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"Townsend Primary and Elementary schools are great."

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West Townsend, MA

Somewhat small minded town - 6/7/2009

I find the town of Townsend to be made up of folks who grew up in the neighboring towns or here in Townsend itself. As a result of that, it's on the "clicky" side and sometimes has a "Good ol' boy" mentality, so if you're from out of the area or even the country for that matter, it may be too small and uncultured for one's taste. There is very little progress in the town. It seems to want to stay as it is and change for the better can be quite challenging. We've been waiting to get a rail trail here for years and while many residents visit neighboring towns rail trails, Townsend is constantly hitting unnecessary road blocks for one here. The town's playground is maintained by the residents, so the grass is often on the high side and trash is frequently overflowing. With the taxes we pay, this is really something the town should be taking care of. Thankfully we are getting a brand new library - which is very exciting, but it's a long time coming with much controversy. Main street though it has much potential, is on the run down looking side, businesses could use face lifts and landscaping is not always kept up. There is a rather large shopping plaza that's painted pink, and it looks ridiculous up against the old, N.E. appearance of the town. It's really not a bad place to live, just needs some new blood with vision! If you're looking for a town that moves at a snails pace when it comes to change, Townsend is the place for you.

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West Townsend, MA

Townsend Primary and Elementary schools are great. - 1/12/2008

I have been very pleased with the primary (Pre-k to grade 2)and elementary (grades 3-5) schools. I have 2 boys, 1 has an IEP (Special Ed) and the other has no special needs. The middle and high schools are not as good, as the number of students significantly increase at those levels due to the regional school system (North Middlesex). I love the town, just hate the winter. There is much to do here for indoor and outdoor enthusiasts year round. Cost of living is high here, as it is in much of the Northeast. We've been here 11 years and love it.

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