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Small Town feel in the Metroplex
Grapevine is located minutes from DFW Airport, and only 30-45 minutes from Dallas and Fort Worth. In 2018 Grapevine will become a stop on the commuter rail, allowing for even easier travel to Fort Worth. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, then you will find lots to do in Grapevine. There are lots of well maintained trails, parks, and of course there is the Grapevine lake. There is also a great community center that offers lots of classes and activities. The Grapevine police department does a great job keeping the area, especially downtown, safe. The downtown has plenty of little restaurants and wine bars and you can listen to live music every night. A couple things to be aware of: The cost of living (rent and home prices!) is rising very quickly. Depending where you live you may be in the DFW flight path and this can result in disruptive aircraft noise that takes some getting used to. Not enough bike lanes.



Decent Place to Live
I lived in the small city of Grapevine, TX for 5 out of the 6 years I lived in the DFW area.

Things I like about it: safe community, quiet, schools are rated well and lots of trees (much of the DFW area has been so overpopulated that much of the natural beauty in the way of trees and grass have been replaced with suburban sprawl).

Things I don't like about it: not very ethinically or culturally diverse, a bit expensive, boring (not much going on).

I would say, if you are looking for a typical, suburban community, then Grapevine is the place for you. If you are looking for an ethnically/culturally diverse population with lots of interesting things to do, look elsewhere.



DFW metroplex
I know there are many benefits to big city living... I just don't like them for settling down, that's all... I came to visit my son & ended up staying for several months now... I must say that Fort Worth is better downtown than Dallas in my opinion. The reason is it seems more like "back home" than big city. The only thing I like about Dallas is the White Rock lake area, has lots of natural areas, & lower Greenville, good for all night out times. I worked deep nights most of my life so that was a plus. I just want to go back to the green hills & mountains of home before the snow flies, and yes it Does snow on occasion in DFW area, and ices over nearly every winter holiday for at least one or two days... If I'm going to put up with some winter I want beauty to go with it!! LOL



If you must live in Texas
If you must live in Texas and don't want to live in Dallas or Ft. Worth, Grapevine is a good place to consider. The schools are excellent, the library is the best in the area, and the city's recreation department offers numerous classes in everything from gardening to crafting to guitar. Everything is within a seven minute drive from your home - banks, grocery, Lowe's, Home Depot, every restaurant imaginable, Walmart, Target, etc., and the airport is about a 15 minute drive. Speaking of the airport, the runways are laid in a North/South direction and Grapevine is to the west, meaning that you rarely get the jet noise that North Arlington and Southlake have to contend with. The crime rate is low compared to Dallas, Ft Worth, and most of the other suburbs - especially Arlington (you don't want to live in Arlington).

The downside of Grapevine are the property taxes. Although they are lower than Southlake or Colleyville, they are still too high. My property taxes are four times higher here than what I paid in Florida. The school tax portion is high. I realize that the schools are some of the best in the area, but it is as if they can't say no to anything for the schools. Do high school football fields really need astroturf? The stadium is nicer than the stadiums of some universities, and recently they installed a hugely expensive scoreboard and screen.

Other problems are not solely limited to Grapevine, but to the DFW area in general. Utilities are shocking. During the summer months, I can expect my electric bill to reach 550.00, my water bill to reach 200.00 and that is in addition to my gas bill. Of course, I can't discuss Grapevine without mentioning the weather although I realize that weather is regional. The DFW area does not enjoy pretty seasons. The winters are cold and brown and you get this wickedly cold wind that cuts right through you. Snowfall seems to baffle the Roads and Transportation department and may the Lord help you if your out on the roads in it. The spring lasts about two weeks with little fanfare from horticulture (if you're a native Texan you think it gorgeous, but only because you haven't seen spring in the East or North). The summers are unbearably hot - and sometimes humid, and the fall is completely lackluster compared to other regions of the U.S. When I first moved here, someone told me that Dallas and Ft. Worth were the armpits of American cities. I agree. Lastly, there is the traffic. Grapevine, due to its proximity to Dallas and Ft. Worth and suburban sprawl, suffers greatly. Expect a long, frustrating commute time with incredibly rude drivers.

Well, that it. My husband and I though about moving to another area in the Metroplex, but Grapevine really cannot be beat. Again, if you must live in Texas, think Grapevine.



Traffic in Grapevine is really bad at 8am, 5pm and 7pm mon-fri. However, it is starting to increase to where it doesn't matter what day it is. Grapevine does have a lot of back roads you can use that will keep you from stopping. The downside is, that you will end up being caught up in traffic no matter what. Sometimes if you take back roads it is only 15 mins of a wait. At all costs, just avoid highways. Take access roads (which end up being just as fast as the highway) nowadays. The city population continues to grow. I have lived in grapevine from when it was nice and non-crowded to what it is now. A lot of people are trying to live in Grapevine and just commute to Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington or any other major city that is only a 20 mins. commute away. Grapevine has a lot of the same things to do. In every place there is malls, restaurants, movie theater, bowling, malls, restaurants, movie theater and bowling. After a while Grapevine gets really tiring to live in. Drivers are bad and rude. Traffic is awful as I have stated. The schools are very good. The problem is that the schools keep growing. When I graduated from High School, the incoming freshman class was over 1500 students. But, you do get a good education and the schools have been rated very high. Overall, it is great at first, but after a while there is nothing to do ... and the main irritant is TRAFFIC



Relax, enjoy the difference
Here at Classic Chevrolet/Hummer in Grapevine Texas our motto is "Relax and enjoy the difference. We treat everyone like family. No hassle, no games. Please come and see why Classic Chevrolet is the number one dealership in the Nation.



In my opinion Grapevine is one of the best places
I lived in Grapevine for 15 years and loved it all. I moved there when it was just starting out and have seen it grow over the years.

Grapevine is a great place to start a family, with great schools, entertainment and community, it becomes a great place to spend your life.



living in dfw
I love the dfw area, except summers can be a little hot



Grapevine, Texas
Housing and food very reasonable. Nice place to live and work. Not so good in the Summer. Very HOT!! No state sales tax. Property taxes high.



Not a bad place to live, just not forever
Grapevine is not a bad place to live, it is close to Dallas and Ft. Worth. It has good public schools, lots of parks and a lake. There are plenty off good places to eat and shop. But it is in the metroplex, we have been in our pool at least a dozen times and it's the second week of May. It will be hot here and the electric is high. Also the prop taxes are out of this world for what I'm used to paying.


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