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"Many bad guys past"

Many bad guys past - 3/7/2011
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Our new governor is in the hot seat. He has to reverse the graft laden damage that the previous 3 governors have bestowed on our wonderful state. Hope he can stand up to the barrage of pushback, run amuck unions, ridiculously high state salaries & overlapping multiple state pensions. Without all that NJ is one of the best pieces of real estate in the nation. If you come, come join the fight to take her back

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Manahawkin, NJ

Expensive - 2/14/2016

Property Taxes are crazy high

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Linden, NJ

Health - 9/12/2015

I live in Linden. Ilook at Sperling's reviews often. I like Linden.However how can Linden's air quality go from 24 to 92.2 in one year? Did they tear down the refineries and plant a hundred acres of trees? No. I would like to depend on the numbers with these reviews however no way is the air quality in Linden NJ the same as Boulder Co.

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Bridgewater, NJ

Cowboy over a Barrel - 9/8/2015

Taxes, taxes and more taxes.. They have yet to come up with a tax to breath the filthy air. Property taxes are a rip off! And you can not win with the school mob or city mob.

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Fairfield, NJ

dont move here - 8/15/2015

your gonna get killed in taxes

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Middletown, NJ

NJ Quality of life good but high taxes - 8/10/2015

Real estate taxes very high, Important consideration as I am retiring in several years

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Stanhope, NJ

Taxes - 7/25/2015

Taxes are so high here that people are forced out if you would like to live a comfortable retirement life

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Newton, NJ

northwest new jersey - 5/14/2015

northwest New Jersey is beautiful, low crime, low pollution, but very high taxes

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East Brunswick, NJ

Neighboring states - - 11/16/2014

I disagree with the idea that NJ costs of living are on par with neighboring states. Overall, Pennsylvania offers a lower cost of living.

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Keyport, NJ

Property taxes - 11/2/2014

Although the cost of goods is probably on a par with neighboring states, property taxes and the cost of homes pushes the cost of living way up in New Jersey. You can get way more house and pay less taxes in just about any other place.

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Garfield, NJ

One-stop-shop specializing in commercial construct - 8/21/2014

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Sayreville, NJ

Way too expensive - 6/2/2014

Just about everything in the state, except gas, is way more expensive than most other states.

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Englewood, NJ

Cost Of Living - 5/27/2014

Property Taxes are too expensive for areas which have good schools.

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Sicklerville, NJ

taxes - 2/22/2014

NJ has the highest taxes and it's hard to remain here when I retire.

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Browns Mills, NJ

looking for a place to retire - 1/22/2014

Presently live in NJ. I hate the cold and high taxes. Looking to move to the Carolinas or Florida. can not decide.

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Willingboro, NJ

Education - 3/2/2013

Long Branch is the place for Education . They have the best schools. Especially for handicap children. The rent is high but its worth living there. As long as you keep to yourself. The beaches are beautiful and the houses are beautiful too. I can't wait to move back counting down the days.

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Clementon, NJ

taxes - 2/26/2013

you have high taxes in lake worth florida? south jersey taxes are between $4,500.00 and as high as $10,000.oo and north jersey above jackson run anywheres from $10,000.00 to over $20,000.00 plus the weather, seasons are nto great,lucky you who live in florida!

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Voorhees, NJ

recreation - 12/15/2012

lots to do!!

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Miami, FL

Cost of living - 12/5/2012

I 'm planning to move to New Jersey on 2013.

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Roselle Park, NJ

Too expensive - 8/14/2012

Residents in New Jersey pay too much in taxes, too much in car insurance, too much for housing, and have no extra quality of living to show for it. I was born and raised in this state but I can't wait to get out.

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South Plainfield, NJ

no immediate comment - 7/31/2012

a new member in an overtaxed state.

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