Star Rating 9/28/2010
I hate this city. This place is full of uneducated , redneck bible thumping
trash. There is nothing cosmopolitan or sophisticated about Raleigh. No culture, museums or social venues. Very little to do and the weather is HORRIBLE, Hot, humid and bugs galore. The people are rude and have no style or class whatsoever. Not a chic or fun city to be in, Dirty , polluted,
No thank you, you can have it.



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Reviews for Raleigh, North Carolina

Rebecca Phillips
Raleigh, NC
BORING suburban sprawl
I am stuck here due to my husbands job and there isn't ...
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bob mcbober
Raleigh, NC
news=the north won
the level of hatred of Northerners was a surprise to us...
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michelle ahee
Ashburn, VA
Yes lots of Yankee are up tight, but there are all kind...
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Jan Manning
Cary, NC
Wages/ Groceries/ Housing Bubble
I moved from Boston to Raleigh, NC area. The job here ...
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nancy sch
Raleigh, NC
Raleigh is not what it protects itself as
I've moved a lot and have lived in some really great pl...
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Michael Nye
Raleigh, NC
Not sure why it is rated so high every year
I have lived in Raleigh, Cary and Wake Forest for the p...
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