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Star Rating 7/10/2006
Bridgeport is one of the most crime infested cities, to top it off The whole freakin state is krupt, Bridgeport is one of the cheaper places to live in Fairfield County but still costs around 1 million for a house. Crime,Crime,Crime it is very unsafe to live with children here, schools are horrible and their is alot of viloent gangs here. This is one of the highest places for teenaged gangs in the nation! One of my close friends car was stollen within 5 minutes when he went in to get groceries. Bridgeport is a very rundown depressing city and falling into a detriot like atmosphere, yes its becoming much like detroit. The Weather here sucks! Its always humid winters bring slushy snow springs are overcast and rainy summers are hott and humid. If you have any idea of moving here please consider this message heavily. For Families I suggest living in Monore, or Trumbull they are a little less expensive and have some charm, but its fading away to kruption, If you could i would move anywhere but the state of connectiuct maybe like East Pennsylvaina or Westchester County.



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