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Can’t wait to leave
Star Rating - 9/3/2020
Michigan is so overrated; Michiganders are in love with this state, and I don’t get it. You can sit and have a two hour conversation about how crappy things are here and they’ll agree, but there’s nothing you could say to make them dislike this state; what are they holding onto?

-It’s so boring. There’s nothing to do unless you have land or water access, or you like winter sports. Not even entertainers like to come here.
- The winters are BRUTAL and they never end. For like 8 months out of the year, it’s just miserable, gray, depressing, cold and wet. It’s hell on your home and car.
- The infrastructure has to be among the worst in the country. There’s no easy way to get anywhere, you’re sometimes going 20-30 extra miles out of the way to get from A to B. The roads look like they’re in a 3rd world. I don’t even know how many my tires have been claimed by potholes. There’s always construction repairing things that don’t need repairing, while neglecting real issues.
- The state and local governments are infamously corrupt and incompetent. Bunch of snooty democrats, wasting all of the tax dollars, making reckless decisions that ruin cities like Detroit and Flint. Remember Kwame Kilpatrick? Or look at Whitmer right now, putting COVID restrictions on everything so all businesses are failing and no one is employed, over a virus that a 113 year old woman just survived. So fiscally irresponsible.
- Michigan is the meth capital of the world.
- Michigan has two of the country’s top murder capitals.
- Theres not a whole lot of business opportunities.
- Housing is ridiculous. You’ll pay upwards of $300,000 for a house that’s 70 years old, with foundation issues, mold, trees ripping through pipes, etc. For what?? In this crappy state? No thanks. You can pay the same amount in, say, Texas and get a brand new and bigger house.
- People here are just generally *******s.
- Taxes are high and it all gets wasted.
- Insurance is INSANE, and there’s all kinds of high tertiary fees so you’re always just hemorrhaging money.
Jay | Fenton, MI
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small town
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Not good
Need to be able to see whole state and move map....
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Desert not for my.
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