Hampton is GHETTO

Star Rating 1/12/2012
I was born here almost 40 years ago and I can honestly say that Hampton is NOW very Ghetto. Funny thing is though is that they are trying to build high dollar homes in the ghetto. NO ONE will buy them. I am only still here to take care of family because as soon as the economy gets better I'm selling and moving far away. The only reason why Hampton's crime rate is not crazy high is because you dont crap where you eat.



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ellie greenwood
San Marcos, CA
Meh, probably not.
I was a visitor in Hampton for 2 months. I was really ...
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Ron Girard
Hampton, VA
Hampton 16 years later...
I went into the military in 1983 here in Hampton. Learn...
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Sarah Everett
Hampton, VA
closed-minded bashing of Hampton
I have heard every good and bad thing there is to hear ...
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C Doe
Hampton, VA
Hampton is GHETTO
I was born here almost 40 years ago and I can honestly ...
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jhonny antoine
Newport News, VA
The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel AKA,(HRBT)is like the b...
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whitney ness
Yorktown, VA
hampton living
lol i love how first comment is making the guy out to b...
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