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Belford, NJ

lived at Beacon place at Middletown - 4/11/2021
I lived in Belford for almost a year Very nice area in North Middletown. The only big con was the cost of living, Rent's at the beacon place complex was like 1600 a month plus utilities back in 2012 which made it hard to get by every month making only 25k a year, unfortunately I had to relocate. Salaries and hourly wages in New Jersey are kind of low so that is something to keep in mind if your moving here. To live in this area I think you would need to make like 50k a year just to be comfortable. Any lower it would be a struggle It's a very good location but just make sure you have enough income.

Middletown, NJ

Former resident of Middletown - 2/5/2021
I lived in the Belford section In north Middletown for about a year and although it was a great area the cost of living and rent is too high. I rented a 2 br 2br condo about 900 square feet in the beacon place complex back in 2012 and at the time I payed 1600 not including utilities and cable. So I would only recommend moving here if you have a good job or are looking to buy a house and are willing to put a good amount down. Unless you have all that you wont be able to live comfortably on hourly or minimum wage jobs. I had two incomes and we still struggled with our bills every month. That's New Jersey for you.

New Jersey, NJ

New Jersey after 10 years of residency. - 7/24/2019
I have lived in New Jersey for 10 years and its has been very tough to get by, high cost of food, High tax, Rent on average is about 1900 a month, housing costs for a condo or town home are 299k to 400k depending on the area. I dont drive a car because i cant afford the extra cost of owning a car at the moment so i have to take Lyft to and from work witch is breaking the bank as well. I thought about making a move for a few years but its tough when you cant save money you and your bills rack up and at the end of the week you have very little left over. I would not recommend moving to NJ unless you have a job that pays over 90k and you have all your finances in order. NJ its not a place for an ordinary Family or single person.

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