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Anchorage Housing - 8/25/2015
Housing costs are high.
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Anchorage climate - 7/4/2015
Summers in Anchorage are generally very pleasant with temperatures in the mid-60s to low 70s and sunshine from 4:30 am - 11:30 pm. If you like getting outside and being active, you'll enjoy these conditions. Winters are as bad as they say: cold and dark. Winter temperatures are typically in the mid20s to low 30s. Snowfall is about 60 inches a year.
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Anchorage - 2/1/2015
Has been a great place to raise kids and make a living.
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Favorite Place So Far - 1/14/2015
Lived in multiple cities in California, North Carolina, Texas, Alaska, and Nevada. Anchorage is easily the winner; yes, even over my San Diego hometown. If I could find work back up in Anchorage (Industrial Marketing and Business Deveopment), I would be there in a minute.

Blessed with natural beauty so intense it will put a permanent lump in your throat. Unpretentious social atmosphere. Wild critters that walk the neighborhoods (moose, lynx, bears, moose, weasels, moose). Housing is expensive. Restaurants are phenomenal, but expensive. Fantastic beer. Winter is magnificent.
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Kevin Elfrink - 3/4/2014
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Don't get too excited. - 8/8/2013
People like to say that there is always lots of things to do, which is far from it. I mean, yeah, if you are an avid skiier, or a snowboarder, then sure, you can be engaged in those activities about 7 month a year. But other than that..there is very little things you can do here. First off, it's hard to play outside when it's under 30 below.So If you want your children to spend all day sitting at home playing videogames, it's a great state for you. Second, every single decent artist or singer in US have forgotten that there is a state called Alaska. So in case you need your Lady Gaga fix, you better hop on a plane. Lack of museums, theaters, decent places to hang out really. There is quete a few nice restaurants though. I mean, what else you gona do, when it's so miserable outside? Eat!! One of the downsides if that if you want to go somewhere else, you'll have to endure hours and hours of flying and layovers. However, and it's a good thing, they do have a direct flight to my beloved Hawaii. What else? Salaries are high, but so is cost of living. Good luck finding a 1 bedroom for rent for less than 1,000/mo+utilities. I think, if you are not an oil indurstry professional, don't even bother living here. Education. I don't know about high schools, but University of Alaska Anchorage is clearly lacking. There is not enough programs, it's underfunded, parking is horrible. Ok, maybe I'm being too harsh, I guess for a small city like Anchorage, it's ok. What I like? Mose walking around town, summer is not hot, summer of 2013 was simply amazing. All prior summers (for 10 years of living here) were very gloomy...ok did I start on bad things again? No sales tax. yearly PFD of about a grand, favorite part, really. My advice? Come spend couple of weeks here in January, before you decide to move.

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A place for the young and the young in heart. - 3/6/2013
A great place to raise a family with lots to do.
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Anchorage, Alaska - 2/9/2013
Great city to live with all the many miles of trails available in all seasons.
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TOO MUCH! - 2/3/2013
way too much.
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great but a few downers - 1/19/2013
lots of active things to do. winter is just long so if you dont get out and play during winter it is way too long. nice camping but no other real cites to visit.
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People complaining about Alaska making no sense - 1/2/2013
Ok, for all of those complaining and wining about the state let me start by telling you that i don't live there but will be moving soon. But let me go ahead and go to the point. If you think you are paying to much for an apartment there come to Houston where i am paying $1355 a month in a real nice place and 770 sqft. that at night you hear nothing but gunshots, the ambulance, police etc from the evening till the morning!!!! i am moving there to find peace in a real nice place and enjoy what life has for all of us. If Seasons changes why don't you? Stop complaining and find a way to improve and change from wining to start living a better life. Nothing it's free in live and someone has to sacrifice, so may as well be you to improve YOU!!! Sorry!
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housing - 12/3/2012
i have lived in anchorage for 17 years and although its absolutely beautiful here its very expensive. housing rentals are very high cost..example average to low end- 1bedroom-550-700, 2bedroom 700-1200. and 3 bedroom 1350-1600.
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Economy cost of living - 8/8/2012
Living in Anchorage, AK is quite expensive unless you are established with a solid job. Everything is expensive here: housing, food, fuel, and utilities. It is a beautiful state that's good to raise children in. However, as people get older it is harder to tolerate the long cold winters. Everyone should visit the state at least once in their life.
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Housing - 8/7/2012
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Weather in Anchorage Alaska - 6/14/2012
Our winters are usually long, (6-8 months) with a short, wet summer, although sometimes it can be intermittent wet and sunny. The tempurature in the summer is usually in the 60s, maybe at times can get in the low 70s. The winter temps can vary as well, they can be very cold (negative 30-40 degrees) but more likely in the single digits for the most part with about 80 inches of snow. We have about 6 hours of daylight in the winter and 20 hours of daylight in the summer. Most people don't live here for the weather, they live here to get away from the hustle and bustle of large cities and they love the outdoors, like fishing and hunting.
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