very hot, dry, brown, lacking water, illegal immigrant issues, and wanting to relocate.

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El Mirage, AZ

Love Imagine Rosefield! - 12/8/2013

My husband and I are so happy we moved our 2 daughters to Imagine Rosefield! They actually get send home with homework! Their grades have improved so much, thx Rosefield.[read more...]

Phoenix, AZ

Summers in Phoenix - 11/12/2013

Too dang hot in the summer here in Phoenix!!!![read more...]

Gilbert, AZ

Looking to Move to Arizona? - 11/7/2013

I moved here from the Midwest about 7 months ago. It was my dream to move to a warmer climate for health reason. I did my research on this place and I actually flew out here for an interview and got the job. which I thought was descent. Got a place to live, at that point I was so happy. I sold my house, left my great job all for sunshine and better health. things were going my way finally after 2 years of hard decision making.(should I stay or go scenario) So I packed up my Husband and two daughters, grandmother and dog. We started on a new life adventure. The first couple of months were great. Getting to know the areas enjoying the Paradise. My job became a night mare. The company that hired me cut back on hours because that's what Arizona can do. they are an "At Will State" they take forever to hire a person, they preform so called back ground checks that take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. in the meanwhile if you are not Rockefeller or have a bank roll you can stave to death waiting for a position that you might not even get a call back. no thank you for applying or anything. So like any human being you start to panic because you have to work to pay bills, and to have shelter. You start applying at different places. Anywhere and Everywhere. The favorite pay structure here is, Will offer you $8.50 for 25 hours no benefits but that's full time. you also will have about 10 other jobs you have to do. but that's fulltime. what a joke! Yes I can say the weather here is GREAT. but who cares about sunshine if you end up starving to death and become homeless. I would say Arizona is nice if you have MONEY point blank. There is no way to progress here. The salaries cant compensate a descent living. Yes there are a lot of beautiful houses. but no Jobs to go with it. [read more...]

Florence, AZ

Need Water? - 9/13/2013

Yes, the sunrises & sunsets in the desert are spectacular, as are the views at a distance and the ubiquitous natural beauty. Problem is, just about every 'organized' settlement wants to recreate (insert name of Eastern riparian state). That takes water. Development-hypers fail to mention this vital element is both a finite and declining (in amount & quality) resource. Yet the Arizona economy continues to rely on 'development'. The siren of greater population for more revenue has a much shorter shelf-life than the need to replenish exhausted sources of water, e.g., pumping ground water at some geometrically greater rate than the aquifers refill. It's a negative-sum game. Wanna visit? OK, bring lots of touristy appetites & dollars. Wanna relocate here? Bring your own water. [read more...]

Phoenix, AZ

Just Don't Do It - 7/4/2013

If you are considering moving to any area in Arizona, please make sure that you love it for yourself and for the right reasons. Job is not one of them. If you visit anytime between of November - March, don't be fooled. People will tell you that it's only bad 4 - 5 months out of the year but it's just not true. If you enjoyed the movie Groundhog Day, you may be okay from November to March. But the 4-5 months that are not so bad, make up for the rest. But it's really not just the weather. It's the quality of life. It sucks. That is the only word for it. The people suck and don't really care if you live or die, which is why there are at least 2 fatal accidents on the road every day. Plus, you are surrounded by concrete, buildings, houses with no yards, smog, strip malls, no grass, trees, nature, etc. Really, this isn't just a bitter persons opinion, it's just the plain truth. There is only one reason to live and/or stay in Arizona and that is family. In the end, it is the only thing that will create a decent quality of life. I have lived all over the nation with and without family around. In the places I've lived without family, it's been hard but I loved many things about the particular state and my quality of life was good. Living in Arizona for 8 years, worst quality of life I have ever known. Again, this is not out of bitterness or anything that happened, it's just Arizona. [read more...]

Tucson, AZ

Tucson - 3/7/2013

It's always sunny. Cheep, slow, and steady.[read more...]

Surprise, AZ

Imagine Rosefield Surprise - 2/28/2013

I have a 2nd grader at Imagine Rosefield, this is our first year of being here and absolutely love this school. After being in public schools for two years and my daughter constantly being bullied and being told every day that the only thing keeping her out of the principles office for talking is because she's such a sweet girl, I knew than It was time to pull her out of public school. At Imagine Rosefield the staff is wonderful I have not had any problems with them what so ever. They are extremely helpful and understanding. The teachers are wonderful they encourage the kids to push a little harder to reach there next goal whether it be in reading or math. The school is on top of the bully issue and gets things resolved quickly. They really make the kids accountable for their actions . This school builds up our children and lets them know they can do anything they want.[read more...]

El Mirage, AZ

Climate Diversity - 2/24/2013

Arizona is a great state to live if you like diversity in the climate. In the lower deserts, you have the warmth, but can get very hot during the summer. In the mountains just two hours away from Phoenix, you can get a reprieve from that heat and cool off under the pine trees. During winter, the lower deserts are rarely ever "cold". Sweatshirt jackets work just fine for our family! But if you are into skiing and sledding, just 2 hours into the mountains and you have a few ski locations to choose from. Just a short drive for a drastic change of scenery...that defines Arizona. [read more...]

Glendale, AZ

It is what it is - 1/23/2013

If you're considering living in Phoenix, please know that it is in the desert and it IS HOT nine months out of the year. No getting around that. On the other side of the coin, the winters are mild and comfortable. If you are into old money and culture, Arizona should not be your first choice, but if you love outdoor and water activities, and informal fun, you may want to check it out. If you have strong political opinions, do your homework. Our politicians do too. Arizona borders Mexico and the border is a long one. This creates unique issues here and should be considered. If you have school aged children, you should know that our education system here is below par. Although there is a high unemployment rate here, I see plenty of opportunities for people who have the drive to pursue them. The people here are PEOPLE. Just like people everywhere. Since the bulk of the population here is not indigenous, there is a wide variety of religious faiths, political viewpoints, languages and opinions. Whatever yours may be, you can be sure you can find like-minded people in Arizona.[read more...]

Wilmington, DE

winter 70degrees - 1/14/2013

crime free[read more...]

Scottsdale, AZ

Living in Arizona is not like Living on Mars - 1/12/2013

Contrary to what my aunt said, I love living in Arizona! I am originally from CA but have spent summers in Northern AZ with my grandparents. They were born and raised here in AZ on the Navajo Reservation and have shown me that there is no place like home. I have been to other states and seen a lot of nice places but it's always nice to return to AZ. I currently live in the Valley of the Sun and enjoy it! I must admit I will return to Northern AZ in the future because I have a lot of fond memories there with my grandparents. Until then, AZ can get pretty hot but thank goodness for A/C![read more...]

Swansea, MA

Thinking of moving - 1/10/2013

Would like to know more [read more...]

Tempe, AZ

WAY TOO RED! - 12/24/2012

My political beliefs are non-color related for political parties. This state is soooooooo RED it is unbearable![read more...]

Scottsdale, AZ

England - 12/16/2012

Hi, I’m English and still live in England but am looking to move over in the next year or so with my American wife. She is from Az but we have lived in the UK for 5 years now. The main thing about the UK is the weather, it’s so bland. It very rarely gets hot in summer or cold in winter. I like extremes, like snow and heat! I love going over to see the wife’s family in Az you can rest assured that the sun will be shining! [read more...]

Long Beach, CA

queen creeck - 11/26/2012

i heard this a nice community[read more...]

Tucson, AZ

Living in Tucson - 10/28/2012

Tucson has a reasonable cost of living. The hot summer months are a small price to pay for the rest of the years' climate[read more...]

No Arizona
Gilbert, AZ

Arizona is a tough place to live... - 9/10/2012

I've lived in Arizona for 11 years now, and I'm not a fan to say the least. It's dry, hot, dusty and there are no four distinct seasons. If you're looking to move here, don't fall for the "lines" they throw at you. The most common are "it's a dry heat", "the palm trees make you feel like you're on vacation", "it's only hot 3 months out of the year", etc. If you're from a part of the country that experiences "normal weather", you will not like it here. It seems nice at first, but it wears down your soul as times passes. I was suckered into moving here, and now I'm trying to get out. The economy and job situation is the only thing keeping me here. I owe more on my house than it's worth thanks to the over-inflated real estate market that burst a few years ago. People are rude, angry and there is a distinct crime problem in Arizona. Coming from the South where people wave and you can strike up conversations with strangers, it's a culture shock. I don't know my neighbors and they don't wave as you pass by. Everyone just wants to be left alone. I'm not trying to change your mind about moving to Arizona, but please do your research. The people in your ear telling you about the good things about Arizona are hiding the negative aspects. Whoever is in your life trying to convince you to start a desert lifestyle has some personal (or professional) reason they want you there. Maybe it's family wanting you closer, maybe it's that promotion you wanted. All I can say is, dig deeper...learn the truth about life in Arizona. Thanks, and good luck.[read more...]

Laveen, AZ

Test - 8/15/2012

N/A[read more...]

Glendale, AZ

Too Darn Hot! - 5/31/2012

It's way too hot here for me. But if you you like the heat this could be the place for you...[read more...]

Scottsdale, AZ

Horrible place to live!!! - 4/11/2012

I moved to Arizona in 1997 when I was in sixth grade and have hated it with a passion the entire time I've been here. I would've already moved, but unfortunately, something always comes up that prevents me from getting out here. The people here are completely rude, shallow, and superficial. The weather is unbearable. I have two children and I can't even bring them to the park between the months of May to September because they'll burn themselves on the playground equipment. The temperature is between 95 and 120 degrees majority of the year. You have to have bottled water everywhere you go, so you don't dehydrate. If you have small children you can't leave your car in uncovered parking because car seats become scorching hot within five minutes with no air conditioning and will literally burn your child. The schools here are HORRIBLE. When I moved here when I was in sixth grade, the school I attended was two years behind my old school. I was "learning" (more like reviewing) things in sixth grade that I had already learned in fourth grade in the Midwest. Unfortunately, schools are no better now. My son is in first grade and the homework is ridiculously easy, even for first graders. They underestimate the kids here. ASU is a JOKE. It is probably one of the worst schools in the country. All the students do there is party. They get their degrees with minimal work and C averages. ASU only cares about money, as do most of the people in this godforsaken state. Racism and discrimination are HUGE problems here. This state is completely backwards. It is like Hell on Earth. Don't move here if you don't want to feel like the life is being sucked out of you every day![read more...]

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