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Tacoma, WA

Not after 23 years - 7/14/2020
Having lived over half my life here I can tell you real friends are few and far between. You will go through many and only have a handful who stick with you. Your aquantances will be numerous and easy to get along with once established for many years but it's a great break it period and many many others will reject you all together with that wonderful Tacoma atttude. That's the human life aspect. The outdoors here great for 3 months Jul-Sept but the secret nice areas away from everyone else doing the same thing you are which crowds everything take long hikes and a few hours driving to get to. (One positive for Seattle area is that their sports teams are so horrible the ticket prices to see the good teams play them is inexpensive.) The other 9 months expect rain... Rain and rain sometimes for months on end so if you enjoy grey skies and indoor activities or getting wet, camping wet and wet all the time and mowing wet grass but it sure is green...this is your kind of place. Drugs are prevelant as well as property crime. Don't be fooled by Marijuana being the only hippie thing around. In the last neighborhood I lived we really had an elderly guy who would steal things and just hoard them but if you went to his house he would give them back. Strange. That was in Spanaway which is next to Tacoma but with more yard. I would visit in July to Sept as I did for the other half of my life growing up but living here for half really took it's toll on me. Some people like traffic because they can jam out... Others wished the hell everyone would get off their phones and blunts and quit merging at 20-30 miles an hour under the speed limit then going 10 under in the left line and never getting over... Traffic... For hours. Good luck with the Sounder ever again... Coronavirus... And panhandlers... People complain about the homeless but usually I'd give them money... Either way the solution to the homeless will never happen because everyone around here expects their elected officials to waste their money trying to fix the problems they create. It's an endless cycle of poop. And yes the Aroma is still there... Right near that beautiful Casino sucking the lifeblood out of the regulars and the Dome which will never be demolished but painted repeatedly at the taxpayers expense for feel good feelings. There's more but I'd rather live somewhere else as a regular place. I like the Sun.

Tacoma, WA

Best Place I've Ever Lived By Far
- 7/14/2020
Lived here 5 years and never had your window down right by the Puyallup... Thing of the past lol... Moved here and suddenly an expert on all places... It's your personal opinion but hey most liberals are loud mouths.

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