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 Alan Easterling
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Star Rating 11/9/2009
Located one hour south of the Washington DC Beltway in St Mary's County, Lexington Park is a suburban development adjacent to Naval Air Station, Patuxent River. Roughly defined by a peninsula formed by the confluence of the Patuxent River and the St. Mary's River, the county is laregly rural and agricultural, with the notable exception of the high technology environment of the Naval Air Station, which serves as the Navy's headquarters for development and test of naval aviation programs. With all of the culture and arts offered by the nation's capital within an easy drive, the county itself offers superb water access for kayaking and boating of all forms on the rivers, local creeks and the Chesapeake Bay. Fishing and hunting are the most common outdoor recreational activities. The county also plays host to St. Mary's College, the Maryland State Honors College, which offers year round performing arts events, highlighted by the summer River Concert Series. The River Concert features world class performers in a free, outdoor venue adjacent the St. Mary's River, in a format very much like Wolftrap in Northern Virginia. In short, the county provides a relaxed rural environment with easy access to DC and plenty of reasons to stay home.



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