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Star Rating - 6/3/2008
Traffic in Grapevine is really bad at 8am, 5pm and 7pm mon-fri. However, it is starting to increase to where it doesn't matter what day it is. Grapevine does have a lot of back roads you can use that will keep you from stopping. The downside is, that you will end up being caught up in traffic no matter what. Sometimes if you take back roads it is only 15 mins of a wait. At all costs, just avoid highways. Take access roads (which end up being just as fast as the highway) nowadays. The city population continues to grow. I have lived in grapevine from when it was nice and non-crowded to what it is now. A lot of people are trying to live in Grapevine and just commute to Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington or any other major city that is only a 20 mins. commute away. Grapevine has a lot of the same things to do. In every place there is malls, restaurants, movie theater, bowling, malls, restaurants, movie theater and bowling. After a while Grapevine gets really tiring to live in. Drivers are bad and rude. Traffic is awful as I have stated. The schools are very good. The problem is that the schools keep growing. When I graduated from High School, the incoming freshman class was over 1500 students. But, you do get a good education and the schools have been rated very high. Overall, it is great at first, but after a while there is nothing to do ... and the main irritant is TRAFFIC
Josh | Grapevine, TX
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