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"little bit of everything."

little bit of everything. - 6/13/2010
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I've lived in nashville off and on for about 15 yrs. Other places I've lived include boulder, co , santa barbara, santa cruz, nyc. Although nashville doesn;t offer as much immediate access to the outdoor, as i would prefer , nashville is a great place all around. great to raise kids, major sports teams, traffic is not so terrible, beautiful hills , decent restaurants, good schools, and easy to navigate. people are friendly, crime is very low..overall a great place. looking at other places to move, it is hard to beat nashville as a total package.

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Antioch, TN

Greatness was in its reach !!!! - 12/28/2016

Nashville could be a great city, but due to the blatant racism and good ole boy network that exist in this city, shames it !!! Downtown Nashville is all honkytonk country entertaining establishments bars, and restuarants its not diverse and if your not white your really not welcome downtown Nashville and that's on purpose !!! When cultural events goes on in Nashville regardless if its Latino, African American, Asian or Middle Eastern, city council will make sure its not held in the downtown area where the white people frequents (Lower Broadway) to Riverfront park. When certain entertainers comes to perform and they are not country singers they make sure they are performing in the less desirable venues i.e. the municipal auditorium, Hadley Park, but when a country singer performs automatically they gets the best venue i.e. the Ryman, Grand Ole Opry, Schrimmerhorn, or Bridgestone Arena. The weather isn't great here, public schools are awful!!! low performance schools except a couple ...Everything closes early in the evening here, The Tennessee Titans are awful year after year.... The city is building and pushing out the low income residents cost of living is up from the Hotels to every apartment complexs in Nashville with no upgrading of the property. The roads are dangerous, people are dying weekly on all the interstates due to poor roads & streets conditions. Nashville want the big city look but the mind frame is still country hillbilly mindset. I'm leaving this city I had enough of the outright racism here ...been here since 2010 I hope it gets better... many good people lives here I things get better here for the masses that lives here....good luck !!!!

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Nashville, TN

Don't Buy Into the Hype - 7/6/2016

I believe Nashville has been getting a false reputation of being a great destination for transplants, and I find this to be quite misleading. If you are looking for a friendly, open-minded city in which others are always looking for opportunities to interact with others and meet new people, look elsewhere, like Austin. The people who seem to enjoy the city the most are those that grew up and have made friends and have family there, or those that have a stable job in the music industry. If you come alone, and aren't an attractive female, you're likely to stay that way throughout your duration. Despite being a southern city, the people just aren't that friendly. When I go to my home town in Arkansas, I see people interacting with strangers, smiling, and being welcoming in general. People keep to themselves in this city, for the most part. Even most clerks, bartenders, servers, etc. seem very closed off and not at all eager for a friendly conversation. When you go out at night, you see groups of people keeping to themselves and not really interacting with others or even acknowledging them. Even at work, people don't seem eager to converse with people outside of their group of friends. The restaurants are okay-there are a few gems (Hattie B's hot chicken is moderately priced and wonderful), but it is mostly your corporate affair. Night life is not for everyone- you'll mainly find very crowded, very noisy venues serving $5 beers and featuring miserable looking musicians playing generic country songs. If you're in a group, you should be able to have a good time, but if you go in alone hoping to meet people, you'll be disappointed in most cases. If your career depends on you moving to this city, then I can understand the decision to move here. But it is a very artifical, corporate town. You may hear the sound of that and not care, but the people feel very cold and fake as well. I've lived in and visited many different cities, and have never experienced troubled in meeting or befriending people. If you meet good ones here , they are the exception, not the rule. Just do yourself a favor and avoid, unless you absolutely aspire to be a country musician. Traffic sucks. Peoplr(for the most part) suck. No personality. Go on vacation here and move along.

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Omaha, NE

This is not the city for singles or transplants... - 1/4/2016

Nashville is NOT your typical southern city. Lived in many American cities but this one is the oddest one towards transplants ever. If you're not from here or have family that lives here or married, forget it. There are better cities to live for single transplants, Boston, Buffalo, NY, NYC, etc. You will quickly realize the fakeness of the people here and their herd mentality. The expensive cost of living is overrated for a city that doesn't even have many sidewalks, no real outdoor activities, narcissistic, conceited rude people? And this is a southern city??? Really? I've met friendlier people in NYC, Atlanta and Boston than here. If you're looking to live in a "southern" city then live in Atlanta, Charlotte or even Birmingham. The jobs are mediocre and pay low wages. High crime rate, bad drivers and the public transit is a joke. The blacks are the worst. They're too busy "pleasing" whites to even notice the racism here. The people here also has so anger issues. This city is to visit only and move on to someplace else.

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Nashville, TN

Nashville - 7/25/2015

Nashville isn't a good place for singles over 40. Most of the single men are overweight and uneducated. The building contractors rule the town so you have liquor stores next to churches and McMansions next to historic homes. There is a very high crime rate. I talked to two Metro Nashville cops who told me to not to call them, instead just buy a shotgun. The millenials here are unbelievably rude and narcissistic. Also, everyone is a wannabe musician which means they are usually narcissistic and immature.

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Nashville, TN

Great place to visit - not so much to live - 4/16/2015

Seems very friendly at first but you quickly realize if you are not from here you are kept at a distance. Great to visit, listen to live music and drink !!

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Nashville, TN

Rush hour traffic - 4/2/2015

For the size of this city, the traffic is terrible. Nashville needs more interstate highways.

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Economy - 2/16/2015

Bustling. Lot's of growth.

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Hermitage, TN

Single Women Over 40 Do Not Move to Nashville - 10/30/2014

Nashville has no quality of life for single women over 40 (unless you are a swinger)! No activities (concerts and outdoors activities for starters. Property taxes on a rental are 40%, too much infill without planning-no historic buildings left, emission testing, and very high crime all bring down the quality of life in Nashville, TN. Examples: 1)If you even go to an art exhibition you will be stopped by police (my instance was a dealers bracket around my plate) and hit on. Then you get the sermon on if 'anything' happens to you since you are a single female over 40 it is your fault and do not bother the police. Same thing happened when I was hit twice! 2) One officer claimed I was dating a 16 yr old male who was a witness(?) and of course did not even ask if I needle medical! 3) Next time I had staggered into the interstate after getting struck at 70 miles hour from behind and thrown across all four lanes of the interstate (lucky a EMT came and got me for transport-not that the police even asked if I had any injuries again). Just too many examples to warn about. In other words in two years I will be out of this cesspool and into my new home state and city with better amenities and quality of life. Oh, and do not get me started on all the hateful and angry transplants, will definitely not miss them at all!

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Pigeon Forge, TN


We lived in the Nashville area and was so sad that we had to relocate. I miss Nashville SO much! The people are great, lots to do, beautiful at Christmas time...just a fun place to live especially if you are a country music fan! We are still hopeful that we will make our way back there.

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Madison, TN

Nashville, the beautiful! - 10/3/2013

I love Nashville, full of some of the best chefs and food! It is growing and has so much to offer. I have lived all over the world and would not choose to live anywhere else. So many great unique neighborhoods and shops. It lets people live (especially the celebrities) and yet still remains relative and friendly all at the same time. Very few places can offer that.

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Brentwood, TN

Moved here to be near family - 7/24/2013

Love the slower pace of TN over Seattle area.

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Brentwood, TN

nashville vs orlando - 3/18/2013

housing costs for people moving to nashville

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tennessee - 9/18/2012

tennessee is like the best place ever! <3<3<3

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East Lansing, MI

Overall opinion of Nashville - 9/15/2012

Hi all! So my husband is wanting to join the Nashville police. We currently live in Lansing, Mi (which is just horrible) and I was just wanting some general advice.. like good school districts, neighborhoods to stay away from, fun child friendly areas to live near .... Idk, any helpful advice I'm willing to take :) Thanks!

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San Francisco, CA

Not for singles or outdoor-sy types and, you NEED - 6/7/2012

You will be very lonely if you're single. Not very many professionals here compared to other cities. You must have a car. There are no sidewalks anywhere and you never see people outdoors. BTW, its one of the fattest cities in the US. Its very spread out so, getting around is an ordeal. Lots of fatal car accidents. The people, however, are very nice; friendly and kind. Not a place for those with allergies, into health food or outdoor activities. Women have that catty southern thing going on but, not as bad as Atlanta. Physically beautiful and has mild temps.

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Tuscaloosa, AL

muslim man - 10/3/2011

I 'm muslim and I want to move to Nashville !

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Nashville, TN

Nashville Crime - 9/21/2011

The crime statistics is right on the money. Nashville does have a lot of crime. Nashville was also ranked one of the most depressed cities by Bloomberg Businessweek. I believe that is true as well. I knew a number of people on prozac and other anti-psychotic drugs. I think that Nashville is a good place to visit. The crime just makes it unattractive. Also, Nashville has a lot of racism. Interracial couples will not do good there.

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Nashville, TN

Many diverse opportunities - 8/17/2011

Nashville is a city that has so many opportunities than country music. There is an eclectic mix of many different styles.

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La Vergne, TN

Nashville has lots of fixing to do! - 8/8/2011

Wow, where do I start. Priorities are all wrong. Nash wants to be know as a metropolitan city, "reality check" it's has a very long way to go. Downtown nashville is way to small for all they want to go on down there. Mostly bars and a few places to eat, Sidewalks are to small. People stand out in the street to take picture while traffic is trying to move. Cars cruse the main street (Broadway) which prohibits buses to move about. Not sure why people get excited about it down there. Not really much to see. It's pretty much a stop thru place while on a vacation to someplace else. You can see all of what Nashville has to offer in a day or less. People are rude driver's that think they own the road and they really can not drive that well. It doesn't take much to get a driver's license here, if you can turn a corner you get one. God forbid it snow's or even rain's hard your much safer staying off the road. The bus system can be so much better then what it is. It's has a very long way to go. Way to much to talk about there. There are no bus lanes downtown to help (city) buses move freely but they do have valet parking on the busy bus fareways not to mention the buses has to with tourist buses, horse-n-buggy, hotel vans and people standing in the street like they think cars and buses won't hurt if they get hit. Simple solution bright law makers of nash. Put no parking lines and/or no loading signs in places that are high traffic area's on bus routes. Paint a yellow line on the corner of 5th and B'way on both sides of the street at least 60 feet long and give out ticket or fines to those that won't obey. Get rid of the valet parking on b'way ITS DANGEROUS!!!! Common-sense is not a strong point for people here at all. This just a very small bit about Nashville, I choose not to go further to avoid carpaltunnel syndrome. When I hear people from Tn say " I visited NY and loved it but I could never live there" I know why! NY is way over your little heads. There are some nice people here don't get me wrong. I just don't run into them that often.

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Nashville, TN

Weather - 8/3/2011

Summer: Very hot and high humidity make air conditioning a must have. Some days the heat index swells over 112F Spring: Beautiful and warm. Spring weather starts in March and by April temperatures are well into the 60's. Temperatures range from 60-85 between April and June. Strong storms occur frequently and weather changes rapidly Winter: If you are coming from a place that sees a lot of snow, Nashville will suprise you. When 1 inch is forcasted, schools and some businesses shut down. The city does not have enough snow plows to adequately keep high ways and busy roads in working order, especially when 2 or more inches fall. Drivers are unsure how to drive, making it hazerdous to leave your house. Temperatures rarely fall below 25-30 degrees. Fall: Fall is beautiful and warm.

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