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"Retired and over-taxed"

Retired and over-taxed - 1/19/2008
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Maryland is a beautiful state, I've lived here for over 45 years, and there was a time when I was employed I could afford to live here. However, since retiring, I've seen my monthly income slowly eaten away due to a constant increase in taxes. Just about everything you can imagine is taxed here....including flushing the's called a flush tax. I assume the governor and legislature will next figue out a way to tax the air we breathe. As an aside, crime is on the increase and there's few means of protecting oneself due to Maryland's gun your money and someone else decides whether or not you are in enough danger to receive a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Therefore I'll be looking elsewhere to live as taxes and crime are running me out of Dodge.....

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Abingdon, MD

High cost of living - 7/8/2015

For a small state, Maryland is so overly taxed that it make the cost of living way to high for the benefits obtained from living in the state

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Greenbelt, MD

DC bedroom - 5/30/2015

I'm in Maryland just 10 miles outside DC. Nothing really to say. I guess I live here because I work in College Park, where UMD is. All the culture and fun is 10 miles away in DC.

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Owings Mills, MD

Lots of good colleges - 5/3/2015

There are lots of good colleges in Maryland.

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Silver Spring, MD

Nice variety - 1/26/2014

Nothing is too much, heat in the summer and snow in the winter are both moderate and fun.

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Potomac, MD

Difficult to get to the ocean - 10/31/2013

We wish it were easier to get to the ocean.

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Ellicott City, MD

Maryland is expensive - 9/7/2013

It is ridiculously expensive to live here. I have a master's degree with a full-time teaching job and I can't afford to move out of my parent's house. My wife and I will be re-locating as soon as possible, likely to Delaware where housing is much cheaper. You really need 2 full-time incomes to live in Maryland. 50K is about 15K too low to be able to have your own place unless you want to live in a ghetto in Baltimore or live really far away from work. That's especially true if you're paying student loans, by the way, but even without that I'd be having financial problems. I have a coworker (teacher) who works in my school in central Maryland area; her commute is 2 hours one way because it's cheaper farther out. Can't find a decent 1 bedroom apartment for less than $1100 here unless it is senior housing, a bad neighborhood, or near the border of another state.

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Dameron, MD

Recreation - 8/17/2013

There is a lot of things to do as far as recreation. Southern Maryland has the Chesapeke Bay where there is fishing, crabing,boating, jetskiing, windsurfing,and hunting. There is a lot of shoppig malls, parks, and restaurants. Annapolis has a lot of night clubs and is close to Washington DC. The cost of living is to high. I will move to another state when I retire.

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Millersville, MD

Culture & Recreation - 5/29/2013

LOTS to do in this area since there is easy access to Washington DC, Baltimore, and Maryland's Eastern Shore. Love it!

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Lusby, MD

Maryland: what to expect when nobody flushes the t - 3/1/2013

Liberal beyond all reality, corrupt and MD elected officials' favorite past time is laying awake at night ... figuring ways to spend YOUR money on others who refuse to work. Its just DC but, with one of the stars on the US Flag.

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Annapolis, MD

high taxes - 10/23/2012

it is extremely expensive to live in Maryland

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Annapolis, MD

cost of living - 9/3/2012

It is very expensive to live here although it is a fun place to live. There is a lot of traffic and regulations for everything. I think I would like a little more open space and room for my dogs to run off leash. They both have AKC obedience titles and listen well. I live in a community about 7 miles from downtown Annapolis so there is lots to do. This is a destination place to live for sure but you really pay the price for living here. High taxes and this is a one party state so its like living in a dictatorship with no say in our government.

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Mechanicsville, MD

IMHO - 8/24/2012

Like with everything else, whether you will enjoy the political environment of Maryland is highly dependant on your own political views. Maryland overall is very liberal. Generally is batched with DC and Ma.. That said, the southern counties of St Mary's, Charles, and Calvert are somewhat more conservative. Due to the population distribution of the state which determines local representation in the state government, three localities controls what passes and what doesn't. Those are Baltimore, Montgomery, and Prince George. I view the state as a Tax and Spend state which also enjoys passing legislation to control behaviours. This can be seen on the alcohol and cigarette taxes, no smoking laws, no using cell phone while driving laws, etc.

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Abingdon, MD

good place to retire - 7/20/2012

looking for a retiremant state and city all comments helpful

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Reisterstown, MD

MD is not the place we want to retire - 6/9/2012

We have lived in MD for more than 21 years. It has been a reasonable place to live and work during these years but going forward we realize it time to move. Our kids could not afford to buy homes in our communities and have moved to lower cost areas with better job opportunities, so despite having lots of friends still in the area, our roots are being pulled out of the area. In addition, the political and economic climate in MD are a serious concern. The liberal Democratic politicians are leading the state in a direction we disagree with. The dependence of the economy on federal government is viewed by many as a strength but that has its limits and downsides long term. It's time to get off this bus and get on another going where we want to be. Our focus now is finding a new destination.

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Rockville, MD

Vacation elsewhere in August - 2/24/2012

Summers in Maryland are uncomfortably warm and humid. It is estimated that over 800,000 residents if the greater DC area go on vacation during the month of August to escape the unbearable heat and humidity. It is very uncomfortable and we often stay indoors to avoid the exposure.

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Silver Spring, MD

Maryland's climate - 1/7/2012

It's too cold and icy in the winter and too hot and humid in the summer.

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Silver Spring, MD

Maryland - The Free Spending State - 12/22/2011

If I knew before I moved to the DC metropolitan area what I know now, I would have never moved to Maryland, especially Montgomery County. It is corrupt and mismanaged. The overall tax burden is high, and you get poor service and infrastructure in return.

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District Heights, MD

Commute - 5/1/2011

Commuting is crazy and takes years off your life. Ugh!!!!!!!!!

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Gwynn Oak, MD

Cost Of Living - 4/23/2011


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Oxon Hill, MD

scam artist - 12/21/2010

Karen rooker has defeated the town for more than twenty years. she won her candidatcy for mayor by cheating. she and her friend genia forster (poilce clerk) who also has a husband on the town council. the whole group needs to go and put in working people for the town. start with rooker!

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