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Winston-Salem, NC

A sad and corrupt city - 2/26/2020
Winston Salem is a corrupt and sad city. Many residents aren't open to new comers and crime is rampant. The abysmal crime rate is due in part to the corrupt and complacent police force. Sadly, the city is replete with indifferent public servants who could care less about the people they're paid to serve. You'd be wise to avoid Winston Salem.

Greenville, SC

More things they don't tell you... - 3/5/2017
As the other post mentioned, there's a lot they don't tell you about Greenville and the surrounding area. Yes, it's racist, but the discrimination goes both ways-- white on black and vice versa.

It's also home to a medical system cesspool. Both the GHS and St. Francis systems enter your personal medical data on a computer program called MyChart. Once input, your data is accessible by virtually anyone in any medical office. The fun begins when incompetent medical practitioners enter inaccurate info about you. Sometimes the notes are downright libelous. And, you have no choice about your info being on MyChart for anyone in any medical office to see. They don't even have the courtesy to ask your permission.

If you must see a medical specialist, see one in the St. Francis system. Or, you can also find one in a group called Brio, which doesn't use MyChart. Better yet, get your medical care in Asheville, NC, where the medical personnel are a lot more competent.

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