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66.80% of people are white, 5.75% are black, 8.00% are asian, 6.63% are native american, and 1.48% claim 'Other'. 7.71% of the people in Anchorage, AK, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 92.29% are non-hispanic).

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Anchorage, AK
if i could find a place where the temperature stay - 9/19/2009

summers are cool mostly comfortable the high for the day is usually in the 60's but on an uncomfortably hot day might reach 80. the summer rains are not too heavy most people don't use an umbrella perhaps a windbreaker.the snow usually stays on the ground from holloween until april or may. the snow is pretty clean white when it first arives but turns dirty between snows. icecycle trees happen several times per winter just like in Doctor Zhivago and are every bit as beautiful. the mountains turn a beautiful red in fall but are covered with snow much too soon. most of the leaves turn yellow except for storebought trees. fruit trees and thunder are rare. a lot of jobs disappear in the fall. stores lay off lots after christmas. mosquitoes are big and bad in spring may june start to thin out in late july aren't so much a problem from september on. if you are into hunting and fishing or winter sports it is here. you have to haul your snow machine out of town now just like a boat. there are jobs but a lot of them don't pay enough. This works ok for immagrants they just get two of the jobs the locals won't take. no state income tax and no sales tax yet in Anchorage property taxes are just 14.53. there are parking meters in parts of town but you don't have to visit them often. if you plant mountain ash or crabapple trees moose will feast in your yard in winter. if you stay long enough you'll get to where you don't like temperatures over 75 and eventually you'll get use to confining your self indoors for the winter there is cable internet netflicks movies from the library and the video store. a lot of people move away from the winters, but a lot of folks move back when they can't find a job. snow bird retired folks come back for summer leave for winter. eventually stop coming back when the trip gets too long and the cost eats too much of their income. We buy studded tires for the long winters so we can stop faster you have to be careful not to total your car on that unexpected second moose calf while you are watching the mother and the other calf. i've seen kids pelting moose with ropes and rocks and i have heard about moose trampling people to death. Sometimes people get drunk and freeze to death on their own decks. There are places where the cost of living is lower but it is just too hot and i don't want to pay sales taxes.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Home, sweet home - 7/4/2009

I was born in the 70's and raised here. Anchorage is beautiful with the mountains to the east, abundant trees and wildlife in town. Interesting cultural mix, good restaurants, lots of outdoor activities (great xc ski trails). Lots of horses in town, which surprises many, but to keep them is verrry pricey. A few dog parks, one near the university with the trail around the lake (beware of beavers, dead fish, and the occasional psycho dog owner or people that bring their toddlers to walk around and are shocked when a dog licks their kids face!)... Snow is abundant too, long, lonng cold winters. Breathtakingly beautiful white landscape or barren frozen wasteland -- however you may choose to view it. It is advisable that you get out in January or February to somewhere warm. Housing and food prices are high, hard to get good produce (I think people up here forget what fresh produce is really supposed to taste like); though in the summer the Saturday market has some great local choices. The gardening season is short but growing is rapid due to the long days of sunshine, humidity, and decent rainfall. Traffic is terrible, this is relative however to how it used to be here.. but my family from SoCal who visit thinks it's bad too. The city feels more and more congested with people, big box stores, crime. In the winter people often act depressed, angry, unsociable, with poor social skills I must say. Either angry or oblivious drivers on the road (that's probably everywhere but the prevalence of giant trucks with LOUD engines revving, driving aggressively, people flicking cigs out the window is all too common.) Recycling here or concern for the environment is low, despite the large wannabe hippy, uberliberal, treehugging, subaru driving, Patagonia wearing lot... few that are actually from here. (stereotyping, yes. but it's kinda accurate!) This place is my home, I grew up on moose meat and salmon. Fishing on the river with my dad, catching fish with my hands!, playing outside til dark (which means til midnight or ), !waiting at the busstop in -20 degree weather in pitch black darkness, wearing a snowsuit over Halloween costume & having to tell people what you are supposed to be, the State Fair, the northern lights, snowmachining on frozen lakes in the middle of nowhere, the bears and my 'pet' moose, the bluegrass festivals, eating as many wild blueberries as I put in the basket and blueberry pancakes the next morning, swimming at Beluga Pt, etc, etc... are some of my fond memories. Anchorage though, as everywhere, has changed.. too congested, too much crime, rape, drugs, alcoholism, mental illness packed in between the inlet and the Chugach. We have the highest rates of certain STDs too FYI (use protection! :). It's nonetheless probably one of the better places to live in the US and there are great opportunities for career and business.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Beautiful June - 6/9/2009

For those wishing to visit us for summer fun, late May and early June are best. After 35 years here, my rule of thumb is that after 4th of July it starts getting a little wetter and less consistent. When it's nice out, it can't be beat![read more...]

Fairbanks, AK
Gold In The Street! -COME ONE, COME ALL! - 5/4/2009

Here in Anchorage, AK is a place where there are no real taxes (as of yet) and also a place where all the homeowners pay through the nose for property taxes, which is in the top 25 in THE NATION. Voter bonds that are somewhat liberal(Portland/San Francisco transplants?)in nature pass, thereby increasing the tax burden on the so-called rich i.e. homeowners. However, that is negated by all the free money flowing around here like the PFD. That is gold in the streets and everyone can get it as they only need to be here for a few months. The majority of the streets get potholes and frost heaves due to poor construction and the PFD is given to the people instead of maintaining the infrastructure: all is relative. It is good here and there should be more illegal immigrants that can't speak English as campaign signs foster a polyglot culture here in Anchorage where crime is rampant and littering is the norm, which is good for the economy. Rude driver's and gross materialism is the norm, showcasing the economy here. Remember, there are gold nuggets to be found on Anchorage's streets. Winters are good for the economy as natural gas bills have nearly doubled now for the 7 months of below freezing weather here, even though Alaska has tons of gas untapped. A grifter's paradise. The flipside of this is Alaska is beautiful and a land that time sort-of forgot: God's Country. If you like all of this, you'll fit in. Take care...[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Rainfall has been increasing here...soggy summers - 4/16/2009

For the past 20 years Anchorage has been seeing an overall shift in the amount of rainfall. Rainfall and cooler temperatures have lead to generally cloudy summers, poor gardens, and general feeling like we have completely skipped over summer for the past 3 years.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
its hard - 3/21/2009

its actually pretty hard to live in anchorage on a decent wage. everything is hiked up price-wise because we have to ship all of our consumer products up here by barge or by 18-wheeler, which drives everything way up and on top of that, I would say a good living wage for a single person would need to be at least 30,000 annualy just to make it, and that's not taking into account any monthly debts other than rent, utility, and vehicle cost. If you've got a house, or pay more than 300 pm for car or have a credit card you pay on or you rent storage space, you better bump your salary up another 10,000 annual. Also, apparently, one in eighteen people that live here are millionaires, so expect most things to cater to that type of lifestyle.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Relocating to Anchorage - 12/18/2008

My recent move to Anchorage was a nightmare thanks to Worldwide Movers Inc. I had many items stolen by this company. The company will not cover the cost of stolen items and will not make any good faith effort to work with their customers. This is a horrible company to use![read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Last Frontier - 12/18/2008

Anchorage has a lot of great features - proximity to wilderness and natural beauty is the greatest. The climate is cold in the winter but dry. The town has most conveniences as a city in the lower 48. Plus the economy here is still great - compared to the lower 48! The drawbacks is that crime is increasing and the drivers are too aggressive. I don't recommend that people moving here use a company called World Wide Movers, Inc. though. I had many items stolen and damaged by this company. Also plan on having all of your goods arrive frozen.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Beautiful views and cool weather - 11/21/2008

What makes Anchorage a great place to live is the view of the mountains that almost completely surround the city. Anchorage is cool in the winter, but not as cold as most of the rest of the state of Alaska. The temperature here in the winter months is almost exactly the same as the weather in Minneapolis--which is cold, but not unbearable.[read more...]

Eagle River, AK
Orthodox Christian Community in Eagle River - 10/10/2008

Eagle River is home to St. John the Evangelist Orthodox Cathedral, and to the Community surrounding it where approximately 85% of the parishioners live within a mile of the church in "intentional community". Homes are not owned by the church, but privately, or in co-owned o-lot lines. The cathedral is on Monastery Drive, so named for the Catholic convent that existed at the current site of St. James' House (aka "The Big House") just to the west in the late 60's, and where Thomas Merton visited on his way to Japan. It was out of the Big House windows that Merton foretold of a community that would one day exist there. Nearby is the pre-K-6th private school that is open to the community-at-large. While parishioners choose to live in community,they are an active part of the greater community, working in all of the typical professions. One would not be able to "pick out" someone from the Community (known among the youth as "The Village"), except for the well-known ability of the youth for music and singing, as the major portion of the church services are sung. The cathedral was built by the labor of the original parish members in 1980 and features a central cedar dome and icons written by various iconographers.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Great place for local recreation - 9/1/2008

Anchorage is full of great outdoor recreational opportunities. There are miles and miles of lighted bike and ski trails, along with tons of opportunities for backpacking and hiking in Chugach State Park--Anchorage's "back yard." In 20 minutes you can go from the city to total mountain wilderness. Within a short drive you also have access to great fishing, kayaking, and mountain biking as well. Winters are long and dark--you must like winters to live here. There are miles of x-country ski trails, as well as good down hill skiing. If you don't like being outside in the winter this is not the place for you. Schools are good and they treat their teachers well (I'm a teacher). I enjoy living here. However, we're looking to move to the lower 48 as it gets expensive flying out to visit family in the midwest.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Weather in Anchorage - 8/7/2008

Winter is painfully long and dark, even more so if your not into outdoor winter sports. Summer, especially June, can be marvelous. Lots of daylight hours to spend doing all things outdoors, from gardening to fishing.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Weather Overall - 7/2/2008

Greetings! I have lived in Anchorage for over 20 years. Alaska is generally known for it's winter weather, but we do get some fine conditions in the summer. Today for example, 2 July 2008, it is almost cloudless, near 70 degrees F, and absolutely beautiful. The summer this year has been a bit cooler than usual with highs in the mid to low 60s, and lows in the 40s and 50s. I always say that sunny and 70 is a "shorts and T-shirt" day in Anchorage. We have been short on those days this year. You can see Mt McKinley from my office near the Anchorage International Airport. (That's over 100 miles away!!) On the longest summer days around 21 June, the sun doesn't really go down, and the late evening is like twilight. That's why they call this the Land of the Midnight Sun! With that said, we do get plenty of winter also. Snow usually shows up in Anchorage about mid Oct or after Nov 1st, and lasts until about mid April. Highs in the winter are usually in the mid teens to mid 20s, with occasional cold snaps down to -20 F or lower, and the occasional warm-up to above freezing. Most of our snow is straight up and down, not drifted, and we can get small amounts up to several feet at a time. Season totals vary from year to year, usually about 4-8 ft, but we get much less than Valdez Ak, (measured in 10s of feet!) and more than places like Juneau Ak, (more rainy and icy in the winter). On the shortest winter days (mid Nov to Mid Feb) the sun comes up about 10:30 AM and is heading down about 3:30 PM. The trick to surviving the darkness and winter in Anchorage is to get out and be active. Ski, skate, sled, snowshoe, walk the dog...just get out of the house or work, and don't let the dark days get to you.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Anchorage, - 6/29/2008

The winters are long, but not as severe as winters in the East. The climate is dry and the snow is powdery. It's the length (9 months) that makes winter a challenge. I actually prefer the Anchorage winter to New York's![read more...]

Eagle River, AK
Want to live here? - 6/8/2008

This is the most beautiful state you can live it. The air is wonderful. During the spring (there is no summer) everything is green and beautiful. Don't expect blue skies often, and the temperature stays rather low. So far, and this is June, the temperature hasn't gotten above 59. The hiking is awesome, but watch out for bears and moose. If you like grey skies and lonnnnnnnnnnnng winters, then this is the place for you.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
nice place - 5/3/2008

We have only lived in Anchorage for five months, but really like it so far. We came in the middle of winter and it was bizarre. the sun didn't come up until after 10 am - maybe 11. and it got dark very quickly. the first place that i've lived where the sun comes up and sets in the south - way down on the horizon all day! Anyway, there is a lot to do here - outdoor activities, that is. fishing, hiking, biking, all winter sports. The hardest part for me so far is that winter is loooooooooooong.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
Just another dirty city? - 4/22/2008

I've lived near the center of Anchorage for 20 years. Traffic has increased tremendously. Gang related crime was not recognized by the local police in 1990, but it was here. Now they can't help but notice it. Residents don't have much confidence in their ability to deal with it. If you like to hunt and fish, etc, this is the place to be. If not, this is just another dirty city. Really, it ain't nothin special. And the winters are long, dark, and lest I forget to mention . . . cruel. If you like to garden. . .forget it. The season is too short. You can't grow much in two and a half months of summer.[read more...]

Anchorage, AK
A+ Health Care in Anchorage - 3/21/2008

Coming from Houston, Texas to Anchorage we were completely wowed by the quality of health-care we found here. My mom is a nurse in Houston and my husband and mother-in-law (who also lives in Anchorage) both have a few minor chronic conditions, so I think I have a better than average insight. In Anchorage, you receive much more personal time with your doctor, and that goes for your General Practitioner AND and specialist you may see. You are not just another one of the millions of nameless people traveling to Houston each day for health care. I've heard that we have a shortage of medical personnel in Alaska, but you (at least those with adequate insurance - I can't speak for those that rely on free clinics, etc) would never know it based solely on the quality of care.[read more...]

Eagle River, AK
Eagle River, Alaska - 3/4/2008

The city of Eagle River is not on your list. It is a town outside of Anchorage. It is within the Municipality of Anchorage, but is seperated by a military base. It is a great place to live, but Alaska in general is harder to live in for older people because of the long winters and short summers.[read more...]

Eagle River, AK
Healthcare and Medicare Crisis - 2/17/2008

The local NBC station did an extensive news story about the health care crisis here in Anchorage. Health care here, even if you have an insurance plan, is ridiculous. It is tough to even get in to see a doctor. When you do, they often make you sign a form that says they can pretty much charge whatever they want over what your insurance will pay. We paid $1,800.00 over what our insurance would pay for a yearly exam that is pretty standard, and we have some of the best insurance here! They also found out that no doctors here will take new medicare patients and many are dropping their medicare patients altogether because medicare will not pay them enough. I was curious why many of my customers who were reaching the age of 65 were abruptly moving out of state! Now I know. Some of them did say they could not get the healthcare they needed. While we just got a new cancer center at Providence Hospital (many with cancer like Susan Butcher had to fly to Seattle or Portland), that doesn't mean that care is going to cost anything reasonable. The Matanuska-Susitna Valley also got a new hospital. One of the biggest problems is that there are no law schools, no medical schools, and no veterinary schools. So, anyone in those fields can charge whatever they pretty much want to or you cannot find anyone to help you. While we are not of Medicare age yet, it will become a factor in about 10 or 15 years. Will Alaska solve this healthcare crisis by then? I'm not sure. [read more...]

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