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Star Rating 9/24/2006
I've lived in Amarillo twice for a total of 35 years, but now live in Dallas due to a job change. I would move back to Amarillo if I were able. You get 4 seasons for the most part. It usually snows several times in the winter, sometimes as early as early Nov and as late as April. Most of the time it is only a few inches but every few years you'll get a foot or more. But usually melts off quickly due to the abundance of sunshine. The northers that bring snow blow in quick and leave quick. Fall and spring are beautiful. The least desiraeable part of the weather is the wind. Winds can be very annoying in spring and sometimes in fall. Summers are pleasant with highs in 90's but evenings and mornings cooling into the 70's and sometimes 60's due to the high elevation and low humidity. Amarillo is flat, farm and ranch country. Oil, gas, and cattle play a big part in the economy. Bell Helicopter is a large employer in Amarillo as this where they assemble the Osprey for the military. Owens Corning fiberglass has a large plant there, as well as Iowa Beef Processors has a large slaughter/process facility there. Pantex is located about 15 miles east of Amarillo and is another large employer, where nuclear weapons are disassembled, put back together , stored, etc.. (Nobody can really tell you.. secretish you know). Anyway I like Amarillo. The low humidity and mild weather allows me to tolerate the wind and occasional cold spell. Palo Duro Canyon is about a 40 minute drive away and is a nice place to mountain bike & camp. It is a nice place to raise a family and is fairly conservative in a good sort of way. However there are a percentage of people who move here who feel uncomfortable with the lack of trees, mountains, and the fact you can see about 30 miles when you get outside of town. My advice... try before you buy. ;)



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