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 Marta Wyngaard
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Star Rating 3/27/2010
My is Marta, and I was the president the Mott Park neighborhood in Flint, MI for three years.
I live with my husband and two children that I homeschool.
Flint is a great place to live and wonderfull things are starting to
happen here. The city is going thru a transition from an industrial car hub to a university and research hospital center.

You could divide Flint in the "old Flint" and the new Flint. The old is people that worked at the factories and were used to GM to take care of them, forever. GM was the authority that dominated their lives and they complained, but they expected that things would be solved for them, by others...their bosses.

The new Flint, most of them young people know that companies come and go and they are not forever to take care of your needs and your family needs generation after generation. This is the group that is creating very interesting things in Flint. they are entrepreneurs, artist and love Flint with the good and the bad. They are the ones who go to meetings, and organize festivals and celebrate each of the good things that are starting to happen around Flint.

I am willing to help you with information about this town because we need more creative people to come here to help us solve problems and not to hope that everything will be perfect.

We have great things like the Flint Cultural Center, the Flint Farmer's Market, The University of Michigan-Flint, Kettering University, very generous foundation like the CS Mott Foundation, the Ruth Mott Foundation, great restaurants in downtown Flint and coffee shops like the Lunch Studio or the Brown Sugar Cafe or the Good Beans Cafe, etc.
We have institutions like the Flint Institute of Arts that is fenomenal, and the Flint Institute of Music; we have the Sloan Museum and the whiting, and the list goes on and on. We have great parks like Kearsley Park and Mott Park my neighborhood,and very affordable properties. The schools are not great, but with the price of the houses you could send your kids to private schools that are very, very good like Saint John Vianney or Saint Paul Lutheran church.
If you are the kind of person that like to be involved in groups, or activities, or theater and art, come this is the place for you.
..I have started a blog to let people know how great is Flint; you need to
come visit us and see I
(I do not want to put the name of the blog because I do not know if it is appropiate), but the idea is to tell how a mother with two kids really live in Flint MI.

Give Flint a try, you will love it!




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I agree wholeheartedly with your statement, "we need more creative people to come here to help us solve problems." This is the way to get things healed. However, bashing on GM's lifetime employment trends is an easy way to alienate people. The community responding to the diminishment of their greatest income source is not lazy, or uncreative. They are responding with a deep psychological distress. You would be lost too, if you grew up and depended on the same things. I can tell that you care and you rightfully consider yourself an empathetic person. This is evidenced by some of your thoughtful statements, like the one previously quoted and your positivity about your city. However, it seems by your choice in wording that you have reconciled your city’s major issues by bifurcating it. The “Old Flint” and the “New Flint,” in the ways that you use these words, is a distinction dangerously close to the “Impoverished Flint” and the “Affluent Flint.” This is supported by statements such as, “The schools are not great, but with the price of the houses you could send your kids to private schools that are very, very good like Saint John Vianney or Saint Paul Lutheran church.” Even with low-priced housing, this is simply not an option for most people, let alone the majority of the population in a city with such a high unemployment rate. This statement appeals only to the upper-middle class. We need the creative visionaries you mentioned earlier to help heal the school systems for everyone.



robert j.

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Your reasoning sounds a little contradictory or denial of the reality of the climate in our city. Don't you think that Public schools are a reflection of our communities? When we chose to send our kids to a private school as opposed to the public schools which is an indicator of how well our cities are doing what statement are we really making?



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