Raleigh is a fake city

 Anthony Collins
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Star Rating 2/22/2012
Raleigh isn't a city. Its a regular-nothing-special, half-assed planned kind a place that thinks that having 3 tall buildings in what it laughingly calls "downtown" qualifies it as city.

Quite honestly, if it wasn't for RTP, this dump of a town would be off the map.
Clearly, some key people in certain media have been massively bribed to put Raleigh in "Best Place for...." rankings - what else explains its position in those rankings?

As for the people, they really are quite rude, arrogant and tiny minded and god help you if you need a job here and don't know anyone.

There's only one direction for this place and its down.
Every day, we regret that we moved here and can't wait to move to a modern functioning city, with people who have an understanding of the real world.



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