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Living in Redding - 8/16/2008
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Well, if you like a growing city then Redding is the place for you. Me personally, I'm not wild about it. Redding has lots of outdoor activities available. Kayaking on our beautiful lakes, skiing/snowboarding on beautiful Mt. Shasta, boating, hiking, horseback riding, etc. And that is what has brought so many people here. As a result of so many people coming here the crime has gone up dramatically (in my opinion), people are not as friendly anymore (city people bringing their attitudes with them), it's crowded everywhere you go, and jobs are hard to come by/keep. It's kind of a country setting, which is nice if you're into that kind of thing (wholesome way of life). This is all just the opinion of someone who has been here their whole life of course. You may love Redding!

...don't underestimate the summers here either.. they are HOT HOT HOT!!! :)

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Redding, CA

We love Redding! - 11/9/2016

I am so completely appalled by how many complain about Redding. It seems like the people that do only spend time inside, complaining on social media. We moved here almost two years ago from Southern California( a town one hour north of LA called Palmdale). We enjoyed the AV but were seeking adventure. We literally just picked a place on the map, visited Redding, and fell in love. I wish people appreciated it more. Just look around you. Anywhere you drive, you see trees instead of massive buildings. You're 20 minutes from two gorgeous lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. Twenty minutes! You're right on the Sacramento River for crying out loud. There's an abundance of bridges, and hiking. There's what seems to be a never ending Sacramento River trail that is PAVED. There's great people here too. Many complain about the Bethel church, but they are good people who make good choices and want to help the community. Can't complain about that. People also complain about the heat. Yes, I hate the heat, but the fall, winter, and spring really make up for it. It's absolutely beautiful and it's never too cold to get outside and explore. People also complain about utilities being too high and I was scared of that when I moved here, but have no fear! The people who complain must be running their ac at 50 degrees 24/7. Our bill is rarely over $100 and only about $60 in the fall, winter, and spring. My one and only complaint about Redding is the abundance of homeless people and drug users. It's easy to avoid them, but they're there! Overall, Redding is a gorgeous place, booming with water and green everywhere! We are in love with this town and all of its beauty. To those who complain, go for a walk outside and see what this place has to offer.

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Lakewood, WA

After moving away from Redding I'd never live ther - 1/29/2016

I wish when I was thinking about moving to Redding in 2012, I'd read this review I'm about to write. I've lived around the world and internationally and been happy something I was able to do anywhere until I made the mistake of my life and choose to move to Redding CA. I actually moved for a job with the county. There were many things I didn't know about Redding, the dirty underbelly of the monster when I naively bought a house in hell. This is why I don't recommend it particularly for those that do not have family there already 1. WORK -it is hard to find and being isolated as it is, the workplaces can be horrible. The branch of county government I landed in was terribly mismanaged and coworkers were discouraged and desperate about the management but stuck 2. UTILITIES - I had a small house, used utilities conservatively but my utilities bill was more expensive than my mortgage every month 3. HEAT - I was from the North and while 80 degrees in October and April can be nice, over 100 day after day after day for what seems like 6 months makes this outdoor supposedly mecca too hot to be outdoors. For a period of about 3 months the weather was comfortable enough to be outdoors for me, I'd get cabin fever in the summer when I just didn't want to be in a blase furnace outside 4. CRIME RATES - Forbes documents that Redding is the 5th most dangerous city in the US for women. Rapes, assaults, violence. Had I known this when I considered moving there I would have rethought it. I was scared and housebound 5. PEOPLE ARE CLANNISH - It was the hardest place to make friends including places where there was a language barrier. There are 2-3 bible colleges there and a megachurch that many consider a cult. It is divisive in that some think it a cult, others think it the place of the second coming of Christ, its hard to be someone that thinks neither. It does impact Redding and not in a good way. 6. DRUG PROBLEMS SEX OFFENDERS-- I ended up living in a part of Redding that had meth activity and I found out later was in the vicinity of approximately 30 sex offenders. Sometimes you leave a place and you think, really that wasn't so bad, I miss some parts of it. I don't feel that way about Redding. Almost every day of the 2 years I've been gone I cry with gratitude that I'm not there. In fact, to survive the place I was in denial about how hideous living there was. Now that I'm in a wonderful climate, with actual friendly people, and a low crime rate, cheaper bills and the ocean nearby I'm sad for the years I wasted their. I'm sad at how unsafe it felt, how uncivil people were and how arrogant the Bethelites were. And I'm releieved. If I ever have to drive to California, I'll drive down 101 or go out of my way to not pass through what I believe is the most horrible place in America.

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Redding, CA

Pretty Great here - 6/25/2015

I admit Redding bored me at first, and I hated the hot weather and the scrubby looking trees here. (They're even called "scrub" oaks). But the people are really decent here. Cowboys, mainly, who are the best people on earth. Old-fashioned values are admired here, and although it's true that Redding has been a dumping ground for felons and sex offenders (Thanks Sacramento), they are limited by the fact that everyone has weapons here. Very safe place, and the scenery, wildlife and outdoor recreation is endless. Love it.

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Redding, CA

Redding is not for me - 4/29/2015

I have lived in Redding since I was 9 and honestly I have been looking for the opportunity to get out! Redding is currently the worst place for women in California due to rape and sexual assault and last time i checked it was the 6th for car theft per capital. There are homeless and drug addicts everywhere asking for money.

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Denver, CO

Redding Utility Company - 3/5/2015

I looked into this city for possible relocation. They have a horrible red tag policy where if you don't pay your utility bill (or have utilities from the city) they will come tag your home and evict you (even if you own your own home). This adversely affects poor people and people who wish to be free from the grid. The city runs the utility company and the cost is very high. Politics in Redding are not favorable for anyone that isn't extremely far right. Redding is beautiful though which is sad.

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Shasta Lake, CA

things to know before moving here - 9/9/2014

My decision to move to Shasta County was an impulse that I regret more than any foolish thing I ever did. I bought a house, paid too much and am waiting for the day I can sell it and fly out of hell. What I didn't know that made it a horrible place to live 1. Utilities are extremely expensive. I lived in a bigger house in another place and paid a 1/4 of what I'm paying on electricity. Friends with bigger houses pay 600 a month for A/C 2. It gets hot here and stays hot making it hard to be outdoors a good portion of the year. starting in May temperatures can reach 100 and stay there day after day. Heat stroke is not fun. Its mid September as I write this and there is another month of hideously hot days many over 100. I got skin cancer here and I slathered on the sunscreen. 3. The choices of doctors are awful either incompetent or unprofessional (not all of them, just enough to make it not pleasant to live here) 4. Unqualified people are in management positions all over this town amazingly unprofessional and frustrating incompetence when you need something done 5. Culture is sparse enough to make this a very vanilla boring place 6. The worst dirty little secret. This is the 5th most dangerous place in the US for sexual assaults against women. There are more sex offenders per female than most places in the US like 3 times the average. I was warned by a former cop that if he were a female he'd go no place without gun and for sure wouldn't walk alone -- sure enough there are a lot of shady looking characters and meth addicts lying around in the park looking menacing. 7. People move here to go to the cult Bethel not understanding the risk to young women in particular, they end up chewed up and spit out by the cult and pastors have some sort of bodyguards around them. Locals resent Bethel because the kids end up on food stamps and going to the cheap medical clinics and some end up homeless. The combination of the odd cult like Bethel, the sex offenders, the scarcity of work (its who you know and the locals don't want to know you if you are in outsider) The lack of professionalism, the crappy doctors and lack of choice and the hell like heat combined with an inability to walk around freely if you are a female both for the heat and the sex offenders makes this a truly horrible place to live. I've lived in a lot of areas always found something to like about them, I find nothing here. I wished I'd been warned. If you are thinking of moving here for Bethel,you will regret it when you find out how impersonal the megacult is.

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Redding, CA

Redding, CA. Sucks! - 8/12/2014

Redding, CA. Much too hot in summer for most folks. Temps stays above 100 degrees for three to four months every year. Serious drought has been in affect for over five years. Wild fires are rampant. Drugs are the number one business in Redding. Crimes is out of control and there is no government representation in the north state. Schools are second class and overcrowded. Need to know more?

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Redding, CA

Redding is a Good Place to Live and Visit - 10/8/2013

I've been a part time resident of Redding for years and have enjoyed all the area has to offer on many levels. The downtown area still has a lot to be desired but it has improved over the years and now has a beautiful renovated theater and several new trendy restaurants. The retail section of town has also grown over the years to include all the large chains such as Trader Joe's, Costco and Macy's so nothing lacking there. The area appeals to retirees and families who come to town looking for value in property compared to what they would find in the big California cities. Those who can afford it can purchase nice homes on acreage that would be unaffordable in places like LA or the Bay Area. Yes, it is hot in the summer with July and August being the hottest so Ac is a must. Yes, there are also undesirables just like in any city but that doesn't mean you have to associate with them. There are many wonderful people living in Redding enjoying this lovely scenic part of the state.

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Redding, CA

Can't wait to get out of here. - 7/22/2013

I was born and raised here. If you asked me 2 years ago, I would tell you that you couldn't pay me to leave. The area is beautiful, but now, that is the only thing keeping me here. The city government is beyond corrupt. The economy has always been on the slow side, but now, jobs are virtually non existent. The utility rates are outrageous. However, what is really driving me out is the crime. The police force has received many cut backs and the meth population is out of control. 6 years ago, I purchased a house in a nice neighborhood, but now my neighborhood has become the target of thieves and vandals. I no longer feel safe here. I know that it will be hard to find somewhere that compares in beauty, but the corruption, a city council that can't manage money, crime, and continuous utility rate hikes, as income keeps dropping is pushing me out.

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Cottonwood, CA

Hot Weather - 7/15/2013

Redding< California sits in the far northern Sacramento Valley, at the base of the mountains. Lakes, streams, and recreation abound, but realize that this geographical location traps the poor air from the Sacramento area as the winds blow it north up the Sacramento Valley and is held at the base of the mountains. Visibility is greatly affected in a negative manner and the heat index can be terrible. +100 degree days are common in the summer months and often reach 110-115 degrees. Going outside is limited during these days, especially for the retired and elderly. Winter months are usually above freezing with some occasional dips into freezing temperatures. Rain is usually heavy in the winter.

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Sequim, WA

Hot: too hot to breathe in the summer and utilitie - 4/20/2013

Redding is the hottest place I know of and the cost of utilities is very high, especially if you live in the country. We had to keep the air going on the hot days all the time and our bill would be $600.00 plus per month. The cost of living is very high for a town with so few jobs, what really runs it up is food and utilities, housing seems to be reasonable some what but very diddicult to find a home with raised foundation, most a slab.

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Boynton Beach, FL

move - 7/20/2012

desire to move their

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Redding, CA

hate it - 1/24/2012

too hot

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Redding, CA

I LOVE Redding!!! - 4/10/2011

Redding is not only beautiful, full of lakes, rivers, streams and snow capped mountains like Shasta and Lassen. The people are very friendly. I've lived here for 30 years and have traveled quite a bit, and I'm always happy to get back to Redding!

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Redding, CA

One of the prettiest places for outdoor recreation - 10/24/2010

Redding is one of the prettiest places in California. We are surrounded by mountains and we have miles and miles of hiking, biking and walking trails. We also have lakes and rivers to play on. It's very hot here in the summer and having the mountains and lakes to escape to is a blessing.

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Redding, CA


Ok, orignally moved to Hayward, California from Cincinnati, Ohio...MISTAKE #1. MISTAKE #2 deciding to move out of the city to have an easier life like the one I used to have in Cincinnati. Redding is beautiful but once you get to know it, its a nightmare. Meth heads ARE EVERYWHERE, the cops are lazy and dont want to help you ( i would know because I had the wonderful problem of dealing with a meth head/drunk/insane person threatening my life and constantly trying to fight my boyfriend). I called the police on three different occasions on this druggie and the cops solution? Move. Literally every person I happen to come in contact with was either homeless and on drugs, on welfare and on drugs, or just on drugs. I, personally was accused of being high on meth as well, which is almost comical, but at the same time is not. Because the town is crawling with meth heads everyone assumes you too are on meth. On top of the drug problem, the homeless problem, the crap job market and the rude people who just want to fight, you get the real feeling your in hell when you sit around and sweat in the summers in 115 degree heat. Believe me, its a real treat. I have been here 5 months and guess what Im getting the hell outta dodge....tomorrow as a matter a fact! Do yourself a favor and DO NOT MOVE TO REDDING!! Save yourself and your sanity and do not move to this hell on earth!

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Columbia, SC

Nice place to live and raise a family - 1/15/2010

I lived in Redding for 15 years and raised my children there also. It is a nice community and even though it is growing, it has a small town feel, so be careful who you talk about as most people are related and/or know each other. But all in all it is a great place to live. Sorry I had to leave but it is the only place in California I would return to if I was to move back to the west coast. Lovely people, places, things to do, and even the weather is not bad in the heat of the Summer. Gotta love it!

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Redding, CA

Economy and Culture - 1/7/2010

If you need employment, there are no actual industries in Redding - mostly small business, retail, 2 hospitals, medical offices and a very small percentage of government employees. Redding is behind the rest of the large cities in California by at least 15 years. Elected officials have not brought in a 4 year college or encouraged industry to stay to provide jobs. It may be a good place to raise kids or retire but a real struggle to make a living here. The population is not diverse culturally and is quite provincial with strong conservative political views and traditional American family values. The summers are incredibly hot - temps often reaching 105+ for most of the summer thus heating and cooling utility bills will run fairly high.

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Dallas, OR

weatehr - 9/15/2009

I dont live there but ive been there and the heat is awesome!

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Gardena, CA

The little things are worth it - 6/21/2009

I grew up in Redding, I moved to los angeles 4 years ago. I miss it so much. I just got married and my spouce and i want to move back but with the job market the way it is we are finding it hard to take that leap. but in LA you dont have trees and trails no rain at all( you relize how you like the rain when there isnt any ever) I miss the lake yeah we have the ocean GROSS!! the beach is dirty and people dont care about there trash. you cant walk down the street with out watching you back, and so much more thing you cant do in LA that you can in redding its worth giving up a few things that LA has that redding doent to be happy!!!

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