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Grants Pass, OR

re: Fresh Air - 4/8/2012
- 12/6/2016
why are these comments so old? it says log in to reply but where? i want to retire up there. lived in agness oregon for a summer 40 odd years ago. how wild and beautiful it was. we picked up our mail in that shed in agnes the one next to the bigger shed called a store. ha ha. good old days. back then there was hugh piles of free firewood at forest service campspots and only 3 dollars a day to camp. real different now. in reno n.v. for years and want outta here to more peaceful settings so looking your way for next summer.

Grants Pass, OR

re: Its not your Great Little City anymore... - 8/
- 12/6/2016
i lived in grants pass 2 times when younger and now looking to retire there. looks like alot of changes in 40 years.

Reno, NV

quality of life - 11/25/2016
reno has a me first mentality. so if looking for long term relationships forget it. very hard to do. also 36% mexican american voting block. ok there but influenced by californians coming across from calif. and mexico. liberal thinking coming to nv. and voting. beautiful area in short travel time but mostly reno is behind in metro travel because of large population in a small area.concerns for gangs in reno and sparks is high,.our crime rate is growing. we do have an excelent university but very expensive and it seems the graduates go elsewhere. the mexicon peoples are mostly democrate but also very family oriented.mexicons produce large numbers of children and seem to be on assistance of tax dollars from the state.there is a large number of homeless here. also a very largh number of drug usersand so burgleries. this seems to be growing. so if one is looking for a mate for long term and a safe place to raise kids then think again. we have well meaning people here but mostly they asre being taken over by the selfies. honestie is hasrd to come by here.

Arizona, AZ

living in reno and hope to move to kingman - 11/25/2016
written my review of painted desert. will it be printed?

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