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This is the most DEPRESSISNG, BACKWARD, COUNRY azz town (not a city) I have ever lived in. The people here are stupid, ignorant, dumb, crazy, racist (whites), haters (negroes), but they claim to be xtians. The negro women here HATE real men, and never smile, speak or look you in the eye!!! I can't wait to get the hell up out of this DUMP.

Not a place for a single Black man because the negro women here are just plain STUPID and DUMB! YEAH I SAID IT!!!!



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Sandi B.

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LOLOL!! on a roll, eh, YAR??? If I wasnt laughing so hard, Id actually try to find you a place in Sylvania, or Perrysburg, so you d get a more balanced look..... ((( YAR )))).. Toledo HAS changed.. NOT what she used to be, but what or where is??? Still, LOTS of good people there!!!! From an natural born Toledoan...transplanted elsewhere...



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