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 Korrey Kerstetter
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Star Rating 7/13/2009
If you like outdoor activities such as golfing, boating, hiking, biking, swimming, etc. then you can't beat living in Paris. The cost of living is great, the people are friendly and the weather is fantastic (if you like the heat). Pat Mayse lake is 10 miles north of town and has great boating, hiking, camping and moutain biking. Broken Bow Oklahoma is an hour away and provides more of the same as well as gorgeous landscapes. You can join the Paris Golf and Country Club for pennies on the dollar compared to bigger cities. There are also a lot of cultural activities to do as well such as the Paris Community Theater, Bywaters Park where they show movies and hold concerts, Love Civic Center where they have some pretty good concerts and the local bars have a great music scene as well. In short, you can do just about everything in Paris you can in a bigger city, there's just one of each thing instead of a hundred. That comes at the benefit of being a dirt cheap place to live. In addition to the cost, there is no traffic, and life is simpler here so people are not stressed and are very pleasant to deal with. Having been raised in the big cities of the Northeast, Paris is a real joy to live in. So much so, we moved back here after being away for a few years.



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