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73.52% of people are white, 3.62% are black, 9.30% are asian, 2.27% are native american, and 5.24% claim 'Other'. 25.33% of the people in Temecula, CA, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 74.67% are non-hispanic).

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Temecula, CA
Temecula, CA: Still a jewel. - 12/19/2014

Temecula is one of the best run cities in Southern California. I moved here over a decade ago when the population was about 60,000. The city is about 30 square miles and has its neighbor, Murrieta to the north. Both cities now have populations of about 100,000 for a total of 200,000 regionally. The good that comes with that is all the ammenities an area of that size brings, such as shopping, dining and entertainment. The bad, of course is increased traffic, but the crime rate here remains quite low. Temecula has very good schools. The city boasts a fabulous Old Town shopping and dining area, a state of the art indoor / outdoor shopping mall with great restaurants, The Temecula Wine Country with over 40 great wineries to choose from. The area is also home to the Pechanga Casino. We have great weather and although being relatively close to the ocean, our local mountain range holds back the coastal fog on most days. We are about 1000 feet above sea level so we do tend to be cooler in the winters than neighboring areas such as Orange County and San Diego County. The city has a proactive police force as well as a very well staffed fire department. There are several nearby hospitals and Temecula recently opened their own. San Diego is about 45 minutes to one hour south with numerous employers. Airports to use are either Ontario International or San Diego International. We have no light rail but we do have commuter bus service to metro areas. This town is a win.[read more...]

Temecula, CA
Great place to raise a family - 4/30/2014

I've lived in Temecula since 1989 and it's the absolute best place to raise a family. Schools are top notch, park system is outstanding, crime is low and we have a well run city council. It is by far the best city to live in Riverside County. Common areas throughout the city are well landscaped, Old Town is a favorite destination to go out for the night or shopping. 10 golf courses within 20 minutes, over 30 wineries to spend a day at and hot air balloons fill the sky every morning. Home prices are 30-40% cheaper than San Diego or Orange County. The worst thing about the area is traffic if you have to commute to San Diego, LA or Orange County. It is a well run city that has a lot to offer.[read more...]

Great Place to Live - 8/28/2013

Temecula is a great place to live. Lots of wineries. Close to the beach, desert, mountains. Jobs are hard to find. Great retirement community. [read more...]

Evergreen, CO
Great Place to Live - 10/2/2012

We have lived in Michigan, Colorado, Hawaii, and Florida -- But, our favorite place to winter is Temecula, CA. The people are authentically friendly and the area offers a gorgeous atomosphere. There are always flowers blooming and the citrus cannot be beat. The vineyards offer excellent exposure to new wines and the shopping leaves nothing to be desired. A little too hot for us in the summer months, but fall, winter and spring are absolutely wonderful ! Could use a little more cultural enrichment, but we think this is only a matter of time. The Old Town is a perfect venue for more art galleries & unique shops.[read more...]

Mountain View, CA
fell in love with Temecula - 7/10/2012

Hi~ I came for a visit a couple times (2011 & recently July '12) in Temecula with a friend. Went to Old town,liked it.. Came back a few weeks ago for a few days, went to the wineries, the weather is great.. it seems like everytime I come here I have this feeling of wanting to live here. I have lived in the bay area for 16 some years. I have been to several places to check and see if the place is a great place to raise children.. This is the only place I feel like it's pulling me in. I find that people are mostly friendly. Housing to me is much affordable compare to where I live now. It feels like a great place to raise my teenager and gradeschooler. My ONLY concern are JOBS!! I have been in the medical field for a long time and has a very stable job "quote on quote...Went on CL's and checked out jobs in this area and seems like there is none around... My friend told me it's the most safest city to live.. [read more...]

Fresno, CA
Temecula ? - 6/21/2012

We are looking into moving here next spring family of 5 (3 kids), I'm relocating from central valley (Fresno,Ca) What I see and read so far seems to be an ideal choice , its rated best cities to live in in 2012... I'm worried about all complaints on traffic? Any helpful info....? [read more...]

Temecula, CA
safe - 6/6/2012

Safe place to live[read more...]

Evergreen, CO
Why Temecula - 9/24/2011

My husband and I have lived in many places in the U.S. Hawaii, being one of our favorites, was extremely expensive and we felt like we were too far away from family. Temecula is very similar to Hawaii and Italy. It has a beautiful Mediterranean climate, while we can still grow just about anything - including palm trees. The people in Temecula have been extremely nice to us "newcomers". We find most to be hard working and possess integrity and honesty. They seem educated and aware, while still kind and caring. It offers us hiking, biking and peaceful living.[read more...]

Temecula, CA
Temecula - 5/25/2011

Very nice community, have lived here for 36 years. Many changes, all good.[read more...]

Evergreen, CO
To Us, It's Heaven - 3/31/2011

My husband and I have been all over the country and out of the country trying to find the right place to retire. The two places we came up with are: Italy and Temecula, CA. We settled on Temecula, because it is still in the U.S. and we cannot speak Italian -- that rules out Italy. After living in Colorado, Florida, Michigan and Hawaii , Temecula is by far the better choice for us. We find the people to be very friendly and genuine, for the most part. Most have great manners and seem very honest. The weather is outstanding...especially in the hills above the town. West of town the weather is even more moderate and mild. Everything grows there -- roses, avocados, lemons, oranges, grapes, flowers of every kind -- something is always blooming. The Old Town is quaint and not too upscale for our tastes. It offers us everything we need/want. Close to the ocean, a few small lakes, enough shopping and a myriad of restaurant venues. [read more...]

Murrieta, CA
Don't - 1/21/2011

Temecula is a nice place but the city planners have messed it up. I have lived here since 1986 and I have seen some roads widened three times. It takes forever to get to and from one side of town to the other.[read more...]

Temecula, CA
In the middle of nowhere... - 12/16/2009

With San Diego to the south, Riverside to the north, empty desert to the east, and thed Pacific Ocean an hour away to the west, puts Temecula Valley right in the middle of nothing but a few nice vinyards, over whelming stucco structures (residential & commercial), no symphony, arts center, museums, zoos, just more and more bedroom community commuters and decent schools... blah, blah, blah...basicly, there is little more here than overpriced stucco world & good lower education...boring![read more...]

Temecula, CA
Great Oak High School - 10/19/2009

As a parent that has had three children all with different needs high and low end I found the school to be lacking most with the middle of the road students. Kids that are not were either not going to college were never told about vocational schools or certificated programs at community colleges. I as the parent had to find out these options by word of mouth from other parents or exploring on my own. The support staff was always friendly and helpful. However, many times I went to try and speak to a counselor and was often told they were unavailable. If they were available they would come out to the front area to talk to me and not take me into their office. The VP in charge new very little about what was going on and often refereed me back to a counselor. So it went round and round. Friends of mine have kids in programs such as IB or AVID those parents love the school and had no problems getting classes they wanted or reaching a counselor. Special needs students had case carriers that took care of them. The school is very concerned about API scores and State testing so much so that only things that meet a state standard may be taught. Teachers had to communicate what state standard was connected to each lesson. Classes and programs lacked creativity. Counseling department offered littler or no support groups. Counselors were forever changing caseloads each year and many job shared which made it difficult to stay in contact. All my children have graduated. One is very successful because he took the initiative and was very driven. The other two went to community college. One finished a certificated program in culinary arts that I found on the internet and the other one is still searching for what he is interested in. He often complains that there were not enough electives offered in high school. I think he connects college with high school and is done with the whole school thing. Great needs a lot of work. It tries to pride itself on being the closest thing to a private school. If that was true I would never pay money for this private school.[read more...]

Temecula, CA
Temecula is great even in difficult times. - 8/23/2009

My husband and I moved to the area in 1997 and have never regretted it. He and I grew up in Long Beach and Orange County, respectively, and could never have afforded a home there. I miss being close to the beach but everything here is one hour away- the beach, the desert, the mountains, every So. Cal. amusement park. The weather is the same as Thousand Oaks or West Hills- an inland valley with warm days and cool nights. Everyone here is from somewhere else so everyone is different- some are friendly, some are not. There are dirt bikers and river-runners, soccer moms and empty-nesters, Harley riders and surfers, hard-core cyclists and mountain bikers, RVers and backpackers. And everything is only a short drive away. Temecula has darling hometown Christmas and Fourth of July parades like my home town used to but got rid of long ago because of all the gangs that showed up. The city offers activities year round and the free summer movies and concerts in the parks are so fun. The schools are top-notch and brand-spanking new. The newest high school has I.B. and A.P. and an amazing college acceptance rate. The parks and sports facilities are amazing, though we could use more pools for swim sports and they keep talking about a water park... We have been hit hard by the recession but I see foreclosed homes quickly bought up by the young families that can now afford them.[read more...]

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Living in Temecula - 6/9/2009

Temecula is a nice city, with many wineries, and good schools. I lived their and liked it very much, but it has changed quite a bit over the last 5 years. The problem now is that it has grown so rapidly, it's just way too overbuilt. The traffic is pretty bad, there are now high rise buildings, a huge mega mall that is way too big, and a casino. Sometimes it can take 40 minutes to drive across town, the traffic is so bad. When I lived in Temecula it had a more serene country feel to it, although you had all the restaurants, entertainment, etc. that you wanted. It was so relaxing, and friendly. I feel that the builders have really taken away the ambience of Temecula. Many of my friends have also left the area because it is too crowded, and there is such a feeling of general disconnect instead of community.[read more...]

Temecula, CA
temecula - 5/21/2009

It's the best city in Southern Ca for raising kids. The weather is awesome. The community and city government is great.[read more...]

Temecula, CA
Wish I Wouldn't Have Moved Here - 5/19/2009

I moved down here because my husband and I were tired of spending money on gas to commute down here. I have never felt so unwelcome in any other city I have ever lived in. I must stand out from the general population (since I don't have overly-processed bleach blond hair and a boob job) and when they ask where I'm from, they look at me like I'm white trash because I'm from San Bernardino. The casino is the only fun thing to do, and we don't even gamble! The traffic is an absolute nightmare. Don't even get me started about the mall or the Target shopping center.[read more...]

Temecula, CA
Med style climate - 11/14/2008

For SoCal, Temecula has a nice climate. Everyone from LA talks about how hot it is, but both Valleys are within a degree or two of Temecula every day of the year. "Summer" - which last almost 6 months in SoCal. Temecula has a great onshore breeze that kicks up an hour or two before LA's breeze. Therefore, it cools off faster. By the time you get home from work, turn on the whole house fan, step outside to light the grill, and when dinners ready you'll probably stay outside to eat. Air quality to far and away superior to anything that Orange, LA, San Berdo or most of Riverside county can dream of (exception - people living within a mile of the ocean). Almost every day the air is cycled out by the onshort flow each afternoon, and reverses each night. The winters freeze a few nights a year, but almost always warm up to be able to walk around in jeans and t-shirt in the afternoon. Fall is non-existent, except for all of the areas around here (but thank God not here) burning during the Santa Anas.[read more...]

Temecula, CA
Temecula, CA - 10/27/2008

Is a wonderful town to live in, we have great schools and everything within 5 miles from our home, the city is very clean and well maintained, we have great neighbors, a great community center with great city programs, from sports to swimming lessons, dancing and cooking classes. Anything you could think of. [read more...]

Winchester, CA
cost of living - 9/14/2008

its approaching orange county costs with worse traffic[read more...]

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