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Recreation in Alaska - 3/4/2015
I have lived in Alaska for forty years, and have found many exciting places to see and things to do. I prefer outdoor activities. If you like to hunt, camp, fish and hike there's nothing like it. Summertime brings twenty hours of daylight to enjoy what Alaska has to offer. From moose and bear hunting in western Alaska, to halibut and salmon fishing off the coastal waters of Prince William Sound. There are also many pristine lakes locally for great trout fishing. If hiking is your passion, there are many clearly marked trails throughout the state. Winter brings us extremely cold weather, but some world class skiing, and backcountry activities such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and Read More
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Like another country - 10/28/2014
Living in Alaska is like living in another country; one that is behind the times by more than 20 years, at least. The roads are bad; the government and police corrupt; the weather makes expensive while dumpy housing hard to maintain; medical specialists are rapacious in their greed and there are more specialists by far than there are family practice general physicians; businesses and laborers gouge everyone so most people do their own shoddy work or go without; there is almost no concept of customer service; and far too many citizens appear to be somewhat "special." The state has the highest rape rate in the country, has a high crime rate in general, and suffers from more than its share of serial killers. In Anchorage, people are generally unfriendly and lack interest in anyone outside their own families and inner-circles; and they are very quiet. They also have little to no code enforcement in residential neighborhoods so one or two neighbors can ruin the beauty and livability of an Read More

Alaska Wonderful Place to Live if You Can Handle W - 3/2/2013
I have lived in the Anchorage area for almost 30 years and can honestly say that it has a lot to offer, and for quality of life, is hard to beat. Low population, low crime, good job opportunities and schools, reasonable real estate, and stunning landscapes all add up for making it a great place to live -with one (big) caveat - you have to be be able to cope with the long winter - approximately October through April, with very dark days from November to February. If you can deal with that, it can be a truly wonderful place to live (and I was raised in Hawaii!!) Read More

Snow - 9/30/2012
We had eleven feet last winter, if you like outdoor winter sports this is where it is Read More

Living in Alaska - 7/9/2012
Alaska is an interesting place to live. The mountains are beautiful and there are a lot of outdoor activities for everyone. The constant daylight in the summer has been fun and quite enjoyable, however, the winters can be a bit long. The Anchorage/ Mat-Su area has faily mild climates due to ocean, and this year was our record snowfall. The cost of living has been quite a shock from the Midwest, but employment wages are comparable. Overall, it has been a good move, but can feel a bit isolating from Read More

Best Place for Summer and Fishing - 6/17/2012
Would like to purchase house or cabin in Alaska but want to be within 15 minutes of restaraunts and fairly close to great fishing. Any ideas? North of Anchorage or South in Kenai. North Cook inlet area of Wasilla or Kenai's Sterling?

Appreciate any comments. 200K is around the Read More

I am from New Zealand - 1/27/2012
I live in New Read More

Beautiful Country - 1/24/2012
If you love to be oudoors, you will love Read More

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Brrrr... - 4/8/2010
Way too much snow and it stays dark most of the winter. Read More

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