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Star Rating 6/4/2006
Awesome place to live if you have money. Buying a house is impossible for most nowadays. There are some beautiful character homes if you have the money. Few neighborhoods in LA as nice as parts of Pasadena. But there are also some bad parts of Pasadena (most of which are improving however with the skyrocketing home prices). If you have kids, you'll most likely want private school unless mediocre is ok with you. Farmer's Markets and free summer outdoor music at Levitt Pavilion. It's just outside LA so plenty to do, great food, some of the best hiking and camping in Southern California. We love it but can't afford it anymore with 3 kids. We'll likely be moving out of state. Don't know where though. Suggestions? Outdoor activities a must.



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Amanda Elizabeth C.

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Good morning Marcus & family. Not sure if you are still living in Pasadena as I just came across this today-10/8/2009-however if you are up for a bit of an elevation change & snow that melts and does not stay on the ground for too long then I truly believe that you all would love being in CO. CA is my home state so I know exactly what you are saying about the prices and overall cost of living. The sun is out almost all year long here. No matter the weather. CO is an arid desert-tends to be dry. Out door activities abound here. And then some. Not sure if you all choose to remain in a suburb type setting but this is also avaibale to you all throughout the various counties in Denver and or the Metro area; as well as in the foot hills and up north in Fort Collins. Much lower cost of living in CO. Good paying jobs-whether you need professional career settings or part/full timne work. I truly believe that you all will thrive here. It is truly beautiful here in the Rocky Mountains. Four glorious seasons abound every year. When you can afford the time and money you should consider taking a trip here to CO. This is a state where people have a healthy, happy, out doorsy/sport loving attitude. Great schools. Lots to do for all ages ranging in price from free to set amounts for a plethora of activities. Beautiful parks here as well. CO is definitely not CA but you will notice some similarities. God bless you all, I hope you all find just the right area for all of your needs wherever that may be! Amanda Elizabeth



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