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Ppl Like PDX Because Being Sh*tty is Encouraged - 9/21/2018
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon and have always hated it.
People move and drive in slow motion here but still get really offended if you move faster than they do.
All anyone talks about is "diversity" but yet they live in this very homogenous bubble.
The diehard "locals" don't want outsiders coming here because outsiders can, and will, offer an honest depiction of the city and so many people here have crafted their entire identity around Portland, and the honesty would shatter their entire existence.
Passive Aggressiveness and hardcore underhanded sabotage reign supreme here. It is a city full of entitled, arrogant cowards who deep down hate themselves more than anything but dont realize it so they're just shamelessly arrogant and judgmental.
The men here are whipped beta male sexists who secretly hate their domineering female partners but who were also raised by mothers who dominated their fathers, so they literally don't know that they hate them. Read More

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think twice. - 9/18/2018
the only thing good in Portland is the people.i been living in this beautiful place for over 25 years the last 4 years all of the beauty is gone. city is under develop, homelessness is a growing problem and the city is ignoring it and not only that. they simply push them to the lowest income area creating more and more stress in the community, highways are not developing for fast enough to compensate for the super large grow that we have seeing housing is creating an amazing bubble for housing.good job governor brown for let us experience worst time for Read More

Perfect City for Urbanists - 8/6/2018
City is full of energy. Walkable downtown, so many passionate small business owners, and the city cares about getting rid of cars and embracing cycling / transit / more economically friendly alternatives. Plenty of jobs available and housing is still on the low side for a progressive Read More

Keep Portland Weird - 7/26/2018
I just love this city. There is so much to do, so much art, great food, great people... I'm so glad I moved Read More

A forest with a city woven into it. - 6/5/2018
I am a 4th generation Oregonian and these are the facts:
WEATHER: Pacific ocean breezes bring cool damp air for 4 or 5 months, then we have a moderate spring/summer/fall. Because of this, on googlemaps Portland looks like a forest with a city artfully woven into it. We are surrounded by one of the most fertile valleys on the planet producing bountiful crops; our Farmers Market is world famous. We do not experience extreme or severe weather. Being a hilly city, Portland does not cope well with ice and snow.
PEOPLE: Founded in 1845 by farmers, loggers, fishermen and merchants, Portland was ultra conservative and exclusionary. Nearly 100 neighborhoods evolved, each with its own character. This remained the case until the mid 1960's, when the counterculture movement took root here with surprising rapidity. Those young people have been slowly changing the city as they mature and take the reins of power, giving Portland the reputation by the 1990's of being a liberal Read More

Originally from NE but love Portland - 2/5/2018
I lived in Philly (hated it) the Poconos (boring) and New York (cool and not enough green.
But I genuinely love Portland. It is green all year round. I love the rain, and it does not rain all winter. If they say it rains every day in the winter, it might just be one hour of the day. Some days heavier but I like wet weather. I like the mild weather here.
I have very diverse friends from all races, there is soooooo much to do here!!
The people are friendly and kind, (y'up there is neg people everywhere... but not like Philly). I was amazed at the difference. So It got me thinking,I'm wondering about the negative reviews, I do know...the people that were born here think it's over crowded...and may want to scare people away. But go to NY, Portland is so not overcrowded. I can swim in the ocean (in a wetsuit) and ski all year round. The people are great here, not rude, like east coast, kind and non confrontational, maybe a bit passive aggressive. Note: I Read More

Homogenous, gloomy, and ultra PC - 1/10/2018
This place is incredily overrated. I do NOT understand how this place became so popular. There is no diversity of thought, style, interests, or political views. Forget about racial diversity. This is the whitest big city in America. For its reputation as being so progressive and open minded, I find it exhaustingly conformist and provincial. I lean left politically, but I respect other people’s views. Here, don’t even think of voicing a political opinion or food for thought that veers anywhere middle or right. Everyone thinks the same and spouts the same PC sayings. I respect other people’s views, but I keep quiet at work because EVERYONE pretty much hates religion, hates Republicans or anyone who isn’t very liberal, or is in any way “mainsteam”. All the women have the same hair (with bangs and a quirky color— purple, green, burnt orange, blue), wear no makeup, talk about how feminist they are (I am feminist, too, but good grief), and consider anything related to mainstream fashion or Read More

Keep Portland WEIRD - 1/9/2018
This is the official motto of Portland. And it is not so much weird as it is dysfunctional. The Rule of Law is suppressed by the Rule of Men. Everyone does what they think is right in their own eyes.
If you don't subscribe to 'anything goes' then you are a racist and a fascist. Both traditional character, reflected in Judeo Christian morals and common sense is as rare as Haleys Comet. That is why the State of Oregon is proud to say, it is the LEAST churched state in the Union.  Read More

Bleak and full of phonies - 12/17/2017
I'm a vegan cyclist who loves the outdoors, which means I despise Portland.

...Wait, what?

Yes, you read that right. Horrible climate for cycling--stuff rusts right out from under you, and you're lucky not to crash in the rainwater-filled potholes. No one really seems to go outside. They just brag about how outdoorsy they are, buy a lot of Columbia fleece, and then hang out in bars.

There appears to be a culture of incompetence where no one does anything. Dozens of times I have tried to hire someone to do tasks from the simple (housecleaning, petsitting) to the complex (remodeling). Most of the time they never show up. If they do, it's not at the agreed-upon time, and they never follow up with a quote or show any desire to actually do the work.

But mostly it's the weather. I've lived in cold places before, and I'd take Minneapolis, Denver, or Salt Lake in a heartbeat over Portland. The combination of wet and cold and dark just gets Read More

Loathed Portland - 11/19/2017
I moved to Portland for love. I honestly thought I would like the city, and would be able to tolerate the weather. I was so dead wrong on both accounts. At first glance Portland seems like a fun town with pulse. Kind of funky, kind of unique, somewhat aesthetically pleasing. There are hills, little stores everywhere, and it stays pretty green year round. All things that I find to be desirable. The reality of Portland settled in quickly, and it took me a year to get out. I will never look back. So, for a little background about where I'm coming from- I have been to every state in the US besides Alaska. I've lived on both coasts, but not too much in the middle. I've tolerated winters in Pittsburgh PA for 19 years and Bozeman MT for 2 years. We can start with the weather in Portland- it SUCKS. I have never been through a winter so depressing in my entire life. I believe I saw the sun (for more than a minute or 3) five times between December 1st and June 15th. I know these dates because Read More

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