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Rapid City, SD

Not what is Cracked up to be - 5/27/2018
I am stuck here for now. Grant you the scenery is beautiful and not overly populated. Not a city a town. I can from the East Coast. I live in big cities. This is a right to work state that there should tell you all. It is who you know and brown nose on if you get to advance or keep job. They can fire you just because they don't like your shoes. Hard workers in this state are thrown under the bus for lazy workers. If these workers moved to another big city and not here they would be fired. They are slow, and don't know how to work. Hard workers get to do the lazy ones job, oh and don't speak up because that will get you fired if they are friends or brown nosers of the boss. Wages low, you never get ahead. City more worried about tourist then people who live here. Streets are deplorable unless they lead you to a tourist trap. Housing over priced for shacks. People drive horrible. Don't know how they got their license. Aggressive and worst then major city. They would be dead if they drove like that in a big city. People narrow minded. This city has not moved into the 21 century. Police are nice and helpful compared to other cities. I think South Dakota government corrupt. They don't care about education or special needs. One hospital and that stinks. People with major problems go to denver or minnesota Food high even though wages are low. Gas goes up as soon as tourist come. Jobs don't give 40 hours so no benefits and state won't give you nothing for medical no matter if dying. Rich care about the rich and that is it Crime bad for such a small place. Drunks and druggies rampant. Not safe in a lot of places. Nice parks but don't venture at night. beggars all over. People can be ignorant but not all If you don't mind slave labor and constant struggling than this is place for you. There is some good but mostly bad. Visit and leave Do yourself a favor

South Dakota, SD

Quality of Life stinks unless have monry - 1/29/2016
South Dakota is not a place for young or old poor people. Only the rich can enjoy this state The state does not care about the poor,kids,or elderly.Fine example cut education by 800,000 dollars and now cutting teachers and ones that are left will get a little more in pay. Lowest paying salary in nation here for teachers. Right to work state this is a joke. Cost of living lower because you get paid sub wages. Women are treated like second hand citizens,especially since gel moms. Elderly who need work because they don't have enough to live don't get jobs and no programs here. Government does nothing for the poorer class of people. Soon when they get done with pipeline and mining this state will be like of America, contaminated water,dirty air and in shambles all because of their greed. If you have a nice car forget it that car is doomed. We got raised 6 cents for roads and roads are never fixed. They tried to tax vehicles for each wheel that was turned down but believe me they will get way without the people deciding.The people here have no say what goes on. The only thing they got here is the hills and bad lands other than that not a place to thrive.

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