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 David Moody
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Star Rating 10/9/2011
I am a person who has been around the world (Navy) and have lived everywhere from South Dakota to California, Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, Overseas in Naples, Spain, more...
Of all the places the one that sticks out the most is South Dakota. I have been fortunate to live in a small town (Ree Heights) and larger places like Huron and Spearfish as well as Mitchell. The areas are very different. You can find your type of people somewhere in South Dakota. It is a very diverse state. Many younger people will not like it of course... Have you ever met a teen who didn't want to live anywhere but where they are now?
Anyway, I am a Democrat and as you know the majority in S.D. are republican. It is a normal thing in cattle and farm country but I still have hope for all of you :-) Actually I disagree with much on both party lines so will not get into that here. I am Christian and can respect the different ideals of both sides. Both have good points and both have very bad points.
The Black Hills have always held a dear place in my heart and I would be interested in trading places with someone there. My home in Florida for your country home in The western area of the state... even swap... what do you think.
The low crime rate and cost of living is very interesting to me. I would be happy to live there for the rest of my life. If you live there and do not like it then the issue may be with you personally. Not with the state.... Make a change... find new things to do,. There are others there to help you in your dreams. Someone cares for you in South Dakota. Try to make that statement for New York or Seattle or San Diego...



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