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SperlingViews - Kingman, Arizona

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88.88% of people are white, 0.47% are black, 1.19% are asian, 0.75% are native american, and 2.04% claim 'Other'. 13.38% of the people in Kingman, AZ, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 86.62% are non-hispanic).

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Kingman, AZ
Kingman is a great place to live IF.......... - 2/25/2013

Kingman is a great place to live "IF" you like majestic sunsets and sunrises, enjoy night skies full of bright stars (with zero light pollution) IF you like hiking and camping, jet skiing and small towns... if you enjoy being outdoors then YES this is the place for you!! If you can take the time to enjoy the small splendors that big cities don't offer and really see what Kingman has rather than what it doesn’t you will be surprised how much you would love the town. I have lived in Kingman six years, I have two children and I am 35 I love living here, I like the fact that I don't have to drive through congestion to get to work, people wave at you rather than flip you off and honk your horn, everyone knows you.. And that isn't always a bad thing!! Drugs… hmm where aren't they, and NO it doesn’t run rapid here. The schools are decent, we could use more funding but they are good. And yes people do wear guns on there hips and yes you don' t have to have a concealed weapons permit (it’s the west and we are preserved in some ways, this is part of the charm). But we don't have gangs, we don't have school shootings or bank robberies kidnapping's and tons of car accidents caused by crazy traffic congestion. We are the west, we are a simple town with a lot to offer for the right person. It is apparent that Kingman Arizona is not a big city!! We do not offer, opera and concerts and ballet are not part of our culture, so if this is your style then we are not for you. We are an outdoor community, and the hottest it gets in the summer is 109 or so.. That's not that bad, its dry I would rather that than snow. The winters are a windy, but again in my opinion better than snow! Kingman is growing, we do have people that don't want growth, but this is something that every small town has faced one time or another, (its called growing pains and we will get passed it) but then again we have people that have moved here that want to make a difference and growth is happening all around us. Maybe the people writing the negative things don't realize that because they are focused on what they DON'T have rather than what they do, you get what you expect, expect greatness!! . The people that will come to Kingman and succeed are people with big ideas and dreams that are willing to put in the time and effort to bring the community to its true potential. We have a lot of those people here already, we have investors from PX that are investing in restaurants in our little town.. We have amazing physicians that come from exceptional universities, we have Chipotle coming soon…(I'm hoping an investor will see this and bring a roller skating rink in town) :) consider this 8 years ago we didn’t have a home depot or a chills or a super wall-mart… now we do, might not be impressive to most, but 8 years isn't along time and we've grown a lot !! Kingman isn't bad, do your own research and consider the source people who aren't happy here, didn’t do there due diligence if they did they probably wouldn't have moved here. [read more...]

Kingman, AZ
my review - 1/10/2013

I have lived in two different states before I came here. If you are coming from a city with lots of department stores and things like that you are in for a culture shock! Most of the people that I have met are racist and mostly christain who are unwilling to accept any other religion. The way many people including myself put it is that the town itself is growing but the people are not. What i mean by that is that most of the population has grown up in this area and a lot of them are afraid of things they dont understand and not very welcome to any change. A lot of the population is also very poor. The main store here is walmart and if you want to get any grocery shopping done for any organic foods, get ready to pay. On the environmental side it is a beautiful desert town with a lot of history. So if you can get over the fact that the overall population is racist, and stubborn its not so bad if you have to live here. [read more...]

Kingman, AZ
Retired here - 12/31/2012

I retired here in 2011 because the cost of living is low. If you are looking for culture, forget it. It is just a quiet place to live between trips to Flagstaff, laughlin, vegas, Phoenix, and the west coast. I got a 5 year old home 1800+SF for 110,000.[read more...]

Kingman, AZ
Kingman is an absolutely horrible place to live, P - 12/23/2012

I moved here 6 months ago, after doing, what I thought was thorough research; climate, etc. Now I have lived here long enough to know that there is a huge crime and drug problem, a lot of homeless people, probably a very corupt government, awful schools, lazy dirty people and a lot of people on welfare, food stamps - to be very honest, I can't think of any thing positive about this town. There is no employment ! ! Sorry, but I am only stating a truth and the facts. I would not even THINK of coming here to live.[read more...]

Springfield, MO
Moving to Kingman - 2/23/2012

Here are somethings to consider about Kingman, Az. If you live on the east coast, stay home. There is nothing for you out west. There is more culture here than you think. But because it's different from what you are use to, it's wrong and it sucks. Not every state stays up all night. So you have to consider that. It is a small town, and that way for a reason. If you do not understand what a small town is then why move there.I am sure everyone would appreciate it if you didn't.And as for the bugs, guns, crime and homeless roaming about, where in the US can you go where you don't have to deal with that. So...if you are a spoiled little baby, please, do everyone a favor and don't move here.[read more...]

Kingman, AZ

I don't care what the reason is! Don't move to Kingman! Being offered a new job making big money? Not worth it! Kingman should be rated the worst little town in the USA! It is a very dirty town with many unpaved roads and streets. One hospital in town. (The other one shut down). The one hospital, Kingman Regional Medical Center, offers the worst care! Nursing care, emergency room care, surgical care is pitiful! Hospital is poorly managed. Housing is a joke. Old, worn out, out-dated housing. No shopping mall. One walmart. Windy all the time. Homeless walking the street all over. People wear guns on their hips! This is no place to raise a family. School system is terrible with drugs being rapant in the high school. Crime is very high. I agree...Kingman is a nice place to VISIT...close to Grand Canyon, Vegas, and the climate is nice....but it is NO PLACE TO LIVE!! [read more...]

Kingman, AZ
Educaton is poor - 5/1/2011

The education is sadly lacking in Kingman, Arizona.[read more...]

Pueblo, CO
Temperature & Housing - 3/12/2011

People should realize most sites will give you average temps based on 50+ years of data which will make Kingman seem hot but ok, when reality is the past decade Kingman gets over 100 on almost every single day in July even up to 109. I used July as an example as it is hottest month. August & June are not much cooler. Housing in Kingman is literally dirt cheap and it is because recoil on Vegas housing explosion and the fact that the land is really not worth much anyway, so you can get pretty nice house on several acres for well below average. Keep in mind the further out you live and larger parcels you & neighbors have then the more dust & wind you will get. This is true of most places in the West.[read more...]

Kingman, AZ
No reason to move to Kingman! - 10/30/2010

Been here for one year now. Moved here from the east. Do your research before moving here. This is a small town with no possibilities for growth. A handful of restaurants, one walmart, one bowling alley and a movie theather. No shopping mall. The main hospital in town is poorly managed. It's windy nearly all the time. Do yourself a favor, and look elsewhere![read more...]

Kingman, AZ
Better Restaurants & Grocery Shopping - 10/12/2010

Kingman needs better restaurants like Coco's, Applebee's, Olive Garden's and also we need places like Hobby Lobby or Joanns. There are alot of ladies as for myself that like to sew and the only place there is, is Walmart. We need a place that sells fabric other than Walmart. We also need better clothing places like Lane Bryant, or Fashion Bug. Basically, this area is not a good place to live. There are alot more people since my husband and I moved up here since 2007. Also, we need to slow down the traffic. They're going more than the speed limit through residential areas. Through the residential areas their going 30+. Its 25mph and we need more stop signs or speed pumps. So Kingman, AZ is not the best place to live. There is nothing good here.[read more...]

Kingman, AZ
General Cost of Living - 6/24/2010

The cost of living in Kingman, AZ is very reasonable and below the national average. This is a great city to retire in.[read more...]

Kingman, AZ
Born and raised - 10/27/2009

I love how everyone says the school systems in Kingman aren't the best, and then they go on to spell horribly with no punctuation... True, this town isn't amazing, but it could be worse. Yes, I know some of the people that live here are disgusting, but aren't there people like that everywhere? Meth is a problem here, but there are other drugs that are problems in other cities. At least we don't have people at every corner trying to sell. The mobile homes may not be pretty, but with all the low income families residing here, they're the perfect solution for an affordable home. This isn't Mayberry, so don't expect it to be.[read more...]

Kingman, AZ
- 10/25/2009

This city is not very cultural and I feel a need to move on.Flagstaff? mabe. Like stepping into the twilight zone. 1960?[read more...]

Kingman, AZ
Weather - 10/21/2009

Here in Kingman the weather depending on the time of year it is,is Good-in the Summer time it's is Hot ,but not like our neighbor's around us.The winter's are mild and sometime we even get some snow(just a inch or two).It is like a Oasis in the middle of the Desert.[read more...]

Kingman, AZ
Kingman, Arizona; A great place to Live - 6/21/2008

Go to: for more information. Kingman has probably the best year round climate in the country. No floods, no hurricanes, no earthquakes. Located in the heart of the South West Golden Triangle; a little over an hour from Las Vegas, 30 minutes from Laughlin, Nevada, 3 hours from Phoenix, about 4 and a half hours from Los Angeles; 1 hour from the West Rim of the Grand Canyon; 30 minutes from the Colorado River. On Historic Route 66, where Interstate 40 (Chicago to L.A.) and Highway 93 (CanaMex, NAFTA Highway) and about 120 BNSF Freight Trains daily pass; it is truly a City with possibilities.[read more...]

Medford, OR
Good safe affordable place to retire - 10/6/2007

My husband and I have been searching over the past 5 yrs to find a good safe affordable spot to retire---we are not going to have a nestegg to retire on so affordable is # 1 We find Kingman to be the place. Good close drive to mush to see and do. We own 5 rentals there and plan to move in one within the next year 08 If anyone knows why we should not complete this plan, please we are still here in Southern Oregon so let us know what your thoughts are. Thanks[read more...]

Kingman, AZ
Just say no!!! - 8/11/2007

I've lived here almost 4 years and I can't wait to get out!!!! If you were raised in the desert, then it might be pretty or decent for you, but as someone from the east coast....I say that the ramshackle properties RUIN the landscape. The mountains are beautiful yes....but there are only a few tolerable weeks a year when its not too hot or too cold to go outside and enjoy the weather. There is very LITTLE to do here culturally. If you're a church goer, then you're one of the lucky ones. All you can do is hide in your house/apt, go to the movies, gambling in Laughlin (which is BORING) or go out to eat. I am starving for theatre and ballet and a good orchestra and I can't drive to Vegas for it either....too morally bankrupt. The only culture I see here is at the local library which I have made extensive use of. There is alot of crime related to Meth, which seems to be the drug of choice for these bored desert rats. And real estate is WAAAAAY overpriced for what you get here. And the apartment where I rent is a DUMP. Huge scorpions and centipedes and spiders invade my home on almost a daily basis...not to mention that there are alot of ant problems around town. Go ahead and move here if you want, but my advice is to visit first![read more...]

Las Vegas, NV
The Cost of Living - 8/7/2007

The Cost of liveing is almost 5% lower than the national average. And the household income is only 3.5% lower than the national average, that makes almost an ideal setting, for the larger amount of the popultation. Kingman is something more people should look into. Especailly for business owners who will be keeping a staff of more than 9 people. Insurance rates would be lower, and it would provide more jobs. Or at least better jobs. Look people, WalMart and Starbucks only goes into towns who have a population to support it. There is a WalMart & a Starbucks in Kingman. That alone speakes for itself.[read more...]

Kingman, AZ
Moved from Illinois - 4/22/2007

I moved to Kingman from Central Illinois, about 5 yrs ago. I ABSOLUTELY love it. Yes it is hot, but very bearable, since there is little humidity. very mild winters, and the lakes here are beautiful! You can ride your motorcyle year around! I started in real estate when i moved here, the market has been great, homes prices are good, and the future for the area is great. Shopping is coming, with a new proposed mall. Check out kingman at[read more...]

Kingman, AZ
Kingman is not that bad. - 4/4/2007

True Kingman does not have the big nightlife, or nightclubs to hang out and get plastered at. Our school systems are okay, and you should be helping your kids at home learn to be civilized and respectful. We are nice if you are nice, but if you are rude or demand things we will shut you out. It is hot here especially during the summers, but it gets cool during the winter. We are 2 1/2 hours from snow, 1 1'2 hours from Las Vegas, and if you want to go to a mall it is less than an hour away. There are also casinos and hour away. It is still a smaller town atmosphere, and yes house prices are rising. If you are planning on moving here you need to visit. There are a lot of houses for sale, new and used. Do some research. I like my neighborhood, it is quiet and I can let my child play outside. We do have a lot of block walls, but it is more for privacy than for security. In the desert do you really expect grass, do you realize how much water that would take?>[read more...]

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