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Star Rating 11/7/2007
Alaska, there is no place like it! I grew up in Fairbanks, remember walking to school and it being 55 below zero, what a great place to grow up! Summers were oh so warm, of course we did have lots of mesquitos, remember when the plane use to fly over town spraying for the mesquitoes, was late in the evening and we all were usually in bed. Daylight all summer, that is nice, but winters are cold, altho seems to be warming up, but it is still dark all winter, usually you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark and summer light all the time! We have beautiful gardens, flowers and lots of blueberries, cranberries (in fall) and lots of other good things to make jelly and jam out of in the summer. Winter their is skiing, hockey, basketball, curling, snowmaching and we all try to keep busy! Summer is alot of fun, lakes, rivers, fishing (the best in the world), yard work, camping and etc.We are very fortunate to have an Army base here and an Airforce base not to far out of Fairbanks. We still have moose walking in our yards and often bedding down for the night or nights in the winter and spring (then usually with baby or 2. I did live in Anchorage for several years, definately a very up to date town, has grown really fast, lots and lots of things to do and modern. Fairbanks is 350 road miles to Anchorage, and we are the second largest town in the state, but the distance takes usually 7 to 8 hours to drive, but it is a lovely drive! Fairbanks is the Golden Heart of the State. Those of you who might want to venture up, take it all in, river running right thru our town, big on boating the rivers and its fun! In the summer we have the Yukon Eight Hundred boat race, Golden Days, Midnight sun, sun all night! Lots to do, fishing great to, enjoy our town and check out the Haul Road, mining camps, the hot springs and even up circle (top of the world), catch a ride to some of our native villages, Fort Yukon, Tanana and lots more. Truly I could go on and on, it is a marvelous state and I can say that I have been from Nome, to Wrangell Alaska, so check us out, we are great people, and we do love our State and we have one heck of a Governor, Sarah Palin,we are the Last Fronteer and darn proud of it! Growing up in a Territory was neat and some still think we should still be a Territory, lots of rebels in Alaska! I will truly never leave Alaska, but will venture outside and check it out and look forward to some warmer weather, my family and my dearest friends are here, and I shall miss them terriably,but thank goodness for internet, and phones, oh how time flys, don't really see it till you start thinking back, I was a Senior in High School when we became a State , wow! Anyway, I know I will return!



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