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 Amy Jackson
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Star Rating 4/26/2006
Portland, Oregon and especially its suburb of Tigard, Oregon are the worst places I've ever lived in or even visited for any length of time. The climate is horrendous. The 9 months of constant gray, drizzle and damp is terrible for your psyche and it makes Oregonians insular, unwelcoming and the coldest people I've ever met. It also makes people overeat, become depressed and commit suicide and not necessarily in that order.

The 3 months of intense heat and dust are the flipside to the 9 months of rain. The heat quickly becomes unbearable as there seems to be no filter on the sun. As a result, most Oregonians spend little or no time outside even in the summer because the sun and heat are as harsh as the rain and damp.

There is a reason that Oregon has such a small population for such a large state. It is an intensely depressing place to live.

People will chat about the green that comes from the constant rain but there are plenty of beautiful places in the US (California, Texas, Virginia, New York, Illinois, etc.) that force you to live 99% of your time indoors...in the dark.

Perhaps it's the terrible weather that makes Oregonians such unfriendly people. Many people talk about how difficult it is to make friends. Oregonians are shockingly backwards considering that they live in the NorthWest. Oregonians strive to live the way their ancestors lived and, as a result, block out the rest of the world. It's rather a sad state of affairs.

I would suspect that most Oregonians have never traveled abroad, do not read much and do not care about what is outside of their little, insular communities. The most rural parts of the Deep South having nothing on the bigoted, racist, backward attitudes of even those who live outside relatively metropolitan Portland. Oregon isn't so much as a NorthWest state but a portion of the South transplanted into this rainy and gray climate.

There is a reason there is relatively little business activity in Oregon. When people concentrate on living only as they have been taught, instead of creating new things for themselves, it's doubtful they're going to make new business opportunities either. If you're used to the forward-thinking, constantly moving, restless pace of other parts of the US, you will be tearing your hair out in frustration when the biggest topic of the day are the same topics EVERYDAY:

- meningitis
- fish as food, fish as pictures, fish as art, fish on coins, fish stock depletion,



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Disgusted by Portland, Tigard and environs Oregonians, in general, are terribly ignorant, insular and unfriendly. I would never hire one if I could help it as I do not trust them. They are overtly polite but extremely unsociable. I suppose it could do with the nasty weather but it is likely to do more with the culture. Oregonians claim to believe that Oregon is such a wonderful place and that everyone else is just dying to live here. Nothing could be further from the truth. That little lie Oregonians tell themselves is quite pathetic. Oregonians have a difficult time dealing with reality so they just live in a fantasyland unfettered by truth. I have found Oregonians, especially in the ugly suburbs like Tigard, to be violent, lying, conniving, harassing, vandalizing, inept, lazy and unkempt. Honestly, Portland is not 'weird' it is just too lazy to take a shower. There is nothing worthwhile in Oregon. It is fairly cheap to live in which is why it receives transplants from other states. The price you pay, in a miserable daily life amongst these nasty people, is too high I am afraid for the cheap and ugly housing. You get what you pay for applies.



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