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66.80% of people are white, 5.75% are black, 8.00% are asian, 6.63% are native american, and 1.48% claim 'Other'. 7.71% of the people in Anchorage, AK, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 92.29% are non-hispanic).

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Anchorage, AK
Kevin Elfrink - 3/4/2014

Kevin Elfrink has been a realtor in Alaska for over 18+ years. But what does that mean for you? It means if you are looking to buy real estate in Alaska, you can call him and avoid 98% of the normal frustrations most home buyers experience. How nice would that be? To finally have someone on YOUR side for a change! Give Kevin a call for a free real estate consultation to make sure you avoid the most common pit falls people make when buying or selling Alaskan property. Call now for more information 907-727-2150 Services: Real Estate Real Estate Specialist Real Estate Agent Real Estate Brokers Real Estate Consultant [read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Don't get too excited. - 8/8/2013

People like to say that there is always lots of things to do, which is far from it. I mean, yeah, if you are an avid skiier, or a snowboarder, then sure, you can be engaged in those activities about 7 month a year. But other than that..there is very little things you can do here. First off, it's hard to play outside when it's under 30 below.So If you want your children to spend all day sitting at home playing videogames, it's a great state for you. Second, every single decent artist or singer in US have forgotten that there is a state called Alaska. So in case you need your Lady Gaga fix, you better hop on a plane. Lack of museums, theaters, decent places to hang out really. There is quete a few nice restaurants though. I mean, what else you gona do, when it's so miserable outside? Eat!! One of the downsides if that if you want to go somewhere else, you'll have to endure hours and hours of flying and layovers. However, and it's a good thing, they do have a direct flight to my beloved Hawaii. What else? Salaries are high, but so is cost of living. Good luck finding a 1 bedroom for rent for less than 1,000/mo+utilities. I think, if you are not an oil indurstry professional, don't even bother living here. Education. I don't know about high schools, but University of Alaska Anchorage is clearly lacking. There is not enough programs, it's underfunded, parking is horrible. Ok, maybe I'm being too harsh, I guess for a small city like Anchorage, it's ok. What I like? Mose walking around town, summer is not hot, summer of 2013 was simply amazing. All prior summers (for 10 years of living here) were very gloomy...ok did I start on bad things again? No sales tax. yearly PFD of about a grand, favorite part, really. My advice? Come spend couple of weeks here in January, before you decide to move. [read more...]

A place for the young and the young in heart. - 3/6/2013

A great place to raise a family with lots to do.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Anchorage, Alaska - 2/9/2013

Great city to live with all the many miles of trails available in all seasons.[read more...]

Beverly Hills, CA
TOO MUCH! - 2/3/2013

way too much.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
great but a few downers - 1/19/2013

lots of active things to do. winter is just long so if you dont get out and play during winter it is way too long. nice camping but no other real cites to visit. [read more...]

Houston, TX
People complaining about Alaska making no sense - 1/2/2013

Ok, for all of those complaining and wining about the state let me start by telling you that i don't live there but will be moving soon. But let me go ahead and go to the point. If you think you are paying to much for an apartment there come to Houston where i am paying $1355 a month in a real nice place and 770 sqft. that at night you hear nothing but gunshots, the ambulance, police etc from the evening till the morning!!!! i am moving there to find peace in a real nice place and enjoy what life has for all of us. If Seasons changes why don't you? Stop complaining and find a way to improve and change from wining to start living a better life. Nothing it's free in live and someone has to sacrifice, so may as well be you to improve YOU!!! Sorry![read more...]

Anchorage, AK
housing - 12/3/2012

i have lived in anchorage for 17 years and although its absolutely beautiful here its very expensive. housing rentals are very high cost..example average to low end- 1bedroom-550-700, 2bedroom 700-1200. and 3 bedroom 1350-1600.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Economy cost of living - 8/8/2012

Living in Anchorage, AK is quite expensive unless you are established with a solid job. Everything is expensive here: housing, food, fuel, and utilities. It is a beautiful state that's good to raise children in. However, as people get older it is harder to tolerate the long cold winters. Everyone should visit the state at least once in their life. [read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Housing - 8/7/2012

TOO EXPENSIVE !!!![read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Weather in Anchorage Alaska - 6/14/2012

Our winters are usually long, (6-8 months) with a short, wet summer, although sometimes it can be intermittent wet and sunny. The tempurature in the summer is usually in the 60s, maybe at times can get in the low 70s. The winter temps can vary as well, they can be very cold (negative 30-40 degrees) but more likely in the single digits for the most part with about 80 inches of snow. We have about 6 hours of daylight in the winter and 20 hours of daylight in the summer. Most people don't live here for the weather, they live here to get away from the hustle and bustle of large cities and they love the outdoors, like fishing and hunting. [read more...]

Fairbanks, AK
Quality of life - 2/17/2012

Anchorage provides a awesome quality of life. You have most of the amenities of a city with a small city feel. Adventure and the great outdoors is a bike ride away.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
South Anchorage - 7/6/2011

Unlike many areas in alaska that's dangerous; whether it's bears, wolves, blizzards or humans, south anchorage is relatively safe besides the occasional truck and loud car. The main attractions to alaska is that it's a place of escape and solitude. Once you enter alaska, it's like steeping into a new world where one won't judge you upon anything: especially your appearance and everyone is friendly as long as you actually talk to them. Unlike it's small size, it gives you big opputunities.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
43 years in Anchorage - 5/26/2011

I came to Alaska when I was 24. That was 43 years ago. This is a wonderful place to live with tremendous opportunities for jobs even when the lower 48 is having hard times. If anyone truly wants to work, they can find a job here within a few days. But---the winters here are harsh. If you are young and tough this is not a problem. But if you are old and frail, don't move here. This is a beautiful place to live but it is not paradise. Violent crimes like murder and rape are among the highest in the nation per capita. Gangs and gang gunfights are common. Brutal murders are common. Violent rapes are common. But almost all of that is limited to the north part of town. I live in the south part of town, zip code 99515, and we enjoy pretty low rates of crime. This is also a very expensive city to live in. Compared to southern Idaho, a family of three must make at least $2,000 a month more just to have the same standard of living. Personally, my wife and I am moving soon simply because we can no longer afford to live here as we are too old to get a good job. [read more...]

Las Vegas, NV
Anti-social people live here! - 7/22/2010

I have visited Anchorage several times because Im dating a guy from Anchorage. I live many miles away. I saw photos of Alaska and figured it may be a cool place to retire one day but I knew nothing about it firsthand. Okay, here's the scoop. On my first trip, what struck me was there was still snow on the ground when it was spring in the lower 48. Wasn't all that green. Looked grey and sorta depressing. I also found out that FOOD is expensive!!!!! So are clothes and everything else. A pizza is like 28 bucks. A box of number 10 envelopes is like 7 bucks. There are no 99c stores and the stores are pretty dated in what they carry. I think Alaska is 20 years behind in terms of getting crap from the lower 48. I noticed a LOT of broken windshields and in Alaska, people don't have to repair them to pass inspection I guess. I guess with the winter, a broken windshield is something common that everyman and woman must have. On my 2nd trip, Alaska seemed less bleak. The trees were greener. I noticed more activity overall with people walking dogs. I saw my first moose. Several and that was sorta neat. Alaska was seeming like a whole new world. But there were no BMW's or Benz's. No bright colored clothes or wild fashions. Very conservative and boring. On my 3rd trip, Alaska was beautiful. Ah summertime. The weather was amazing. I saw people walking dogs, working on gardens and jogging. I saw convertibles, fancier cars and people out and about enjoying life. But the people were still mean. Nobody even makes eye contact with you. Nobody holds a door. Nobody starts a conversation or small talk. If you go to a coffeeshop, you will sit there for as long as you like and nobody will ever talk to you even if you are a super hot chick with a big smile and a friendly way. But don't take it personally. I take it they fear everyone they don't know and those they know, they tolerate. Seems pretty cliquish. Very small town but not in a good way like the east coast towns that are scenic and small. My take on Alaska is that everyone here will get depressed even if they move to Alaska happy. I was there 2 weeks on each trip and NOBODY talked to me except my boyfriend and his friends. I don't know how people make friends and even if you'd want these antisocials as friends. There are a lot of mountainmen I'd call them. You know heavy drinker, smoker types who live in cabins and don't talk to anyone. They look serious/stern and keep to themselves. Even the women are mountainmen lol. I saw very few attractive men and very few attractive women. Everyone is dumpy. Not necessarily out of shape. But they are grey and even their skin has no color like they never ever see sunshine. I think everyone here MUST be on Prozac. What are the positives? The scenary is stunning. The mountains, the snow cappedness, the trees, the animals. It's all that and a bag of chips. There are very few people and if like me you've lived in overpopulated cities, this is a HUGE plus. No crowds. There are hardly any people even in summer. What is winter like? The pace is slow. That itself is relaxing. You find yourself almost becoming retarded day by day but loving it lol. You move slow. You think slow. No one is in a rush to get anywhere. They won't fire you at a job because theres no one else to hire. Your job is safe. There just isn't the workforce to draw from. The salaries are HIGH. Job security sounds amazing. But retarded and never talked to? I think even retards need friends. I love my boyfriend but I'm concerned if I move here I won't have any friends except for him. I probably won't need any friends because given there isn't much to do, sex is the most common past time and a lot of sex is excellent. So in summary, if you move to Alaska, make sure you have someone to screw already or you'll never get laid or date, buy a gun to protect yourself from wild animals and expect to start reading books. When you get on the plane and leave Anchorage, the first thing you will notice anywhere else is that people talk to you and you will LOVE it. But in the lower 48, there ain't any jobs right now. Companies have you by the balls and don't pay worth a shit. So I'd say move to Alaska WITH your wife or girlfriend. You best have a companion for life lined up. There are so few people up in Alaska. And bring some clothes. The clothing stores are crap. The local restaurants are VERY good. The burger joints, the pizza places, five star dining....all excellent. Compete with larger cities just fewer of them. Good food is not a problem. Bring a dog or two. Don't seem to be too many sheleters so import some rescue pets from another city by car. Maybe even take a few dogs or cats up with you in a car. Hey, you'll need someone to talk to when your wife is pissed at you. Real estate prices, expensive but I wouldn't call them outrageous. Still cheaper than Seattle, Los Angeles, Florida and DC. You won't find any 149,0000 homes in Anchorage. Figure 300,000-400,000 for a 2-3 br in this down market. Rentals are high but not the end of the world. You'll pay around a grand for a 1 br but you'll make at least 40 grand at whatever you do. I like Alaska. I just don't like the people. [read more...]

Eagle River, AK
Get outside - 6/26/2010

Get outside, winter or summer. Life is too short not to enjoy Alaska's beauty right in our back yard. Hike, bike, ski, fish, hunt, boat and enjoy the Anchorage's "Big Wild Life".[read more...]

Victorville, CA
Military - 2/21/2010

I have heard recently that Alaska has the highest percentage of ex military men and women than any other state and find this appealing. As I reach my retirement age I like the idea that others share the same patriotism as I do and can be found within a short distance of each other. I am hoping this is true where I can find the American flag waving instead of foreign flags flying. In search of the American dream.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Actually rather moderate - 11/19/2009

Alaska is a large state and the climate varies markedly across it. Anchorage is located on the coast, and it's climate is moderated by the ocean. Summer days rarely exceed 70 in Anchorage. In contrast, a hot summer day in Alaska's Interior can reach into the high 90s. Anchorage's winter days are usually below freezing, and often below 0. Still winters in Anchorage are less severe when it comes to temperature, snowfall, and ice than in some of the lower 48 states.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
if i could find a place where the temperature stay - 9/19/2009

summers are cool mostly comfortable the high for the day is usually in the 60's but on an uncomfortably hot day might reach 80. the summer rains are not too heavy most people don't use an umbrella perhaps a windbreaker.the snow usually stays on the ground from holloween until april or may. the snow is pretty clean white when it first arives but turns dirty between snows. icecycle trees happen several times per winter just like in Doctor Zhivago and are every bit as beautiful. the mountains turn a beautiful red in fall but are covered with snow much too soon. most of the leaves turn yellow except for storebought trees. fruit trees and thunder are rare. a lot of jobs disappear in the fall. stores lay off lots after christmas. mosquitoes are big and bad in spring may june start to thin out in late july aren't so much a problem from september on. if you are into hunting and fishing or winter sports it is here. you have to haul your snow machine out of town now just like a boat. there are jobs but a lot of them don't pay enough. This works ok for immagrants they just get two of the jobs the locals won't take. no state income tax and no sales tax yet in Anchorage property taxes are just 14.53. there are parking meters in parts of town but you don't have to visit them often. if you plant mountain ash or crabapple trees moose will feast in your yard in winter. if you stay long enough you'll get to where you don't like temperatures over 75 and eventually you'll get use to confining your self indoors for the winter there is cable internet netflicks movies from the library and the video store. a lot of people move away from the winters, but a lot of folks move back when they can't find a job. snow bird retired folks come back for summer leave for winter. eventually stop coming back when the trip gets too long and the cost eats too much of their income. We buy studded tires for the long winters so we can stop faster you have to be careful not to total your car on that unexpected second moose calf while you are watching the mother and the other calf. i've seen kids pelting moose with ropes and rocks and i have heard about moose trampling people to death. Sometimes people get drunk and freeze to death on their own decks. There are places where the cost of living is lower but it is just too hot and i don't want to pay sales taxes.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Home, sweet home - 7/4/2009

I was born in the 70's and raised here. Anchorage is beautiful with the mountains to the east, abundant trees and wildlife in town. Interesting cultural mix, good restaurants, lots of outdoor activities (great xc ski trails). Lots of horses in town, which surprises many, but to keep them is verrry pricey. A few dog parks, one near the university with the trail around the lake (beware of beavers, dead fish, and the occasional psycho dog owner or people that bring their toddlers to walk around and are shocked when a dog licks their kids face!)... Snow is abundant too, long, lonng cold winters. Breathtakingly beautiful white landscape or barren frozen wasteland -- however you may choose to view it. It is advisable that you get out in January or February to somewhere warm. Housing and food prices are high, hard to get good produce (I think people up here forget what fresh produce is really supposed to taste like); though in the summer the Saturday market has some great local choices. The gardening season is short but growing is rapid due to the long days of sunshine, humidity, and decent rainfall. Traffic is terrible, this is relative however to how it used to be here.. but my family from SoCal who visit thinks it's bad too. The city feels more and more congested with people, big box stores, crime. In the winter people often act depressed, angry, unsociable, with poor social skills I must say. Either angry or oblivious drivers on the road (that's probably everywhere but the prevalence of giant trucks with LOUD engines revving, driving aggressively, people flicking cigs out the window is all too common.) Recycling here or concern for the environment is low, despite the large wannabe hippy, uberliberal, treehugging, subaru driving, Patagonia wearing lot... few that are actually from here. (stereotyping, yes. but it's kinda accurate!) This place is my home, I grew up on moose meat and salmon. Fishing on the river with my dad, catching fish with my hands!, playing outside til dark (which means til midnight or ), !waiting at the busstop in -20 degree weather in pitch black darkness, wearing a snowsuit over Halloween costume & having to tell people what you are supposed to be, the State Fair, the northern lights, snowmachining on frozen lakes in the middle of nowhere, the bears and my 'pet' moose, the bluegrass festivals, eating as many wild blueberries as I put in the basket and blueberry pancakes the next morning, swimming at Beluga Pt, etc, etc... are some of my fond memories. Anchorage though, as everywhere, has changed.. too congested, too much crime, rape, drugs, alcoholism, mental illness packed in between the inlet and the Chugach. We have the highest rates of certain STDs too FYI (use protection! :). It's nonetheless probably one of the better places to live in the US and there are great opportunities for career and business.[read more...]

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