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Peachtree Corners, GA

Amazing place for families - 3/14/2024
Peachtree Corners is the best place for young families. Lots of amazing schools, parks, swim clubs, etc. The only down side is the homes are expensive.

Katy, TX

Family friendly - 2/14/2024
Katy is so nice. It is spread out in the typical Houston way, but I really enjoyed all of the Asian restaurants, shopping, and churches. Great place to raise a family.

Murfreesboro, TN

A decent alternative to Nashville, but not better - 2/14/2024
Murfreesboro is okay, but it does seem like it is somewhat unsavory and there are a disproportionate amount of drug busts. It is a good place for young artists and students, but only some areas are good for families. I'd rather live in Nashville proper if possible.

Woodstock, GA

Eh, could be better - 2/14/2024
I mean, its getting better. It has good schools. If you need to live near Atlanta, but can't afford a closer suburb its fine. But its far enough that you will never want to go to Atlanta of your own accord.

Hicksville, NY

If you need to be in New York, its not so bad. - 2/14/2024
If you need to live in the tri-state area, Hicksville is a good choice. Lots of amenities, train station, restaurants, etc. There is a large Indian population, which is cool if you like Indian food or are seeking diversity. It isn't as affluent as some other cities in Oyster Bay, but it is nice.

Atlanta, GA

Totally Underrated, great city for young people - 2/14/2024
Honestly the greater Atlanta area is the best place I've ever lived. There is so much diversity, delicious food, shopping, etc. The traffic really isn't that bad if you don't commute the same direction as everyone else. The only downside is the quality of schools. Unless you live in Decatur or an affluent suburb, you will probably have to invest in private schools.

If you like to go out to restaurants, clubs, brewery, beltline, etc. you will love Atlanta.

Nashville, TN

Nashville is getting worse - 2/14/2024
Nashville has a lot of culture, but ultimately it is overpriced and dangerous. I can't imagine buying a $600k house in a neighborhood with automatic gunfire. The home values are insane. The bars and nightlife is fun, but there are very few places left for locals to enjoy due to the tourist industry. It is cannibalizing the city from the inside out.

Austin, TX

Austin is beautiful but it will cost you - 2/14/2024
Austin is too expensive. Let's get that out of the way. Other than that it is a fun city. Ladybird Lake makes the city, imo. The ability to stand up paddle, kayak, walk trails, etc. right next to downtown is a huge plus.

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