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I have lived in Madison all my life and I will be the first to say that this city is a very safe place to raise a family, go to school, and even just a relocation for a single person. The crime and unemployment rate are low. Yes we get some snow in the winter months but it is not as bad as some people have previously stated. The northern Wisconsin cities get most of the snow. Yes it does get humid in the summer but then again the last couple summers have had highs in the 70's and 80's with very little 90's. There are 4 lakes in and around this city. The Capital and downtown area sits on an isthmus and is a pretty sight while driving in on John Nolen Drive. If your looking smaller towns with a short commute to Madison there are a couple of good choice. Overall Madison is a very safe place to live and a great choice!



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I've lived in the Madison area for 29 years after moving here from Lincoln, NE. Madison is a great place to raise a family and there are many things to do...festivals, farmers market, sports, arts, recreation. The wages and the standard of living is good if you are fortunate to have a high paying job to endure the high taxes. The university is also very good (I attended there for graduate school) and a great asset to the community. However, there tends to be a parochial attitude about it by the locals and alums as it is often touted as a "world class university" akin to Ivy League schools (Note: UW-Madison was ranked 47th by US News for National Universities). An excellent state university, but it is not Princeton,Brown or even Cal. The restaurants are largely meat and potatoes as it is a midwestern city but good Asian and Mexican fare can be found. If you live here, you'll need to embrace the winters (take up skiing) or you will go crazy with cabin fever until the snow melts off which can be as late as May.



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