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Star Rating 1/18/2010
I have lived all over the country in big cities, NYC as well as smaller cities, Columbus, OH & Nashville, TN and I have to say that the comments about Wilmington being boring and the shopping being less than wonderful is far from the truth. The city is bordered on four sides by Market St., College Rd., Shipyard Blvd. & Carolina Beach Rd. Both Market St & College Rd. have every store you can possibly think of and it is all in a five mile radius.
Parks are beautiful, especially Greenfield Lake, which is a five mile around lake with beautiful foilage, wonderful birds as well as alligators (that can be viewed both with the naked eye or binoculars (for those faint of heart).
The beaches, both Wrightsville and Carolina Beach are probably 20 minutes away (at most) from anywhere in Wilmington.
The people, for the most part are very friendly & diversified, simply because most are transplants like myself from the north. If you don't come down here with a chip on your shoulder and realize that you are moving from a big city for the slower place and southern charm that Wilmington has to offer, than there is no reason why you wouldn't love it.

Housing, there is plenty and in this economy you can find either a nice house or apartment for such a reasonable price, it is really hard to imagine not moving here and then staying.

Before here, I live in Jacksonville, FL and I loved it very much. The beaches, the people, everything, but then it became too crowded and the prices went through the roof, which happens in great places. We don't have a big zoo, but we do have a family friendly zoo.

Come and visit and see for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised, as I was.




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Ok..soo I am a traveler. I have been as far north as Barrow, Alaska and as far south as southern Texas. I have been blessed with many travel opportunities due to the simple fact that I know people all over the world. I am having a little trouble deciding where it is that I want to go next. I have 4 choice's right now. I just moved back to Oklahoma 2 month's ago and I just really can't stand it here anymore. Should have stayed in AK.. O well.. so I have cali,korea,japan or NC.. The one I was leaning to was NC but after reading these post's I am not sure that would be best. From what I have read the people sound racist and very old fashioned. I love life and I love people. I am a white guy 24yrs young so I don't think they would give me as much of a problem. Besides all of that I like to party and have a good time. Soo mu questions are.. 1: Alcohol. Is it allowed on the beach? 2: Partying. Is it allowed on the beach? 3: Are there pretty girl's in NC? ;) 4: What's the economy like there? 5: Are the police jerk's? 6: Would a 24yr old male enjoy his stay in Wilmington, NC? Thank you! I hope you all have great day's in the sun! -Eric



My husband and I are thinking about moving to Wilmington. I think it has so much soul that you just dont find many places these days. I love the laid back atmosphere and the unique character. But, we are a bit worried that it does not have a whole lot to offer in way of entertainment besides the beach and riverwalk. Do you find a lot of people in their late 20's feel that way? We have been married for 6 years and are ready to start a family, so we are not really into the bar or club scene. We are looking for a community town, but also would like a place that has options. We would love to hear positive, but honest opinions from locals! Thanks!



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