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Explore Toledo OH like you would Toledo Spain... - 3/7/2020
I'm a born and raised Toledoan who has been here for close to 40 years. I also have traveled to many other states and cities...even out of the country a few times.
Toledo gets a horrible rep from folks who don't know how and/or don't want to explore what the city has to offer; which is a lot if you actually look around.
If someone who lives in a city Toledo's size says that the city has nothing to do or go, they're saying that because they are purposely overlooking the many obvious and various shows, shops, restaurants, "spots", activities, businesses, etc... that they turn their noses up at because Toledo isn't a bigger city. There is NO WAY that anyone who says they have gone everywhere there is to go and/or done everything to do in Toledo is telling the truth. I had an ex who would say there was nothing to do and no where to go in Toledo, and when we started dating and I would take her to different places around the city she would frequently remark that she didn't Read More

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Just Right For My Needs - 12/16/2019
I just moved here from NYC. I see the other reviews and ok I kinda get it its full here. But Bill's are paid, I have own my home and when i need something i go to Krogers all WalMart. Its bland here and to me that's not such a bad thing. My friends call all the time hey we're going to visit what's their to do over there?, Toledo Zoo, MudHen Game, go downtown with the family by the river have a meal, theme park about an hour away. In NYC I walk with rats on my side coming with me to work, homeless (God Bless Their Souls) on the same street with me in front of a billion dollar condominium begging for change, rent for a Studio apartment in the 1,500s, bedbugs,Section 8 trolls, crime, garbage lined up in the streets every 2 days with such a pleasant smell, talk about exotic. Like the saying goes in NYC if you could make it here you could make it anywhere. Well being born and raised in The Bronx 25 years of my life I think i made it there and Toledo is going to be my anywhere. I'm happy to Read More

The absolute Pits - 6/22/2019
I was born and raised in The Toledo area, I grew up just over the state line in Bedford twp MI, which is considered a suburb of Toledo. Every bad thing you have heard about this city is true. The Climate is awful, terrible weather 7-8 months of the year.

Ton's of boarded up buildings, roads are in terrible shape, and the downtown is a crime ridden ghost town, all that's missing are tumble weeds. The only thing downtown has to offer is The Mudhen stadium, if your into sports. However, when there is a game, good luck finding a parking spot.

The local government in Toledo and Lucas county are totally incompetent, The People here are very close minded and stuck in there ways, anything new or different is shunned. All people seem to care about is Drinking and watching sports. The mentality of the people here is very stuck in the past as well, always hanging onto some old "used to be, a lot of bitterness. Way too many attitude problems and Read More

Dismal Grey Miserable Place to live! - 2/26/2019
Okay I'm sure that there are simple minded apologists and Toledo fanatics out there who just absolutely love living in this dismal dreary hell hole. That's great you stay here.... I'm leaving! I have lived in the Toledo area and surrounding Northwest Ohio for 55 years. Needless to say I was bored with the area decades ago but stayed put because of two things, my kids and because this place has a way of thinking its talons into you and not letting go. Now finally at age 55 with my kids in their teens we are moving to Arizona. There is no perfect place in the world to live but Toledo Ohio has seen its best days and they will never ever return! Not only is the weather horrible 7 months out of the year with cold rainy icy snowy crap, but then on top of that you have a bad economy, and nothing to do. Yes I know there's a great zoo and a great museum. There are better in museums and better zoos too around the country. There are three things basically to do in the city. Eat, go to the zoo, Read More

NYC Transplant to Toledo - 9/24/2018
I’m from NYC and now live in Toledo. It was a culture shock to move here. Obviously you cant compare the two in terms of things to do so I won’t get into that. If you have a little kid you can keep them entertained with a really nice zoo, art museum, great playgrounds and metropark system and Cedar Point (nice amusement park) is fairly close. For adults it’s dismal. BUT the great part is the housing cost. You can get a decent 1 bedroom for $750.00. You can get a luxury one bedroom in Perrysburg full of great amenities for 1500.00. This is half of what I paid in Manhattan for a much smaller place. When I told my friends in NY that I was moving here they said Toledo was the armpit of the country. This is not true, there are far worse places to end up. The people are a little simple and backward and I was amazed at how much racism there is from white people. They make racial slurs that you could never say out loud in a professional setting back East. I miss having a more racially mixed Read More

High Quality of Life - 3/20/2017
I have lived in Toledo, Ohio for about 7 years now. Toledo has one of the highest qualities of life I have experienced. Here are some highlights I enjoy:

-Revitalized Downtown
-#1 Art Museum in Ohio
-Amazing Metroparks
-Easy Commute
-Affordable Housing
-Farmers Markets
-#2 Zoo in the Country

Pro Tip: My favorite neighborhood in Toledo is the Warehouse District. The Warehouse District is home to 5/3rd field, Hensville, The Farmers Market, 40+ bars and restaurants, and 2000+ residents. It is very safe and walkable. Read More

Bad vibe living here like doing time - 2/2/2017
This place has a bad vibe. Yes there are things to do. There is a list that is popular with people defending Toledo. This is it

Toledo zoo
Toledo art museum
Mud Hens
This is fine but after you do everything Toledo has to offer than what do you do?

It's about vibe. I grew up in Tucson Arizona and that place has a vibe. You could just sit downtown with a friend drink coffee or sip a beer stair up at the mountains and feel content. Interesting people walking by really cute women that are not pasty and fat.

There isn't that feeling here it's ugly rundown no central place to feel like you are part of something.

It's really depressing. The City paper tries to portray Toledo as an up and coming hot spot but it's not.

I look at people here and think why are you here? If you are here then really you don't have anything really going on. Being cool or hip in Toledo is like being less Read More

Toledo "jobs" - 9/23/2014
Toledo is a very good place to live if your in the health care. Yes Toledo is a Medical City meaning healthcare has taking over. Promedica, Toledo's and Northwest Ohio's Healthcare System, is the biggest employer of 16,000 follow by Mercy Heath Partners 7000. Also HCR Manor Care and the Toledo Clinic both employee of over 1000 jobs and UTMC employees 3500. Some things that Toledo has to offer is cheap housing in good neighborhoods, a wonderful zoo and art museum, the Mudhens and Walleye, The Lake Erie Museum , and is a good place for businesses. Some other major business in the Toledo Metro are Dana Co., Owens Illinois, Owens Corning, Libbey Glass, Jeep, The Anderson, and GM. Also another big employer in Toledo is the University of Read More

It ain't horrible - 6/16/2014
I'd imagine that if you're a blue collar worker with few prospects, Toledo ain't the place to come.

But if you can finagle a living off the interwebs, by all means find a cheap place to live in Toledo.

Just pick a decent neighborhood. I have a feeling that this place is going to bounce back eventually, as the really poor people leave and others pour in in pursuit of cheap, simple Read More

Toledo: Better than its Reputation - 10/1/2013
Toledo is an affordable city with an unfortunate reputation. Yes, crime is somewhat higher than average for American cities, but there are many strong neighborhoods with low crime rates. The public school system may be the weakest point, but Toledo is split between Toledo Pubic Schools and Washington Local Schools. WLS has higher state rankings than TPS, so if you have school-age children, you might consider a WLS neighborhood over a TPS neighborhood.

Toledo has a world-class art museum, access to Lake Erie, a great public zoo, and a metropolitan university. The city is located near two major interstates (I-75 and I-80/90) and has an international airport.

Is Toledo a glittering paradise? No. However, you could do far worse in the Midwest than Toledo, and any cultural events that do not make it to Toledo are just a short drive to Detroit, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, or Columbus.

My two cents worth...I have lived in the city since 1989 and like Read More

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