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Charles W.

Phoenix, AZ | 5 Review(s)



Life Stage: Retired
Occupation: Retired
Enjoys: Moving out of Arizona


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Reviews & Comments

Phoenix, AZ

Don't Move Here!! - 10/6/2019
I heard fuc**in rats in my house again today. It seems now that every winter they come in out of the cold. Been in this house twenty years with no problem. Just the past two winters I had a problem. And to think that that Arizona's rat problem started with the multimillion dollar homes here many years ago, not like skid row in LA. Arizona stopped fighting the Arcadia roof rats about 10 years ago because it was too expensive. When I get my allergic rash again this year because of the rats, and I go to the ER, the doctors again will tell me that, yea, they will also have to get more active in killing their rats in their multi-million dollar Arcadia and Scottsdale homes. And for this, my rent went up $350 per month since this time last year because it is very desirable to live here??????????????????????????????????????????????? The California people are all moving here to avoid the high rents and the rat problem there, and they are bringing all the high rents and rats here with them. please don't move here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arizona, AZ

RATS! RATS! EVERYWHERE!!! - 4/9/2018
Since my last review of Phoenix below and trying to get up the money to get my family and belongings out of town, (Arizona people on Craigslist want whatever you're selling for nothing, making it hard for me to raise money to move), I now have a new problem stalling my progress to get out of HELL! I opened up my hot water heater closet and a big eight inch long body and eight inch long tail RAT, ran down the chimney from the attic and into my house. It is one of the famous Roof Rats of Arcadia, which I live in the poor part of Arcadia. Google Arcadia Roof Rats. I was lucky not to have roof rats in the past, but my luck ran out. I set up a few rat traps to try and catch him, he ate the food and did not go near the tied on food, tripped one trap but wasn't there, and hasn't gone near a trap since. The past two months I have since set up forty traps to try and get him, but failed. I have tried trip traps, sticky traps, ultrasonic traps, electronic/electrocuting traps, hav-a-hart traps but failed to get him as of yet. I did kill seven of her babies though! It's one thing dealing with the stress of having rats running around your house, but a strange thing happened to me these past two months. My body lit up with hundreds of hive looking spots from head to toe. I have been to the ER four times for these spots and three primary care doctors for the same problem, with seven different diagnosis. I asked the doctors if it's rat related and a few of them said that it could be from bed bugs or fleas that the rats bought in. NICE! But I haven't found one flea or bed bug yet. Three of the doctors mentioned to me that they also have a roof rat problem in their HIGHLY RATED ARCADIA, PARADISE VALLEY, AND SCOTTSDALE/SHEA NORTH SCOTTSDALE AREA MILLION DOLLAR HOMES! My family member also has them in the HIGHLY RATED SUN CITY WEST RETIREMENT HOMES! They supposedly started in the Highly Rated Arcadia area but are now throughout the valley. As of yet, doctors have not yet succeeded in curing my rash but am now trying steroids to hopefully get rid of it. Hopefully, it's not something like the Black Plague or something like that, which Arizona has been known to have. I have been suffering too long with this. So, I say again - DON'T MOVE HERE!!!!!!!!! (I ALSO HAVE SCORPIONS AND BLACK WIDOWS). Update. All the above is true and everyone I've talked to this past two months have had at least one rat in their house, but as one of my neighbor's said when I told her that I have only one, she said, you have more! She was right, and she has killed seven rats herself and still going. We live in a nice, clean area of Arcadia.

Phoenix, AZ

DON'T MOVE HERE! - 11/7/2017
I agree with all the negative things that people say about Phoenix so I won't repeat it here. Recently, flippers have overtaken the valley and caused an artificial rise in real estate prices. As soon as these guys are finished, the market may crash again here. As a renter, everybody's rent went up to $1000 a month because of the flippers. Mine went up from $800 to $1000. in two months. I asked my landlord why the steep increase, he said, "Because I can!" I am packing and leaving Arizona and my slumlord, ASAP! You think that if the market crashed here, he would reduce my rent? No, I don't think so! I've been wanting to leave AZ for some years now, but AZ seems to suck the little guy in and won't let him go! I've heard this from a number of people. In most people's cases, you just don't make enough of money here to save and get out of here! If I have to take the Bus, I will escape from Phoenix!!

Phoenix, AZ

re: Is Phoenix worth moving to. Heard so many horr
- 12/9/2015
Dear S. Every Horrific story you heard is true! I am from Westchester County N.Y. and I would write a long paragraph telling you so, but I am currently extremely too busy packing to get out of this Hell On Earth ASAP, to move back to N.Y. DON'T DO IT!!!

Phoenix, AZ

Why the $^&*%#?????? - 7/2/2010
It was 119 degrees in the "Valley of the SUN" the past two days. Why the #%&%#@*???? do I live here???? OH!, I FORGOT, I pay so much in Air-Conditioning bills that I can't afford a moving truck! TRUE! Excuse me while I go back outside my front door tonight and kill some more Black Widow Spiders who are as big as tennis balls. Someone Please Help Me!!!!!

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