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I have lived near Orlando for 5 years now. I have a job in a construction company that services all of central florida & have heard of many horror stories of people being ripped off. Alot of new people that move here buy a big fancy house (that they over paid), get a pool built (alot of pool companies like Champagine Pools & Aquatic Innovations DO NOT always build your pool correctly & you do not know until 2 years later when its too late!), then spend about $10k on a screen enclosure (only good screen companies are family owned/operated, do not use high volumed companies due to thier policies of "build 'em cheap, stack 'em deep). Then your property taxes skyrocket, insurance goes up, then your house is for sale because you can't afford it anymore. Your house may be on the market for 6 months or more due to many homes on your street will be on the market also. The subdivisions here are seprated by race. They will never tell you this of course. If you have to move to the Orlando area, find an area you think you like & drive through it during the evening hours & then midday hours. There are areas for Spanish speaking people, british people, black people, and white people. If you are a mixed couple (example: white married to a mexican), then be prepared to get stares and dirty looks. I am married to a man of a different race than myself & we both work at the same place. his job is to go to someone's home & give an estimate for work to be done. I have been on estimates with him where we have knocked on the door, someone answers, looks at both of us, askes if we speak spanish (we say no), then they say "we dont want to work with you" and slams the door. This has happened MANY times. DO NOT MOVE TO ORLANDO UNLESS YOU SPEAK SPANISH OR HAVE LOTS OF MONEY!!! You will be treated like crap unless you have one of those things.



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I am Hispanic and we are mix races so I don't think they slammed their door because of that, maybe they needed someone that spoke Spanish or maybe they were just rude. I do agree with you that Orlando is bad right now, too many people moved here, no jobs, crime is rising, rent too expensive. Some people think because of "Disney" this is a great place to be, well be prepare because Disney is the first one on the list, the pay rate well too sad to say, but then again most jobs here are. You need money or a very good paying job in order to make it here. I h been living in Orlando for 25 years and I can't wait to get out...I had been looking for work for the past 5 years and I have a degree. Interview after interview, one position for many applicants...etc. The tourist area which is International Dr. near Universal and Sea World are getting bad with lots of robberies. So if you are planning visiting be careful. Orlando is not a safe place, there are a lot of drugs/guns spots in the Orlando area. If you have money to live in the nicest areas like lake nona, celebration then you good otherwise I don't recommend anyone to move here.



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