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"Housing Value is Excellent"

Housing Value is Excellent - 6/29/2006
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Winston-Salem, NC

I moved to Winston-Salem last year from Nevada. I immediately found a much better value for housing. In the Triad area, it is possible to build a very nice family home, 2000 sq. ft. for under $175k.

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Winston-Salem, NC

Entertainment - 5/25/2012

I moved here 15 years ago to raise my 9 year old twins Who are now 25 and now I have a 13 year old son and am a single parent. There really isn't any type of cultural entertainment or anything to do within the city. I am considering relocating in the near future before my son starts high school. [read more...]

Mount Pleasant, SC

where to live in winston Salem area with kids - 1/31/2012

I have an 11 and 9 year old and will be moving to this area this summer. Please advise on the best areas to rent a home. School choice is my priority[read more...]

Miami, FL

Can you tell me the best neighborhoods in the Wins - 10/19/2011

I am planning on moving to the Winston Salem area next spring and wanted to ask what areas are the best to live? I've heard Lewisville is very nice but are there any others? I prefer a quaint smaller place outside of downtown Winston. My family and I love boating and a really great school district. I really hope you can give me some insight as to what areas I should look at. I thank you in advance for your replys.[read more...]

Houston, TX

Don't bother if you didn't grow up here - 9/16/2011

I have lived many places and I can say that WS has a lot of beautiful neighborhoods. It is laid back, the traffic isn't bad and the costs aren't bad. The bad news? The people are cliquish!!! If your daddy didn't go to Kindergarten with THEIR daddy they don't want to know you. They are very stand-offish and vicious(albeit in a subtle way). They are lazy and unimaginative. NO real work ethic here. They don't want to venture out of their little comfort zones. They think anyone from outside is an uppity snob. They are very conflicted: they want money to spend but they are nnot willing to work hard for it. Not a good place to make friends. If you are a loner then you won't mind it. But if you want a social life and/or if you are single go elsewhere. The small towns surrounding it are worse.[read more...]

Richmond Hill, GA

Newbie - 6/3/2011

no review[read more...]

Winston-Salem, NC

Diamond in the Rough - 3/20/2011

Winston Salem is by no means a large city, so if you are looking for one, then this city is not the place for you. However , with that being said I will review the city as objectively as I can (which may be hard since I have lived here for over 10 years) Cost of Living- The cost of living in Winston(as the locals call it)is great. A nice two bedroom apartment can cost $600-$900. A 2000 sqft 3 br house in a nice neighborhood with a good sized yard can range $130,00-$220,000 although great finds under this price are common. There are plenty of farmer's markets around the area with great deals on produce. Education- Primary schools here have a good ratio of students to teachers. (20:1 in my son's classroom)However, many schools are over capacity and have extra trailers to hold classes.This is due to the ever influx of new residents to this town. Two new schools have been built to try to help this situation. High schools here can be lacking somewhat but they do offer programs to take hybrid classes at the nearby community college for career readiness. My experience with the high schools is that they tend to push minorities to sports and career readiness programs in high school and non-minorities to college prep programs to get ready for college. However that may not be the case now since they have opened up new high schools and redone the busing zones. The abundance of college choices here are great! Home of two great universities, Wake Forest and Winston Salem State. Also Salem College, NC School of the Arts and a great, great community college; Forsyth Tech. Forsyth Tech is actually bringing some jobs to the area by partnering with business's to be used as training centers. Crime- Winston Salem has crime like any other city, most of the crime that I have seen though is drug related and this is usually restricted to certain neighborhoods. Overall nothing too bad. If you are a minority coming from the north, be prepared to get pulled over a couple times for no reason. There are still a few officers that are stuck in the "old south" ways but this is slowly changing with the influx of new residents to this city. If your from the south, I bet your used to it :) Employment- Winston Salem, like other manufacture based cities has been hit hard with overseas expansion. This city was founded by tobacco and the Reynolds family and many generations of families worked in the nearby tobacco plants which are all but closed now with just a few straggler plants open. However, with the help of Forsyth Tech, Caterpillar and the expansion of the two main hospitals here, job outlook is looking good. We are not at a point that I can say we have many jobs, but if you look hard , you may just find a great career. Health- We have one of the best hospitals in the country right here in the city- Wake Forest baptist Medical Center which has the brenner's children hospital. And also Forsyth Medical Center is one of the leading hospitals in stroke care. There is an abundance of physicians and dentists and optometrists. No better place, in my opinion for healthcare. Religion- Winston is in the middle of the Bible Belt and therefore there is abundance of Protestant, Baptist and Moravian churches. There is one Catholic church and I am not sure about how many synagogues. Be prepared to hear many conversations start out normal and end in talks about the bible. Some may get mad at me but this perhaps can be negative. There is almost no balance to this and churches to tend to overrun many things. In many cities there are different religions but this city is mainly baptist or protestant, so if you are catholic or another form of Christianity, other people will try to convert you. This can be a good thing though if you are looking for a devout Protestant or Baptist city to call home. Nightlife- If you are looking for a great night scene, Winston Salem is NOT it, with the exception of strip clubs, we seem to have an abundance of those. Downtown hosts certain events every now and then but in between those times, its pretty lacking. However just 20 minutes away in the neighboring city of greensboro there are a TON of clubs and bars. many young, single Winston residents venture over to Greensboro on the weekends for that reason. Entertainment- I listed this separately because although there is not much nightlife there are many things to do in Winston or near it. We are very close to Pilot Mountain, in fact on many roads you can see it in the distance. Their is Tanglewood Park, SciWorks and many great restaurants. There is the Children's Museum, NC School of the Arts hosts many plays for all tastes. Overall though I really like Winston and in the time I have lived here I have seen a change in Winston, mostly for the better. Great place for young families,but I would not recommend for singles who may get bored with the city. [read more...]

Winston-Salem, NC

Disappointment - 8/11/2010

Since moving to the Winston-Salem area a couple of years ago, I have to say that I have not been very impressed. With a few exceptions, everything seems very old, run-down, shut-down, and dirty. I have lived in many beautiful cities such as Cary, NC, Annapolis, MD and Greenville, SC and this place definitely ranks among the lowest. As I said, there are diamonds in the rough around the city. Lewisville is a beautiful and quaint little town on the outskirts of Winston-Salem, that I would highly recommend if you are considering moving to this area. If you are moving from a fairly newly developed city, this area will be a disappointment for you.[read more...]

Oakland, CA

Jobs - 5/9/2010

Jobs are increasing.[read more...]

Winston-Salem, NC

The Bible Belt - 11/10/2009

Before moving to Winston-Salem, please, make sure you understand what it means to live immersed in a culture of fundamentalist christianity.[read more...]

Advance, NC

Not bad but getting worse - 10/7/2009

It's cheap but a little like a ghost town.[read more...]

Winston-Salem, NC

Get low - 11/26/2008

Extremely affordable city[read more...]

Winston-Salem, NC

NICE TOWN - 4/7/2008


Winston-Salem, NC

Wake - 2/26/2008

Is a great school[read more...]

Pfafftown, NC

Health - 9/11/2007

If you need medical care, this is a great place to be. With Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and Forsyth Hospital, we can handle just about anything. The presence of the hospitals means that the city is full of physicians of all types. But you may need them. The air quality here is pretty bad as a result of factory pollution drifting down from the Midwest and our own autos. It's superior to LA or Beijing, but that's not saying much. Combine that with heat and humidity and you may have problems.[read more...]

Pfafftown, NC

Climate - 9/11/2007

Winters are fine here. It is not Florida, and it can get very cold. (I remember a day at -1 a few tears back.) But that's the exception. In contrast, summers are awful. We have had almost 60 days this year of 90-degree+ high temperatures, and humidity to match.[read more...]

Winston-Salem, NC

City Revitalization - 8/21/2007

The Downtown Winston-Salem has seen a strong revitalization effort in recent years. There are many enticing unique restaurants, pubs, deli's and bed and breakfast dining options in the area. The Downtown area also spotlights many Arts and Crafts shops, galleries and museums along Trade Street and adjoining streets. Along with the new, the old holds its own with Old Salem. An early Moravian settlement, this site holds Salem Academy, Salem College, Old Salem shops, museums and restaurants along with some old and new housing opportunities.[read more...]

Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem Cost - 8/11/2006

About half the cost of the Washington, D.C. area.[read more...]

Winston-Salem, NC

Housing Value is Excellent - 6/29/2006

I moved to Winston-Salem last year from Nevada. I immediately found a much better value for housing. In the Triad area, it is possible to build a very nice family home, 2000 sq. ft. for under $175k.[read more...]