the legal system in this town is a joke for crimin

 ben dougherty
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the pierce county superior court is a joke. and criminals laugh at it. just take the maurice clemmons case for example this is a man who in may of 2009 punched sheriffs and was let out on bail, then in july of 2009 was charged with child rape and let out on bail, only to after that commit multiple murders. he had a long arrest history and record and was not dealt with properly by this court system.

my ex lives in this area and is a known meth addict, since may of 2008 she has been convicted of 4 felonies on 3 occasions, she has done a total of 5 months in county jail and is currently in the drug court program, i would like to add that none of her charges are drug related.

i know that in missouri and most any other state she would have done time in prison by now for sure.

it is no wonder tacoma scores so high in crime, they only give criminals a slap on the wrist and release them to commit more crimes knowing that they will not have to face any serious punishment for those crimes.



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