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small town
Belleville MI is a small town, they have a couple good fast food places and a few small diners and such, but the cost of living is kind of ridiculous. i have a one bedroom apartment, on the lake mind you, for 900$ a month. the town is kind of boring and its mainly just old folks here, which theres nothing wrong with that, unless youre a young adult like me, looking for excitement. i suggest moving else where. although! it is close to ann arbor and such places, so thats a small plus.



Not good
Need to be able to see whole state and move map.



Lived here my entire life...ready to move
Ok, so I've lived in Suburbs of Michigan my entire life.

Let me start with the good:
-Lots of lakes big and small
-Good employment opportunities in the larger metro areas
-Lots of metro parks

Let me list the not so good:
-Highest auto insurance rates in the country
-High license fees
-Very aggressive and rude drivers
-Roads in either A) bad condition or B) under construction
-Traffic bad in Metro Detroit (Southeast Michigan)
-Very short summers (if you like any kind of outdoor activities)
-Very long winters (If you live in Upper Peninsula, even longer with more snow)
-Driving in winter weather, along with lots of stupid drivers, can be very treacherous
-Unions (auto and teachers) have huge lobby in Lansing (state capital)
-Lots of fees and taxes

Summary: Michigan is like California, nice place maybe to vacation, but not to live. I will be moving out of Michigan within the next year...



cost of living and taxes to high



Desert not for my.
Ilive in Phx. Az. Want to move to michigan where I grew up...



employers are the worse
Grew up in michigan and moved back here 10 years ago. Worse decision we ever made. Employers in northern michigan pay poorly and treat employees like animals. Cost of living up here is expensive and most people have to work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. Beautiful state and lots to do all year if you like the outdoors. Wages are bad the local saying is "view of the bay is worth half the pay." Sad isn't it.



Michigan is a great place to live. You will experience all 4 seasons and have an opportunity to enjoy the great attractions. One of the best main places to experience culture and night life is Downtown Detroit. The festivals are amazing; I love the various cultures, cuisine, River Walk, and convenient access to Canada.



Micigan Sucks
I hate it here. I HATE IT. Ypsi, Detroit, ann arbor, Dearborn, inkster, Belleville Washtenaw county, wayne county lansing I lived there or visited. And I have family here. The old newspaper articles are a witness to crime in various cities that cops do not notice or how about the many bikers with liquor bottles, drugs that book bags just do not trick you to believe they are students. You will see crime happen and the police do to and ...ya both watch. Or how about police cars parked at the back of drug dealers homes. Unfortunately it is the only reason that I stayed. I did miss out on my life. There are all mental ill released patients, developmentally disturbed, allot of students and LOADS AND LOADS OF EXCONVICTS and CRIMINALs. The drug dealers enlarge their sales to the suburbs clientele with no problem of projecting new areas and larger sales of crack and heroin. The people are so mean IT IS DYSFUNCTIONAL AND CORRUPT...the police and judicial system too and I work for the judicial system. The Bisexuals, gays and lesbians love it here. It s a dark hell here in Michigan. I have stayed because I am income dependent like I make allot of money and of my family BUT I HATE IT HERE. The homosexuals are aggressive and the men well Men in Detroit are known for putting their dates in porn without their knowledge or consent. They are also known to bring you a old packed bologna sandwich for a date and that's if they have enough decency to have a date or know how and what the word date means with all the woman giving it away alone or with their gf to the man. The woman are known to ride around with their nude bottoms or tops out the car on beautiful fall argumentative days. Did I say I hate it here?



Michigan is a wonderful place to live if you love the four seasons and all the activities and festivities that come along with those seasons. It's a state for nature lover's where you may enjoy Camping, Hicking, Fishing, Canoeing, Kayakers, and even Skiing, Snowboarding and Ice Skating just to name a few. There's so much to explore with all the beautiful Crystal Lakes. In fact there are many Michiganders who have never seen the wonderous beauty of Michigan themselves. Want to know more about Michigan. Checkout as see what awaits you.



Michigan... Siberia
Not my favorite place



Can't Wait To Retire, I'm OUT of Here
I am not a good reviewer of Michigan (Flint area). I hate it here. I hate the cold, the long winters, the icy roads, and I hate the muggy summers. I am retiring as soon as I can and leaving.



Huron-Clinton Metroparks
Metroparks in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area are the best. There are winter and summer activities all the time. There is golf, disc golf, bicycle paths, kayaking on the Huron River, picnicking, hiking, and cross country skiiing. Anything you can do outdoors in nature is there. They have fun educational outdoor activities for the whole family.



Outdoor Mecca
Michigan is a wonderful state for the outdoors. The beaches are amazing. The rivers and lakes are excellent for weekend trips and camping/canoe/kayaking/hunting/fishing. I have spent 30 yrs hear and if it weren't for the cold winters, I wouldn't think of leaving. If you love the outdoors, this is a great place to be.



Gloomy Winters
If you enjoy cold gloomy winters and unpredictable weather patterns during the rest of the year, here is the place for you.



Pure Michigan
Great state for all kinds of activities - particularly of the outdoor variety! Even now in winter there's plenty to do and see.


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