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 marie cross
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I was born and raised in Columbus. I left for the military when I was 19 and that was the best decision I've ever made. While my entire family still resides there, Columbus is full of people with small minds. Columbus is a racist city. My family lives next door to a white family that hasn't spoken to them since the day they moved in. The customer service (where ever you go) is less than stellar. The majority of the people in that city are rude. Columbus is behind the times. It's 2009, but people's views and the way the city looks is more like 1989. The schools are OK at best. The high school I attended had teachers and students calling blacks the 'N' word. (in 2002)! There are not many jobs. So, if you're looking for a job, STAY AWAY.
I have traveled around the world, met many differant people, and experienced many cultures. I would NEVER move back to Columbus. Moving back there would be like taking a step back in time.



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jason h.

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the only places that match this riculous incorrect rant would be deep inside the southside of town in certain specific blighted areas. you should get into your car and travel around town more. columbus doesn't even come close to the ridiculous description you gave. every city has blight and rude people. every region of the world has racists. you are a fool for believing that there are no rascists down there in valdosta where you live today. your rants are only reflections of your own personal sad experience as one single individual resident. for the most part. this city rates far better in every category that you berate than any city i've ever been. i'm not the only one who rates this town highly. the only people that come to these websites are people with gripes. people without gripes do not tend to seek out complaint forums. so the vast majority of people love this town. mostly only haters leave web comments. also, you must not read newspapers.... because if you had, you'd know that columbus is one of the few communties in the u.s. that is actually experiencing mass job growth due to base realignment. brac. columbus won the army's brac lottery. tens of thousands of new residents, and thousands of jobs are now moving here right now to accommodate the new residents that will begin arriving in 2011. roads, schools, shopping centers, utility systems, all sorts of infrastructure, are being built, while new fire and police personnel...and new teachers...are all now online. columbus has excellent weather, lot's of amenities for families, low cost of living, great new jobs coming in, and great existing fortune 500 jobs rated as some of the highest quality jobs in the nation by fortune magazine. it's much safer than cities of a similar size. columbus has recreational assets that are so spectacular that other city councils around the country send their council members here on fact finding field trips to emulate columbus' achievements. i normally respect people's opinions, but when you purposefully try to hurt this community for no good reason, and tarnish it with ridiculously inaccurate rants, i just had to oppose you and stop your ranting. please seek a therapist for your issues and stop blaming columbus. your rants are idiotic. i hope life works out for you where ever you move your rants to.



Yes, minorities cause crime, but don't forget white people smoke crack and do crimes too. Go over to Phenix City to view lots of this white trash garbage. It has a huge history of corruption and crime, mostly from whites.



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