A lot of crime for a small town.

 Chris Elmore
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Star Rating 2/6/2006
For a city of this size(in the middle of nowhere) there is a significant amount of crime! I've been here a year now
(seems like a life-time) and can't wait to leave.
If you do move here, stay away from the south side of the interstate. It's a no-brainer! North side really not all that bad but probably just a matter of time, sorry to say.



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Jennifer A.

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North side is not any better than South side, we have constant robberies in upscale neighborhoods and no police men to come to our aid. Education stinks - uncontrolled bullying, Abusive teachers and all for $6k a year - Parents have to do all the teaching at home!! What are we paying for?? There is nothing here, absolutely nothing.



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