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 Ron Thailand
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Star Rating 8/13/2011
I am a retiree in search of a neighborhood that is safe, affordable, has ample public transportation, walkable sidewalks and easy access to fresh markets that have a good variety of vegetables, fruits and wholesome foods.
Other neighborhood attributes could include easy accessibility to community theater, cinemas, restaurants, community centers, libraries, good cell phone and internet reception, bowling lanes, parks, good views, sports, music venues, etc. etc.
Thank You in advance for your kindness in helping me with information describing your favorite neighborhoods in Seattle (or surrounding area).



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 Jason C
West Seattle, Queen Anne, Ballard, Shoreline, Redmond, Kirkland, certain parts of Bellevue, Issaquah, may all fit your description. The first 4 I listed are all on the west side of Lake WA, sandwiched by Puget Sound. The latter 3 are on the Eastside of Lake WA. Issaquah is close to Lake Sammamish and is further east of Bellevue.



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