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Arm pit - 11/13/2015
I moved out of California to get away from the over taxing, over regulations and the blatant attempt of the liberals in Commiefornia to take away my second amendment rights. I invested all my money in land and houses in this country, not knowing that it was being run by idiots. Since I bought my properties the property tax has increased by 300%. Now they don't even let the property owners appeal their assessed taxes. A large corporation has started farming large areas of this desert, they are growing alfalfa of all things. They are in the process of depleting our finite aquifer without a peep from the idiots in charge.

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Kingman-Mohave County Neighborhoods Left To Decay - 12/6/2014
First, I'd like to address the comment about Arizona being populated by 'gun-toters' in tank tops, shorts and being 'yahoos'. That was gross negligence on the part of someone who listed his credentials as a professional and untrue. Another Democrat who has located to a Red state to take advantage of our beautiful areas, but slams its populace at the same time.

Now, on to my review:

I live in Kingman-Mohave County. This means that neither the police, county inspectors, environmental health officers, or, animal control give one whit about its residents. Not one. The town tax collectors are on the ball, though..

Our neighborhood began in the 1980s as a retirement area of elderly who bought quality mobile homes for their day and lived quite nicely - clean yards, gardens, etc.

Today, as these people are dying off, many of these homes are slumlord owned. There are broken fences, garbage in the yards and people keep dogs outside - hot weather, freezing weather, starving, many times. Also, these poor creatures do what they do when left alone and ignored - bark constantly. I was told by one AC officer that dogs can go 'a few days without food'. Maybe so, but this guy hadn't missed any meals, trust me. Many people have three plus dogs, which, requires kennel licensing. I vote every cycle to defund the AC - they are useless.

Tenants are allowing other people to live on the rental properties in campers - completely against county regulations. But if no one submits a complaint, who cares? There are homes with several junked cars. No one cares.

The town of Kingman is ok, enough. Some nice parks and a very fine little library. There is, however, next to no entertainment, unless, you bowl or enjoy biker bars. There are only two restaurants I might recommend for dinner and one of these is Chilis.

Kingman Regional Hospital has fine doctors and I have received very good care with them. No complaints at all.

As soon as my husband and I can get the county to force the slumlord who owns the dump across from our home to clean it up, we're selling.

I do not recommend Kingman AZ, either city or county areas, for a move.

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In response to those who've speculated about Kingm - 11/19/2014
  I have been a resident of the general Mohave County area for about 21 years total.  A resident of Kingman about 8 of those.  You may remember the Nat King Cole song "GET YOUR KICKS ON RT. 66"?  Then you'll likely remember the line in the song, "Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino"? 
  The majority of my time here,  I've been a radio and television personality, reporter, news director/anchor.  It was supposed to be a transitional move, but as is often the case, life kept happening.  I've lived in Bullhead City, in the lower desert where it averages 112 degrees in the summer.  That's the average, Boys and Girls!  I've lived here  in Kingman for about 8 of those 21 years.  I have seen summers in Kingman as hot as 121, and winters as cold as 8 below.  And the wind reports are true, but I kind of like that, so... 
   What I know, I know from an insider's view.  My position and popularity afforded me access and info others wouldn't normally encounter.  These communities have to be the least professional, most corrupt governmentally, in law enforcement, etc.  Business is almost dared to make a go at it.  There have been perfectly wonderful opportunities come our way as new businesses have tried to move to Kingman, Bullhead and Lake Havasu.  They are all three small minded, extreme right wing, under-informed and poorly educated.  That sums up most of the government, law enforcement and citizenry here, make sure to add greed.  
  We have a thriving Skin Head movement, as well as our share of militia minded zealots.  And they are fully armed!  And those guns on the hip?  Arizona has the most liberal gun laws and the most conservative social ideals IN THIS COUNTRY!  Not Alabama?  No, Arizona!  These gun toters aren't common folks who happen to feel the need to take advantage of a law that they treat with respect.  These are slack jawed yahoos, tank top, shorts, flip flops and that big ol gun pokin out from under a big ol belly!  Typically.  
  The area is highly transient, so making and keeping friends, fjnding people of substance and intellect is just about impossible.  Mohave County is the second worst rated school system in the country, right behind the first worst rated school system in the country, also in Arizona!  Apache County to the East,  where another song made the place famous.  "I was standin on a corner in Winslow, Arizona..."
  When my son was 9, and I was a popular, well known local news guy, I got a call from his school.  The principal told me that there was trouble and I needed to put several fires on the back burner and go talk to her.  I had news to get out in just a couple of hours!  I did not have time for what had transpired!  When I arrived to the school, I encountered my Son in the outer office, and a sheriff's deputy in the principals inner office.  My EX wife was there in her Mohave County Sheriffs Dpt. Correctional Officers Uniform.  She worked in the county jail in Kingman.  This instance happened in Bullhead City, where we lived at the time.  
  I was told that my Son had uttered the word "Kill" on school property.  That it was a class 6 felony, and that this cop was "mulling it over in his mind" to take my Son to JAIL!  Before I got there, this cop put his face into my Son's and said; "I could throw you on the floor, hand cuff you and take you to jail and there's not one thing your Daddy could do to help you."  Naturally, my Son was terrified and confused.  My, again EX wife suggested it might be a good learning experience for him!  A nine year old in a County Adult Jail!  Thats what they were talking over before I got there!  They were thinking it would be a really successful Scared Straight kind of deal!  
  Here's how the big scene went down.  My Son and another kid were in line for lunch.  My Son was playing with a Pokemon figurine, dancing it around the kid in front of him.  Not being annoying, they were both playing.  Then my Son said a phrase apparently often used in the cartoon; "Stop!  Or next I kill!"  The other kid said, "Hey!  You could get into a lot of trouble for saying that!"  Then the little bastard told a teacher.  
  This wasn't long after the Columbine massacre, and this stupid law was passed, out of panic.  Fortunately, I was friends with the judge who would have heard this case.  She called me and told me she was throwing it all out.  Still, my Son was expelled!  He had a whole lot of school related issues for the rest of his school career.  And for the rest of  his school career he had multiple problems with trust and motivation, self esteem.  They "Broke" him!  Go figure!
    There are no star filled nights!  You wont be able to see meteor showers, or even find more that two or three constellations!  Not unless you drive to Prescott and then go another hundred miles East!  Las Vegas is 95 miles, due West.  And the light from there is clearly visible from Kingman.  That and the lights of the casinos of Laughlin, NV and the other communities of the Colorado River keep the stars much less visible than described by another person commenting here.
  I am now disabled, suffering from MS, Fibromyalgia and RA.  I'm ineligible for insurance that I would qualify for easily most anywhere else in the country, because of that greed I spoke of.  This time the greed comes from the people who run the state.  This past year, there were nine people in an organ recipient list.  That nasty Hag Governor if ours, Jan Brewer (funny, my EX wife is named Jan) stopped two of those terminally ill people from receiving organs that could have been available, in order to appease some cronies.  Those two people died.  
  Arizona in general, except for Tucson and Flagstaff, is so Tea Party minded  and so extremely to the Right, that we don't have the services we need.  No one in government will spend a dime on anyone other than themselves.  You get the idea.  I will say that the town is friendly to tourists.  
  Now...  If I have offended you while you've been reading this, then you probably belong here!  As for my beloved 23 year old Son and me?  I think we will be moving to Oregon.
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Kingman is a great place to live IF.......... - 2/25/2013
Kingman is a great place to live "IF" you like majestic sunsets and sunrises, enjoy night skies full of bright stars (with zero light pollution) IF you like hiking and camping, jet skiing and small towns... if you enjoy being outdoors then YES this is the place for you!! If you can take the time to enjoy the small splendors that big cities don't offer and really see what Kingman has rather than what it doesn’t you will be surprised how much you would love the town. I have lived in Kingman six years, I have two children and I am 35 I love living here, I like the fact that I don't have to drive through congestion to get to work, people wave at you rather than flip you off and honk your horn, everyone knows you.. And that isn't always a bad thing!!

Drugs… hmm where aren't they, and NO it doesn’t run rapid here. The schools are decent, we could use more funding but they are good. And yes people do wear guns on there hips and yes you don' t have to have a concealed weapons permit (it’s the west and we are preserved in some ways, this is part of the charm). But we don't have gangs, we don't have school shootings or bank robberies kidnapping's and tons of car accidents caused by crazy traffic congestion. We are the west, we are a simple town with a lot to offer for the right person.

It is apparent that Kingman Arizona is not a big city!! We do not offer, opera and concerts and ballet are not part of our culture, so if this is your style then we are not for you. We are an outdoor community, and the hottest it gets in the summer is 109 or so.. That's not that bad, its dry I would rather that than snow. The winters are a windy, but again in my opinion better than snow! Kingman is growing, we do have people that don't want growth, but this is something that every small town has faced one time or another, (its called growing pains and we will get passed it) but then again we have people that have moved here that want to make a difference and growth is happening all around us. Maybe the people writing the negative things don't realize that because they are focused on what they DON'T have rather than what they do, you get what you expect, expect greatness!! . The people that will come to Kingman and succeed are people with big ideas and dreams that are willing to put in the time and effort to bring the community to its true potential. We have a lot of those people here already, we have investors from PX that are investing in restaurants in our little town.. We have amazing physicians that come from exceptional universities, we have Chipotle coming soon…(I'm hoping an investor will see this and bring a roller skating rink in town) :) consider this 8 years ago we didn’t have a home depot or a chills or a super wall-mart… now we do, might not be impressive to most, but 8 years isn't along time and we've grown a lot !! Kingman isn't bad, do your own research and consider the source people who aren't happy here, didn’t do there due diligence if they did they probably wouldn't have moved here.

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my review - 1/10/2013
I have lived in two different states before I came here. If you are coming from a city with lots of department stores and things like that you are in for a culture shock! Most of the people that I have met are racist and mostly christain who are unwilling to accept any other religion. The way many people including myself put it is that the town itself is growing but the people are not. What i mean by that is that most of the population has grown up in this area and a lot of them are afraid of things they dont understand and not very welcome to any change. A lot of the population is also very poor. The main store here is walmart and if you want to get any grocery shopping done for any organic foods, get ready to pay.
On the environmental side it is a beautiful desert town with a lot of history. So if you can get over the fact that the overall population is racist, and stubborn its not so bad if you have to live here.
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Retired here - 12/31/2012
I retired here in 2011 because the cost of living is low. If you are looking for culture, forget it. It is just a quiet place to live between trips to Flagstaff, laughlin, vegas, Phoenix, and the west coast. I got a 5 year old home 1800+SF for 110,000.
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Kingman is an absolutely horrible place to live, P - 12/23/2012
I moved here 6 months ago, after doing, what I thought was thorough research; climate, etc. Now I have lived here long enough to know that there is a huge crime and drug problem, a lot of homeless people, probably a very corupt government, awful schools, lazy dirty people and a lot of people on welfare, food stamps - to be very honest, I can't think of any thing positive about this town. There is no employment ! ! Sorry, but I am only stating a truth and the facts. I would not even THINK of coming here to live.
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Moving to Kingman - 2/23/2012
Here are somethings to consider about Kingman, Az. If you live on the east coast, stay home. There is nothing for you out west. There is more culture here than you think. But because it's different from what you are use to, it's wrong and it sucks. Not every state stays up all night. So you have to consider that. It is a small town, and that way for a reason. If you do not understand what a small town is then why move there.I am sure everyone would appreciate it if you didn't.And as for the bugs, guns, crime and homeless roaming about, where in the US can you go where you don't have to deal with that. So...if you are a spoiled little baby, please, do everyone a favor and don't move here.
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I don't care what the reason is! Don't move to Kingman! Being offered a new job making big money? Not worth it! Kingman should be rated the worst little town in the USA! It is a very dirty town with many unpaved roads and streets. One hospital in town. (The other one shut down). The one hospital, Kingman Regional Medical Center, offers the worst care! Nursing care, emergency room care, surgical care is pitiful! Hospital is poorly managed. Housing is a joke. Old, worn out, out-dated housing. No shopping mall. One walmart. Windy all the time. Homeless walking the street all over. People wear guns on their hips! This is no place to raise a family. School system is terrible with drugs being rapant in the high school. Crime is very high. I agree...Kingman is a nice place to VISIT...close to Grand Canyon, Vegas, and the climate is nice....but it is NO PLACE TO LIVE!!
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Educaton is poor - 5/1/2011
The education is sadly lacking in Kingman, Arizona.
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Temperature & Housing - 3/12/2011
People should realize most sites will give you average temps based on 50+ years of data which will make Kingman seem hot but ok, when reality is the past decade Kingman gets over 100 on almost every single day in July even up to 109. I used July as an example as it is hottest month. August & June are not much cooler.
Housing in Kingman is literally dirt cheap and it is because recoil on Vegas housing explosion and the fact that the land is really not worth much anyway, so you can get pretty nice house on several acres for well below average. Keep in mind the further out you live and larger parcels you & neighbors have then the more dust & wind you will get. This is true of most places in the West.
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No reason to move to Kingman! - 10/30/2010
Been here for one year now. Moved here from the east. Do your research before moving here. This is a small town with no possibilities for growth. A handful of restaurants, one walmart, one bowling alley and a movie theather. No shopping mall. The main hospital in town is poorly managed. It's windy nearly all the time. Do yourself a favor, and look elsewhere!
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Better Restaurants & Grocery Shopping - 10/12/2010
Kingman needs better restaurants like Coco's, Applebee's, Olive Garden's and also we need places like Hobby Lobby or Joanns. There are alot of ladies as for myself that like to sew and the only place there is, is Walmart. We need a place that sells fabric other than Walmart. We also need better clothing places like Lane Bryant, or Fashion Bug. Basically, this area is not a good place to live. There are alot more people since my husband and I moved up here since 2007. Also, we need to slow down the traffic. They're going more than the speed limit through residential areas. Through the residential areas their going 30+. Its 25mph and we need more stop signs or speed pumps. So Kingman, AZ is not the best place to live. There is nothing good here.
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General Cost of Living - 6/24/2010
The cost of living in Kingman, AZ is very reasonable and below the national average. This is a great city to retire in.
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Born and raised - 10/27/2009
I love how everyone says the school systems in Kingman aren't the best, and then they go on to spell horribly with no punctuation... True, this town isn't amazing, but it could be worse. Yes, I know some of the people that live here are disgusting, but aren't there people like that everywhere? Meth is a problem here, but there are other drugs that are problems in other cities. At least we don't have people at every corner trying to sell. The mobile homes may not be pretty, but with all the low income families residing here, they're the perfect solution for an affordable home. This isn't Mayberry, so don't expect it to be.
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