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Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque's cool, but really dangerous. - 11/23/2022
it has really good culture, it's fun, the people are friendly, the weather's decent, the art scene is amazing, it's very LGBTQ-accepting, the mexican food is great, and it's really pretty during nighttime! but it's also REALLY dangerous- it's consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the usa, and it's up there with spokane, portland, and denver for some of the worst property crime nationwide. i'd say ray and forrest's reviews are the best on here, and the rest are just exaggerating. john's review is misspelled and just flat out stupid. but i will admit, albuquerque has an insane crime problem and i wish it didn't.

Denver, CO

Denver: It’s Not for Everyone!
- 11/23/2022
i agree with your point, but denver's summer weather is absolutely awful. smoky, stormy, windy, hot as hell... the winter weather's awesome, though. you're the only person here who actually gives reasons to love denver other than "ooooh beer and mountain"

Anchorage, AK

it's cool - pros and cons of anchorage - 9/5/2022
it's nice, i liked it when i grew up there. kinda wish i could move back, but i didn't really like being isolated from all the things like nordstrom, trader joe's, gamestop, or lego. otherwise, it was really nice (i lived in south addition and midtown) and i wish i could move back but i'm only 15. it's cool, and i really liked anchorage.
natural beauty. i live in colorado and don't get me wrong, colorado is gorgeous too, but as an alaskan, i think alaska beats colorado
schools: idk why but anchorage schools were safer and better for me- i guess it's because where i go to school in denver there's a ton of fights and people act like gangsters. there were, maybe 2 kids like that in west anchorage hs. i just moved here 14 months ago and i love colorado but hate denver. i miss anchorage
architecture: i prefer the history of denver but architecture in anchorage is extremely unique and cool! it's crazy how downtown anchorage looks so modern sometimes-
the weather: i hate 85+ weather. it's hot, overrated, annoying, and gives me sunburns. i prefer anchorage's 65 degree summer days with some clouds over denver's never ending 80+ heat with annoying no-rain thunderstorms. i like winter in denver, though. the rain in anchorage makes me happy for whatever reason lol
friendliness: people in anchorage are friendly and nice, compare that to people in lakewood colorado or downtown denver and you got passive aggressive conformist people. coloradans are similar to anchorageites outside of denver and pueblo, though.
crime: apparently anchorage has really bad pretty low crime outside northeast anchorage- that's weird, i always felt safe in the city but apparently anchorage has high crime. mtn view is kinda sketchy though
air quality: anchorage's air is really clean!
cleanliness: i don't see much litter at all when i go back there to see my friends and family- anchorage is a very clean city!
crime- mtn view and parts of fairview are pretty dangerous during night, but you need to watch out for north russian jack. weird stuff happens there, usually a murder there once every week or so. west colfax in denver is like a worse mtn view with daily murders.
isolation- yeah- as i said, anchorage doesn't really have amenities like nordstrom (closed in 2019) or ikea, i suppose. ikea and other stores should expand to anchorage, juneau, kodiak, palmer, kenai or fairbanks.
it gets pretty boring in the winter if you don't like school or hiking- usually i played video games and drank hot cocoa when i lived in anchorage. winters aren't bad there, but i don't like how there's not much daylight hours. one more hour would be fine.
that's my review lol. anchorage is a solid 8.5/10 for me. i wanna go back and so do my parents but my parents prefer to either stay in colorado outside of denver or move back to alaska.

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